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To it’s 90 degrees out i’m in sunny southern california and i’m driving a rolls-royce dawn i really don’t think it gets any better than that now rolls-royce says that the dawn is the sexiest car they have ever made that’s actually the words out of their mouth and i believe it it’s got 80% new body panels as compared to essentially the coupe version the wraith

And it looks absolutely magnificent for those that want everyone to see them driving down the street in a house priced elegant vehicle and they don’t need the starlet headliner like that comes in the wraith the dawn is the perfect choice there’s something special about driving a drophead rolls-royce it’s like driving down the highway with an extremely attractive

Woman next to you throwing hundred-dollar bills out of the window everyone around you is staring at you wondering why that person why are they so successful why are they a movie star little do they know i’m just an automotive journalists reviewing the car for youtube but you know what driving the dawn you feel like you’re a billionaire and you feel like you’re

Rich and famous the dawn starts at a hefty three hundred and forty-one thousand dollars but because you’re a rolls-royce owner that doesn’t really matter and neither do the price of the options would you like a light up spirit of ecstasy logo on the hood of course you do $7,800 do you want can adele wood trim which i personally believe to be the coolest option not

Fitted here this is just sumptuous leather but can adele wood is wrapped all the way throughout the interior and actually the wood grain has a texture to it when you run your hand over it it has a three-dimensional feel to it that’s just absolutely incredible how much will that cost you twenty thousand eight hundred dollars for wood how about a driver assistance

Package you know things that come standard on luxury cars adaptive cruise control lane keep assist a heads-up display eleven thousand dollars but the options are priced that way because they can be i mean i don’t blame rolls-royce if people are willing to pay then why does it matter and the majority of people purchasing rolls royces orly a lot of people actually

Lease roses according to one dealership in california the majority of rates and ghosts are actually leased the majority of phantoms are bought in cash that comes to no surprise but a couple extra thousand here and there ten thousand this ten thousand that for billionaires probably doesn’t matter now your random youtuber who drives one of these and decides maybe

I should probably impulse buy one of these after this is over the options do matter and they’re absurdly expensive the driving experience of a rolls-royce is not really something that can be communicated to you in words i wish it was it’s honestly something you have to experience i can steer the dawn with just one finger on the steering wheel i’m looking out over

The hood looking at the beautiful spirit of ecstasy logo pinstriping down the sides a nice chrome hood ornament down the center there and the steering wheel it looks more like a wheel out of a hundred million dollar yacht then it does out of a three hundred plus this one has actually specht out at four hundred and eight thousand dollars in a car in the rolls

You don’t care about what’s around you that’s because it’s so quiet in here you can’t hear anything other than the sound of my voice even going under this freeway overpass it is so quiet the glass is thick the ride quality is so sublime you can’t hear tire noise you can’t hear wind noise you can’t hear little children screaming about oh my god who is that person

Inside of that rolls royce little do they know they don’t care whatsoever i’m not important but even still you can’t hear anything at all this is the pinnacle of comfort the front seats are so luxurious and nice to be in and because this has adaptive cruise control that’s able to connect to gps it can actually scan the road ahead see what the terrain is like

Set up the gear shifts for optimal transitions and also prepare the car for curvy roads up ahead how trick is that and it’s not only luxurious in the front if you want your friends to come along with you well there is ample head and leg room in the back which is something that can’t be said for 99.9% of coupes but that’s okay because this is not for the 99.9%

This is for the point zero zero zero zero one who’s also into cars and likes driving a luxury apartment on the street the dawn weighs 56 hundred pounds which is closer to a yacht in size than it is a normal car but because it weighs so much you’re able to have all of that comfort all of that sound deadening we’ll briefly mention some things that most rolls-royce

Owners probably wouldn’t care about under the hood is a 6.6 litre twin-turbocharged v-12 that makes 563 horsepower and 575 pound-feet of torque that means when you hit the gas after waiting about a second and a half 0 to 60 can happen in the mid 4 second range that’s incredibly fast for a vehicle that weighs 56 hundred pounds part of that is due to the brilliant

8-speed automatic zf transmission that make shifts so smooth so seamless that you don’t feel them at all part of the reason behind using a v12 is because of its smooth driving characteristics you accelerate and it almost feels like one gear in an electric car it is so so gentle it’s like it doesn’t want to disturb you in any way yet it can get up and go and

Accelerate extremely quickly on the freeway i actually drove the dawn pretty hard around back roads on mulholland drive and was impressed with how it handled now there is a bit of body roll but the steering is very direct now it is light but as you put steady inputs into the steering and you actually give the car confidence it’s able to corner fast well because

This car is extremely long the turning radius is not that great but that does give me a perfect opportunity to talk about some of the technology inside the rolls for those that you don’t know the rolls uses bmws idrive system that means when you flick on the backup camera you actually have pretty decent graphics you’ve got driving lines behind you you can see

Where the vehicle is going and without that it would actually be kind of a hassle driving this thing around when you’re driving it at high speeds and you’re cruising not a problem at all but those tight little maneuvers would be challenging without the aid of a backup camera or an aerial view but thankfully the rolls-royce dawn has that now the i drive it looks

A little bit tacky i’m not really sure if i like the font but rolls-royce is smart there is a button here on the center console that stow’s away the idrive system so that all you see is this beautiful brushed trim now the controls well it actuates just like bmws idrive the actual feel of it is much nicer and on the top of it is a gorgeous spirit of ecstasy logo

In pearl oh that looks so nice there are some things i don’t like about the dawn for one the cabin temperature sensor is absolutely hideous i’m not quite sure what the design thought behind that was it doesn’t look anything else like the rest of the interior the customizable buttons on the front – they look almost a little bit yellow they’re supposed to have a

Nice bluish hue to them and it doesn’t come off very well the center – area i wish the dials were larger they’re small and depending upon where you have the steering wheel you can kind of block how fast you’re going i guess if you’re riding in the passenger seat it doesn’t really matter but sometimes it’d be nice to know considering this is a pretty quick vehicle

You’ve also got a power reserve so that when you step on the gas you let the world know and yourself that you are using a lot of power and money and power i also have a problem with the gear lever now we’ve got a column mounted gear selector that’s easy to use but it feels very cheap you can move it around easily and sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s going quite

Into gear it doesn’t really make any sense in a $400,000 vehicle but apart from that the rest of the dawn is absolutely brilliant apart from that the rest of the interior is beautifully designed everything the attention to detail is magnificent i mean look at the little appointments just on the seat or the stitch to rolls-royce logos in the headrests you look

Everywhere there’s either chrome or wraparound leather everything feels good to the touch and that’s what you’re getting with a rolls-royce this doesn’t even have the high-end sound system and it still is taury bliss because this is a rolls-royce there are features of it that other cars don’t possess would you like to reduce the fan amount on the air-conditioning

Well there are these chrome cylinders located right next to the vents you simply push them inwards and it kills all of the air-conditioning pull them back out and we’ve got air again when you pay $400,000 for a car why would you want to close the door yourself well thanks to buttons up here on the left of the steering wheel you can actually press and hold and

The doors will close themselves that is because we’ve got rear hinged suicide doors that would be a little bit cumbersome to close yourself there are a bunch of other specialty features that have made a specific video about so make sure when that is released to check out the five insane features of the rolls-royce dawn because there are aspects of it that will

Absolutely blow your mind i’ve never been more relaxed when driving or reviewing a car than i am right now everything is so easy the car wants to do everything for you and i do applaud rolls for the fact that if you do step on the gas it’s got some serious power behind it and it actually has a decent amount of mechanical grip the suspension is quite soft it rides

Over bumps very very smoothly it’s actually relaxed as compared to the wraith which rides a little bit stiffer but coming out of any sort of normal car even an s-class coupe it would be hard to claim that the wraiths ride is stiff the wraith actually makes some more power as well over 600 horsepower so with that the dawn goes down as the best luxury car i’ve

Ever reviewed is it worth $400,000 well is a hundred foot yacht worth millions of dollars if you have the money and you like the vehicle then you can’t really question somebody’s decision to purchase or lease one personally the craftsmanship that you can see you can feel you can hear is definitely worth the money these are hand-built bespoke vehicles you can do

Whatever you want in terms of interior and exterior styling do you want pinstripes do you want your insignia engraved do you want lions made out of pearl it doesn’t matter if you have the money you can pay for it and rolls-royce will add it for that this is one hell of a special vehicle so with that special thanks to mark meno it’s the owner of this vehicle for

Letting me review it it’s been an absolute pleasure it’s one of the most relaxing and brilliant cars i’ve ever driven i hope you enjoy the video like always please browse the channel and subscribe if you’re not already follow me on instagram at vehicle virgins i look forward to seeing you next video you

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INSANE $408,000 ROLLS ROYCE DAWN!! By Vehicle Virgins