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We just made it to this drift event slash car me slash car show i don’t know what it is to be honest mainly a drift event so it’s gonna be a lot of drifting in this video i’m excited first thing i walk into is a wide body e91 pro bmw it’s actually one of my homies old car mickey from throttle that was his old m3 oh it’s like an m3 they made it look like empty they

Did an empty hood m3 fenders m3 front bumper empty conversion it looks really sick they’d be taxing here huh they taxi because we gotta pay for parking we had to pay for the entrance parking entrance animated throw our water water away that’s messed up i want to see the drifting i’m mostly excited to see the drifting guys let me see i think sam’s here i haven’t seen

Salmon in a long time but i want to see him drifting his new car here’s the e36 now and i have not seen it yet i have not seen those guys in forever so oh it’s too hot it’s way too hot today i’m sweating bro people want you to start a vlog why don’t you i’m vlogging right now i’m taking over fm right now r32 it is very hot it’s actually ridiculous on today but

This thing’s sick look at this damn looks like it could be a drift car probably yeah definitely different car he had a little e-brake right hand drive too hard this thing’s pretty sick guys a pink evo it’s actually super clean too like perfectly set up so everybody has to ease guys but they do look good they look really really good and um i wonder if it’s a girl’s

Car you guys think so probably huh because it’s pink oh yeah like evo chick that’s a clean car for a female drive driven car got the r34 should we get a subi on the channel or not we’ll be sick i told me chris yeah what the heck i didn’t even see this gtr bro two matching supras bro they’re so clean oh my god i didn’t even see this one this is the best one right

Here this is so clean bro look at the engine bay first of all super freaking clean big ass turbo that is huge bro and i get the wheel set up got the wilds in the front and the welds in the back is a fat tire bro god damn supra is one of the cars i want to get one day guys damn there’s a shitload i didn’t even see all of them bro adding more more music is so

Loud but the s2k that’s super wide bro it actually looks like too wide that’s crazy in an r34 pretty sick yeah this sdk is so wide though i just realized it has a r34 front end rear end i’m confused the homie raised gtr getting sick did he get new wheels i think he did bro the wheels are sick this is a bmw look at this guy’s corvette these are all the drift cars

Now and this is sick bro that’s a badass drift car give me a little more uh i’m gonna last goddamn down well the outlets are so loud as he’s clean looks like i hit a couple of logs but it’s still clean oh yeah that just sounds crazy though guys are gonna make me want to fix my car so bad i didn’t fix my car bro i miss drifting and like you guys always

Know that i’ve always wanted to do this but i need to put the time in you know the seat time yeah guys that’s so oh did they crash i wonder if i got it corvette’s so pretty that does suck all right guys we made it to the back where all the drift cars are this is the homie rome’s car he’s just going to accident that you guys saw with the vet i wonder if

Anything happened i don’t know i think he said he thinks the chassis bent and the whole cage got bent too oh my god that must have been a hard hit then got it did get smacked look at that what was the best part well the vets the best one on the same part twice z imagine so sick that’s just plates can you drive it on the street damn so many gift cards here bro i

Love seeing drift cars in person like you’re just so sick when they’re all caged and everything stay gone cheese look at this guys tj hunts 370. i don’t know whose mustang this is but it’s sick sick has a mustang but teacher has 370z she’s clean it’s actually really sick on damn super nice bro that’s sick he’s really drifting a stock z2 that’s crazy all these

Other guys have like atlases and um there’s really a stock z bro and it’s keeping up with all these cars look at the ears that’s his ghost car huh well i came to see you i lost my daughter how are you charles okay look at sam i haven’t seen salmon forever so guys homie sam i haven’t seen this car in so long bro i haven’t seen this car at all actually yeah i’ve

Never seen this car but he doesn’t even have his e30 anymore bro so much have changed since i’ve seen but he got a new e36 m3 so sick bro obviously a bmw you know sam and his bmws same wheels that are on my 350z look at it big old turbos under there probably wastegates look at the whole dash all carving bro it’s crazy huh damn i didn’t even know he had a carbon

Dash oh my god yeah so this sounds like extra car and now he’s building like a this is like his practice car i guess but he’s also building a 135 now guys i want to see that thing that’s just gonna be insane like another e36 it’s funny when you guys see all these drift events there’s a lot of corvettes e36s and e46s and 350z those like the only and 240s i think

All the drift cars that people use my in the trash you should have been here i know i know i know one day hopefully i’ll be able to do it but but yeah it’s funny how you see most of the same cars over and over because i think they’re just parts you can just like share parts with each other easy to find parts you just gotta stop carrying and just be like fight

Bands every time you go no i really wanted to get into it i swear bro like i really want to do this i have a car i know i have a car that’s just like this crazy one too built insane i know if my car was here if my car was here they think i fart i can’t be part of that literally i’m trash i’m dog water hot dog water because he doesn’t have the allies i think

When i heard it she sounds sick i want to see the interior damn i’m not down should i do it this is the vet that was over there that crashed earlier i wonder what happened bro god damn look at the engine he’s drifting like a convertible that’s pretty sick oh my god the poor front bumper dude ah hopefully it’s just the bumper it is the bumper but look at the

Bar bro imagine the e36 that hit oh he hit that bar bro that’s why he’s all messed up like that the little um tubed frame helped him that sucks though i mean that’s what happens when you drift look it’s a convertible that’s badass imagine drifting convertible sick like that this thing’s sick hi what should we do oh it’s hard okay i really have that it sounds

Like that that’s a v8 though that’s just a sick look at the e46 guys badass i really have one of those and i’m not using it i’m so sad so sick on white interior what that look at the trunk opens that’s really sick roll cage all white looks pretty similar to mine too super sick rj’s e36 this thing is sick all the bmws bro so many bmw drift cars big oh i got the

Carbon dash too the carbon dash is just so baller bro i want to do this in my drift car that’s like my that’s what i want to do next after i fix it obviously after we get it running that’s the biggest thing anyways i think we’re gonna dip guys it was a cool event it’s just way too hot like it’s actually ridiculous i’m wet bro sweating like it’s too hot too much on

We did not think it was gonna be this hot but we’re just gonna probably dip up this bottle until it get hollow i might sip out this bottle just drowning my sorrows drowning my stars be better tomorrow cause these broken dreams is as hard as it gets my died at only 25 i’m thanking god for let me seeing 26

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INSANE 1000HP BMW E36 M3 DRIFT BUILD!!! By FindingNick