INSANE Features Of The 2020 Bentley Flying Spur


What’s up guys i hope you’re having an amazing day if you miss yesterday’s video you missed a lot because i got a brand new car inside the garage let’s go check it out all right what do we got in here what do we got that’s right guys i got myself a 2020 toyota supra that rear end just looks so mean all right let’s take it for a drive i love this thing wait a minute

I can’t believe i forgot to do this yesterday one of the most satisfying parts of buying a new car oh yeah whoo the bmw backup camera is actually pretty good all right actually before we head out i want your guys’s help comment down below what color should i wrap the toyota supra seriously i want to take your guys’s opinions into consideration for the entire build

Of this car shall we make it what’s up dude but you did it i did it yeah look at this thing i love this i know i’m actually in love with it oh well you gotta go inside come on thank you yeah take it for a drive – can i actually really that’s the wrong key what key where’s well you can have those two i guess here honestly i’d rather have just super than the e63

Maybe because it’s new smells new yes it does now learning in there will take the armor all it doesn’t anymore did you just put an ad on me cut that out all right all right start this bad boy up watch in yellow it’s not a manual it will be soon don’t you wait it what and then there’s a sport mode button right there this huge that’s really begging you to push

It so short no i just come on man i just sit really close to the steering wheel cuz it’s a race car airbag goes off you’re dead well don’t let the airbag go off just don’t crash buddy all right all right all right well i guess he wasn’t kidding he’s taking off so what are you saying is i am actually headed to monaco in about 20 minutes i am going with bentley

For the new flying spur i’m so excited monaco is one of my favorite places in the world we’re about to hit a 12 hour flight to the craziest car culture in the world and drive a new bentley well 10 hours and 45 minutes later and we have made it to paris pretty crazy to think that i was here in this airport just two weeks ago with mclaren now we’ve got about

An hour and a half flight to nice and then a 45-minute ride we show up in monaco well guys we finally arrived in neeson what’s behind me three all-new bentley flying spur is the car that i flew all the way out from los angeles to review let’s take a ride to monaco wow that is stunning look at the interior of this thing guys that ambient lighting is gorgeous

Well i can’t think of a much better way to spend the next 45 minute commute than in the back of a bentley flying spur now the driving impressions are actually under embargo until october 15th but i am allowed to talk about all the exterior interior details technology and what’s actually like to ride in this car by the way these are some of the plushest headrests

I’ve ever experienced in my life but i thought on the way i talked about some of the rear seat entertainment features because they are actually insane check this out so obviously in a car of this caliber having rear seat entertainment is to be expected as is having some sort of controls in the rear for the climate as well as the music but the bentley flying spur

Has something special when i click this eject button here the tablet actually rises out and you can remove it and control it like your iphone and check out the functionality of this thing so you know anything from control the media to control the climate the seats as well as the blinds we’re gonna go to the blinds now look you can open all of the blinds let some

Sunlight in that massive panoramic sunroof you can even control the flying ‘bee mascot from the rear of the car to conceal it or reveal it depending upon your preference and of course you can control the ambient lighting there are a bunch of different beautiful options for the ambient light colors and it’s actually bright enough to where you can see it during

The daytime there’s not a lot of cars do the rear seats in the flying spur have nearly limitless controls and functions to them of course you can recline the seats using these buttons here on the side of the car it has massaging functionality it has heated functionality ventilation but you can also control the seats using that super fancy touchpad as well but

What i like most about it is you can actually control the passenger’s seat in the front from the rear now i have literally infinite legroom and headroom if you’re an nba player you can fit comfortably in this car but in case you want a little bit extra room and go ahead and control the front seat go over click that button here click ok and then we can push that

Front seat forward using the controls in the back how cool is that check out the night vision display on the dash that is way cool here we are approaching monaco man place the center armrest is actually pretty cool in the rear of the flying spur as well not only does it fold down and act as an armrest as well as a place to store your drinks it also has a refrigerator

In the back that you can choose between cold and extremely cold go ahead and open that up you can store your champagne or whatever type of beverage you prefer but it also can be used as a makeshift third seat in the center it’s a little bit tight but check this out it’s actually got a fold up pop-up headrest for the third passenger this has got to be one of the

Most spectacular places on planet earth oh yeah there’s also bentley headphones and speaking of audio there’s three different sound systems to choose from one being bang & olufsen and crazy enough the top-of-the-line sound system isn’t be a no it’s actually named so the name speaker system not only looks unbelievably cool i mean look at the detail in those

Speakers there are 19 different speakers and it produces 2200 watts of power 2200 watts in a car all right now that we are outside of the flying spur check this out that is way cool oh boy look who we got here let’s go to see you man we’re in differences of seeing you in freaking monaco right now how freaking awesome is that as far as saturday’s go it’s just

To me way above average also this is the fanciest starbucks i’ve ever been to in my entire life look at this place guys you look at this it’s an outdoor starbucks with a view of the ocean and what it’s the monaco the money yacht show going on right now i mean week i reckon we can generally wangle our way out to a boat we can float and wangle forever i always love

Hanging out with this guy we we have so many laughs so many things in common have you seen any nuts cars yet three monaco is like the land of exotic cars hotel yeah this is like a satin silver for a tech piece that i saw that that that’s bad okay and other than that no which is which is win that’s like normally it is like overly saturated with the cars we might

Have to go far spotting yeah for sure what i think yeah they there’s there’s so much wealth in town i mean there is anyway and while ago but because of the yorkshire yeah they’ve just got they just don’t care about high concentration point it’s like so they don’t do better cars or they just get the cars entirely gonna die yeah look at my four hundred million

Dollar boat over here look at this that is i believe the legendary tunnel we’re about a million youtube videos have been filmed of straight pipes cars i want to see that later all right so i think man tapes are gonna take a little stroll so we can fine set it the mix of architecture fashion jewelry cars buildings is absolutely crazy in monaco and check this out

Where else in the world can you literally be walking on a formula one track all that is so cool this is officially the slowest corner in all of formula one i’ve literally been here for all of 30 minutes and this has to be the most spectacular place in the world we moving or are we moving you want to go by quarter million pound watch right now yeah let’s just do

That right now okay perfect perfect oh there’s three in the window just classic monaco things all right let’s check this out rashard meo with some diamonds wow we got another one over here yeah this is also the land of watches for those of you who don’t know i’m a super big watch buff but yeah those ones are a little out of my price range some hugh blows one

Of the best place for car spotting in monaco is right in front of the casino the cars that roll up to the valet here are absolutely crazy last time i was in monaco i think somebody foul laid their laferrari you know there’s nothing too wild right now but we do have a beautiful 600 lt spider you got a db 11 aventador roadster and the cullinan and as james was

Talking about look at the speck on this 488 pista matte grey with a yellow stripe that looks so good love the bronze wheels too look at this we got seven delaney on the other line on some crazy yacht dude how are you doing all right perfect beautiful rs6 dude look how ugly the hotel we’re staying can you believe that building the size of some of these yachts is

Actually ridiculous yeah but that one is probably two to three hundred million dollars and i towards the back with the navy hull and the helicopter yeah yeah of course yes he’s misplaced his helicopter and put it on last bill yeah there’s another helicopter right there with them well guys it’s time to head back to the hotel have some dinner watch a presentation

On the new flying spur and then tomorrow we’re driving it for the very first time i can’t believe i am back in monaco we got to aaww over there twiddling his thumbs i hope you guys enjoyed this video like always please press the channel and subscribe i look forward to seeing you next video did you see that pista i think it was a smashed-up is the same spec as this morning same you

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