Did a small night time roll out with some friends and other infiniti owners and it was crazy!!! This was a great turn out for a last minute meet up🔥

Foreign my 400 wheel huh 400 wheel you can’t get the car on video got a 40 on me right now look at what we got look at what we got where were you no we were right there oh you literally blocked that person off you can’t just be civilized like these people right so you filming me while i’m filming you so you you filming me while i’m filming you i gotta

Go inside and get gas bro yeah i gotta get gas you guys talking months or so yeah never go there go the boy right there man himself what’s up man you guys remember from the other video we did a video on this uh q50 that boy got oh that boy got the carbon fiber spoiler i mean carbon fiber trunk never hard that’d be hard bro why are you copying me i should even

See he had a carpet trunk bro what are you doing yeah that boy what’s up so when you’re gonna stop hitting what do you mean when you gonna stop hating bro we got the ambient lighting man hit me up for the ambient light you said what nah bro this got beat up in the sun that’s how much it is not yours is worse actually yours is like dry i mean mine it is smaller

This is the old wing still like you look at yours bro i look like look like it rusted i have no shade where i’ll park it uh-huh you got trees what trees i don’t got no trees yeah so we bought a slide out to the meat it’s a whole infinity meat that’s going on so we all about to slide out there and then we’re gonna have a little drive so i’m putting on that little

Pov camera we’re gonna get a little drive too so don’t get that action in this merch is that merch oh yeah oh oh you gotta plug the merch now man is all right okay not dropped it not dropping okay coming soon okay i got a quality bro but this is just like a little like bro it’s something like something like hey man you gotta stay tuned man slick playboy slick

On instagram slick on youtube the boy dropping merch soon let me know if i should drop merch in the comment section down below here man we out here we out here yo hey y’all see it hey that boy got star lights on the roof hey boy y’all think man oh my god yo yo mushing yo yes sir hey look at that ambient lighting though version two yeah man kind

Of early though not gonna go a lot bro this man would line up the whole block bruh i’m like man lighting up the block bro that’s what i’m saying bro damn bro i feel mad hot right here that boy with the ctsv don’t pull it up yeah all right bro let’s go all right so we’re gonna have this little drive now foreign so basically we lost a few people so we’re

Gonna regroup at this gas station literally we had like what six of us seven of us and now it’s only four of us we lost three people bro you see that you got a kia what car you got what car you bringing man bring it up you better bring a boat the dead cousin you tripping bro damn bro you try to all right i’m gonna get i’ll give you five minutes gonna get yep

No that’s hard no way he randomly that’d be hard right what year what year okay so you just randomly come here you see him yeah let’s go we’re doing we’re doing a little drive if you want to slide slide with us i don’t know if you got something planned or none yeah we’re doing a little drive we just waiting on one person actually two people because someone

Shouted out we all slow so we’re trying to see what you bring he was in the court run it then run it run it run it then run it then you don’t want to run it slick you missed it i wouldn’t want to run it you want to run the green one that’s me i’m at 400 wheel huh 400 wheel yeah like 390. what you got what you got though we’ll go grab it first time no no what

You got though don’t come back oh god oh god we’re gonna come in right you said that the first time but you put some on your dead brother or some but this time though this time you can’t get the car on video huh what what car is it though what car is it oh my okay look is it an artist yeah it’s an rt yeah don’t talk to me bro yeah i know boy he’s got a red key

Huh hey fast life family we out here bro we out here deep that’s not even official like i wanted to always want to do like a mini rally like me myself always want to do like a little rally with a whole bunch of cars and there’s not even official this is like last minute i just made it up today i was like yo we all just gonna have a cruise we ran into other queues

Ran into other people man and now we cruising bro this is lit bro let’s just hope everybody makes the slight and we all are right i wonder if everyone made it foreign fast bro yeah i know boy oh crazy crazy madness uh we out here tonight look how deep we are god mustard got that fast guy no cap ready foreign foreign yo my tires are done i’m

Keeping trashing on my tires are done yo i know you guys seen that i know you guys seen that my tires are done yo should i go all the way around that would be fun go go go go go go go madness hey make sure you guys hit that like button hit that subscribe button man we out here bro nighttime rolling with the huge oh god foreign yo i’m taking all

The pov thank you look at all them in the rear view right that’s the whole gang right there yo tomorrow yeah bro that boy fast i don’t know you’re gonna catch you got a day before and downplays that boy look bad so we all here that’s it man outside but a few people head home on the way but this is where the ends right here man that’s where the

Whole spot ends right here sir this is a heart so make sure you guys go hit that like button hit that subscribe button also go follow me on instagram if you haven’t already passed live stream tonight a fast life family just take a look at this bro that is hard that is hard it was a good turnout good turnout right yeah for last minute that was a pretty good

Tournament that is that’s our own meat right yep that’s gonna be it for this video if you like that make sure you guys hit that like button hit that subscribe button we only wrote a 10 000 subscribers man so make sure you guys hit that subscribe button hit that like button man but yeah it’s boy prince catch you guys in the next one all right thank you foreign

Transcribed from video