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Insane WIDE BODY KIT | Jeep Grand Cherokee | GME Performance

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WIDE BODY KIT – Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hello hey guys welcome back to our channel my name is renee and you are watching german motors and engineering today we have a jeep grand cherokee in our workshop and we are not trying to present another video about more performance or another exhaust system or whatever we have already done to that car today we would like to improve the appearance of this already

Very beautiful um suv the jeep grand cherokee when it’s an srt or a trackhawk or a summit already comes with some nice fender flares and i think those fender flares they fit the the um yeah the style of that vehicle already very good and they make it yeah one two centimeters wider than a normal jeep grand cherokee which does not have those fender flares but

I think that car could be a little bit wider but i don’t want to disturb all those um very smooth and very nice looking lines on that car i would like to create something that improves that car and makes it a better version of itself therefore we did 3d scan the whole car and here in the computer you can see how that looks that’s a 3d scan of that jeep grand

Cherokee and we can see the oem wheels and tires it’s 20 inch rims with 295 wide tires on it and those oem fender flares or fender extensions or whatever and on the other side there is the result from our design work that’s a fender flare which extends the whole body of the car up to three or four centimeters more than the oem fender flares are doing it

But we did remain the factory look of that car but we made it yeah a better stronger version of itself i tried to expose the wheels and the tires below and to cover them there where they have to be covered according to to our laws and regulations here so yeah so so that you have um a wheel all those those final wheels which we will talk about uh soon they

Are covered and for if you look from it from the front and from the back you can see those wheels and tires sticking out and yeah and and give it a very strong appearance the next thing is that if you would or let’s talk about the wheels later we did 3d print the prototype of that fender flare of that white body kit and the first idea was 3d printing the

Whole kit and print every kit which we would like to sell but 3d printing takes so long that it was not an option at the end when we experienced that the 3d print of the first prototype kit took us several weeks so we created some molds and in those molds we are now able to produce that whole white body kit in different materials in glass fiber carbon fiber or

Even urethane whatever you want and this is the very first part that i um yeah did build myself in such uh in the first mold and you can see here the the structure of the glass fiber because i did not use a um a top coat for this first prototype it was just to to see if the mold is working but i think um already in this condition it looks very impressive and how

It looks when it’s been when it’s painted um i can show you right here this is one of the first kits which we will install right now on that car it’s been painted and this is the front the front is is a two two-piece solution we have the first part which includes the pcd sensor bracket this one will be installed with some glue on the front bumper then we have

The second and the biggest part of the whole kit which is for the front fender and the rear is a three-piece solution you have one part on the door you have one part on the rear fender and you have one part on the rear bumper and how this has been installed we will show you in a few minutes but before i would like to show you the wheels which we specific um

Designed for that white body kit for the jeep print cherokee because if you would like to bring the stock wheels to the right position you would have to use a very big wheel spacers and wheel special spacers is always something that i do not like even when you find some nice looking 22 inch rims they don’t have the right the right offset to sit flush to that

New white body kit so we designed a two-piece wheel two-piece you can see here it’s uh there are little there are a huge number of screws which hold the center piece with the barrel together and this wheel has some design solutions which come from come from that car so the design idea of that jeep grand cherokee can be found in several angles or radiuses in

That wheel and in our 3d scan you can see that this wheel sits perfectly yeah in this new fender flare kit this was one of the first wheels which we did a cnc machine it’s a lightweight forged aluminium wheel and when it’s painted it looks like this and because it’s it’s a multi-piece wheel we can offer you the barrel and the center piece in different yeah

Different paintings you can say hey i want my centerpiece been polished or i want it in in glossy black or in matte or in the same color as the car has so basically every color that can be painted is possible for the center piece and for the barrel and you can choose the same one or you can choose different styles to show that it’s a multi-piece wheel because when

It’s all glossy black then it looks like any other casted wheel but this very lightweight forged wheel i always think that’s that it’s a good idea to choose different uh finishes for both parts to show that’s uh yeah a very expensive lightweight forged multi-piece wheel let’s install this body kit right now on that car and hopefully you like it as much as i do

We are done with the installation and as you can see the car is down on the ground and we have installed some lowering springs to bring the car down a little bit we don’t want to smash it down to the ground so that you are not able to to drive that car in daily conditions anymore so we remained the bilstein dampers and we installed some lowering springs on these

Dampers which remain the functionality from those electronic controlled damping system but the lowering springs they make the car very decent deeper and they lower the car more on the ground more on the rear than they do on the front it’s about one finger deeper on the front and something like two and a half fingers deeper in the back so that you have not not such

A high back like these cars have from the factory now it’s a little bit more the same front and rear although it’s a tiny little bit higher in the back but i think like this you have a car which looks um yeah very masculine and can be used in all daily driving conditions we choose michelin tires in 305 3522 and we choose these michelin tires because they

Have a very high grip and when the grip is ending at high cornering speeds you have um this this grip is not um uh yeah english a little bit not a little bit complicated to explain yeah you have a wide range and and when this grip is ending you can feel that it’s ending it’s not ending very hard so you can control the car in fast corners and therefore this

Tire provides all that we need for such a heavy weight and very powerful car so that’s the tire manufacturer of our choice you don’t have to use our rims these are 22 diameter they have 11 inch width and they have an offset of five although these rims are made for exactly this application you will be able to use other rims you just have to use wheel spacers

To bring these rims on an offset of five let’s say you have a rim which has et 40 so you need 35 millimeter thick spacers to bring the rim in the same position as this one i hope you like that style we exposed the tires um a little bit more down below and we covered them their way where they need to be covered and how that looks in another color you can see

Here it’s um a black car of course most of you already have their cars so you have the color but i think it’s nice to see that same white body kit on two cars with two different colors and i hope you liked that video i hope you liked that white body kit which we did built for you so if you have any questions let us know write us an email call us give us a

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