Infiniti Q60 Reliable or A Piece Of Junk?

How reliable is an Infiniti Q60 RedSport 400. Watch this before buying!

What up and welcome back so i hope you all are having a great day so i wanted to bring a video to you today talking about the reliability of an infiniti q60 red sport and this is covering uh the years 2017 to 2022 so let’s hop right into it so if anyone out there is interested in purchasing one of these cars one of the first things you might be wondering is this

Car reliable so i’ve had my q60 for almost a year now and answering that question personally after driving it and putting quite a bit of miles on it i’ve only had uh so far i think just one major not major issue but just one medium issue that could have been major and my issue was with the serpentine belt um it was making a lot of noise it was squealing and

Ultimately if it would have popped it would have led to more issues than i would have been having to get the car towed into the shop and i would not have been able to drive it so that brings me to issue number one you will typically see on these infinity q60s is the serpentine belt issue so uh it seems to be a common issue with these cars and if you’re gonna buy

One i would recommend you change this belt um probably after purchasing it my belt started giving me issues within about two months of purchasing the car so i’m not sure when or if the belt was changed before i owned it but it started giving me issues and me pretty pretty immediately so i’m assuming it wasn’t changed uh from the previous owner so that’s probably

Issue number one and the one of the more common ones you’ll see with this car so if you’re gonna buy one get the belt change immediately unless um you can have confirmation or some kind of receipt that the person who owned it before you if you are buying a used one uh had changed the belt uh the second issue that tends to pop up on this car fortunately it’s not

An engine issue it’s an electronic issue uh it’s the infotainment system uh there’s lots of reports of it going completely black on you and not responding there are methods to restart the infotainment system that can probably fix the issue but not in not in all instances does it actually fix it so unfortunately if your infotainment system goes out you will need

To go to an affinity dealership and get that resolved from what i’ve seen it could be anywhere from 400 to 600 to get that fixed if you’re unlucky enough to have your infotainment system go out and finally the third more common issue or one of the common issues that people complain about uh especially with this q60 and this engine um the vr30 engine so this

Also affects q50s as well is the turbos the blown turbos so the consensus is still out on these turbos and these turbo issues um you know some people are reporting or have reported blown turbos uh from installing aftermarket um modifications or even putting in like a jb4 map on their car and moving uh their boost to higher levels which kind of makes sense

Right why you would blow your turbos if you have um i guess up the performance of the car and up the the parameters of the turbo and the work they need to do you would probably shorten the life of your turbo um but it also seems to happen to people who are just driving their car not car normally on on the highway or going to work or using their cars a daily

So they’re not putting the car under a lot of stress and all of a sudden they’re hearing like a weird whining noise and they bring their car in and they find out they have a blown turbo um this this is not an extremely common problem but it’s probably the most feared problem for anyone out there buying the q60 because it’s pretty expensive to get a repaired if

You are not under warranty um you know one route is probably not the best route but you can buy a used turbo probably on ebay i’ve seen them before for about 400 bucks you can you can pick up a used turbo but again there’s no guarantee that used turbo won’t blow out or you can go to the dealership and have them install a new turbo for you but you’re looking

At probably a two thousand dollar bill from what i’ve seen up to three thousand or it all really depends on where you go if you have a really good mechanic you can probably get that price down you can buy a turbo and have them install it for you and get that price down or from what i’ve also seen people who’ve blown out their turbo to use an opportunity as an

Opportunity to get an upgraded turbo so you can get like a stage two turbo or shape yeah against stage two turbo and drop like three thousand dollars on it and get that uh upgraded turbo uh while the opportunity presents itself so you know just kind of tying everything up to and kind of wrapping up here um yeah the vr 30 engine and the q50 is a pretty reliable

Car there aren’t major failures um that i’ve seen um from doing my own research for this car for the past few years so this car is pretty reliable um you know there’s some things that you probably are going to see as an owner and especially around the belt issue that seems to be very very common but again it’s a small problem to fix for me that problem cost

About 85 to 90 to get fixed and it took like two hours just dropping the car off and picking it back up so anyone out there who owns a q60 or even a q50 because it’s the same engine please drop a comment in the comment section below share any issues you have face or not and subscribe for more content i’ll talk to you later bye

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Infiniti Q60 Reliable or A Piece Of Junk? By Robbins Season