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Good afternoon everyone this is sama this is car legion thanks for tuning in if this is your first time watching my videos i film reviews i do videos and modify cars as such as one we have today i do on classic cars whenever they come handy arma for today we have a beautiful 2017 mercedes cla45 amg it’s our second in our channel this is different

It’s modified different it has a completely different body style as well wide-body i would say in this case and for today we have our good friend here jason thanks a lot appreciate for giving me a chance to drive the 2017 model there are a few differences i can come i can see already in this one the steering wheel is different from the different from

The previous one that we did and don’t forget the video you can see my channel it was another beautiful green mercedes cla45 and so for this one it’s a bit different but the body style is very familiar recently i did a video on a bmw and 3f ad from yt motorsport here in toronto if they were kind enough to let me drive it for the day pretty much we had

An awesome day with that and the video for that one should be on my channel as well but this car came from the same shop and with some mods from them and then some modification done on the other side so let’s start with what you have done with the exterior first okay so first exterior i choose the white body from japan very design first and ok and the

Wheels are from poc racing the e-40 okay and for the some custom arrow from shop called new type in morecambe ok and including the front lip to wear and some side skirts ok and it’s orange color with white so i painted white let me sing what else i can’t remember everything there’s too many things in there am i so the front splitter then you got carbon

Fiber yeah they have enforceable the spoiler sorry i also from ferry design ok whole-body kids ok and i did pretty much on the inside i see so the inside here basically we just have carbon fibers this is the package that comes with when you bought the car right now so you haven’t done anything except head of the paddles as well as are pretty nice there

Yeah and for the engine what have we done what are you going to the engine i tuned it with the ecu from your charge ok state to but ok it’s special design called turbo design ok it comes with more pops in them yeah it’s this thing is absolutely so loud also it has a mishimoto full system intake ok and it also has hks valve ok and also the car has a

Suspension of kw d3 ok yeah i think that’s pretty and lettuce little spacer yeah oh cool space to get it a little bit me out offer from hr from each other what kind of tires you running in nitto tires needle and to5 ok ok and what what’s the size of the rims 18 19 19 inch yeah staggered or forged ok oh so that mean they’re not bigger in the back or in

The front i guess cuz this is a drive all wheel drive so you can clear i could made it like 275 in the front and 295 in the rare but but it’s not good for this car because it’s a oh drive so yeah make sense to sit 275 in both rear and front ok dad and that totally makes sense i’m it looks really really nice and clean in here how many kilometers you have

On this thing like 20,000 20,000 wow when did you buy the car last year last year yeah that’s pretty well 20,000 that’s not bad one year yeah that’s that’s pretty distant driving that’s awesome i’m what’s the plan what are you going to do next with this i’m thinking seriously to get a bigger turbo all i might change a suspension okay next year i’m not

Doing anything this year so maybe next year i’m gonna gonna plan something big on this car okay nice i’m did you know you really have done quite a bit of work in here i would say and what’s the what what are the official numbers like for the engine what what’s the performance of the engine i was not really getting it i would say it’s a 450 okay around

400 400 and we’ll usually knows about 10 and 15% but when it comes out the oil and weather okay yeah make sense hahaha so we’re just driving comfort mode okay and let’s put it to drive and we got the handbrake somewhere yeah oh perfect man ad this is i love this thing okay first of all this thing it’s very loud yes has army text online it’s sorry

For that we got a lot of jason was telling me he’s actually moving so we have a lot of stuff in the back oh this is it’s gonna be pretty interesting okay can we put this into manual yeah just shifted two braids put it answer is easy okay okay okay first of all i’m losing sight of the speedometer here and this is not a really fast zone that wouldn’t and

But it’s all that armytrix the previous bmw that we did the m3 has an r matrix as well and that even that one was absolutely insane now to be is tommy chips quebec okay the dumpling john-boy be asked at a stoplight the tires they robbed a little because i guess the car is a little bit low yeah what do you have for suspension here kw of these 3 kw okay

These sentences mention nice there so where did you pick an a in the cla what was the purpose like when i first picked my car is that time last year i was not that no i don’t know too much about cars okay so i basically i just think i’m on the all-wheel drive for winter in toronto and i understand gas card so when i went to bmw mercedes and i only find

This one with my office i was planning to get a c63 but as autumn is a says nothing in stock i need to wait three months okay so i didn’t you say just you just went with this one you’re very lovely carbonite as you said to me previously a lot of people complain about i wouldn’t say complain but they you know for told people it’s a bit hard yeah look

At my right here like my hat it’s literally close to the roof we have you have you have a clearance on your side yeah and i think i don’t have a bit of a hard time driving this daily so my rs is actually pretty good because my rs has the option for the seats to go really low for the driver’s side the passenger i feel bad for that but i don’t care as

Much okay let’s go straight i feel bad for people around here they’re gonna be if they’re sleeping right now there’s not gonna be any sleeping that’s for sure it’s really loud man do you feel comfortable with this this loud masters getting used you can use your like i said it was very loud last winter and it’s getting better now last winter i don’t

Even want to drive it wow it’s like like my condos like the security come things about me saying you can do this in the calendar yeah why i’m just turning off my car i’m just getting warmed up you were already complaining that’s crazy let’s do it quickly you turn here and just go into the other side okay it’s i don’t know it’s very loud i would have a

Hard time driving this loud but you know i guess as you said like you just got to get used to it and get used to it we’re in manual mode right together like it’s that big and come those tires are wrapping a little bit yeah it does have it picks up power pretty quick yeah it’s a i think if you put a giant or bow and thumbs up from people no complaint

It we usually got people complaining about being really loud then while that guy just gave us thumbs up and like yeah i guess a bigger turbo will will tell another produce a little bit more horsepower maybe to like 500 horsepower ok i won’t know exactly the power i’ll watch for more than that from west texas a have a stage 3 to purple i think they’re

Actually a great company yeah they make they make some super chargers as well can’t for for cars that you can’t find super chargers ios tech says the email means as it can make this current here 615 something 650 horsepower yes what’s the body freedom of this is like 3,500 pounds or something around that i think it was around 3500 pound as soon as far

As i remember i actually when when i decided to buy my rs before getting my i’m sorry i went to look at this car and i think the reason why it didn’t get it it’s because of the transmission not because it wasn’t mangano matic but because i find the mercedes transmission lack of speed yeah when you’re shifting as i said like if he had an option such as

The dct for bmw that transmission is all this was this was a dct but it’s not the same it’s not the seller to that it’s like i can actually tell the difference when i’m shifting there’s a bit of a delay on this one the dct and the pd came for from porsche they are very fast that we aren’t really fast oh this is a joy but it’s very little of it that’s

One thing it’s a bit loud for me that’s the only thing but i guess you get you you’re used to it because you drive it every time at everything you know you don’t mind it do you have you gotten any tickets while you’re with this guys i guess three pubs are not allowed around here right this is a very lunch enjoying the carbon it’s very especially now

That you’re driving in manual i know for some people are like what’s the purpose of driving in manual when it’s an automatic well you can have fun shifting this thing as well it feels like you’re on a plane playstation right yeah but this is real life yeah my favorite part about this car is that we need downshift it’s so quick to to make that noise

Let’s see here but no cars in this roads run here are just gorgeous they’re perfect for this car just a bit of robbing yeah just a bit because i lower car you lowered a lot of car last week a lot more because for you professed okay yeah you went you were at the show remember first time it’s what we meant i’m i’m gonna like crazy raise a little bit a

Little bit i guess you can adjust the dump don’t purse right you have that can it’s a two-way you had that adjust the hot little plate and you can changing too hard or soft okay okay that’s i very much enjoy this what’s your favorite thing about the car what’s your favorite you like the most about it right now as an actual car not just the mods for

Now i would say it’s that exhaust but when i first got my car died i think i loved a launch control launch control yeah nice it’s a but for now i don’t really use it anymore but why body i guess it’s like you said yeah i don’t fit the launch country anymore and but the exhaust is the perfect part i like it yeah it’s a it’s very loud i’ll tell you that

People will notice that you’re around won’t your chatter miss nelson i know it’s it they cops everywhere as well they’re just coming out – oh my god is so loud oh god this is so loud you see this is one thing why i need i want to get my i got a upgrade my exhaust for my rs because it’s not very loud crazy right it’s so loud elegance and singing up and

It’s like nozzle of wailing inside a car yeah when you’re inside a force remember when i said to you and i was doing the video chat i said the only way you’ll you realize that you’ll find out that the car is very loud when you’re actually outside because inside german cars i feel they do a great job of isolating the outside noise especially bmw does a

Great job to mercedes as well and that’s the beauty of it because at the same time you can upgrade your exhaust and not feel uncomfortable yeah now again this is a bit loud but you’re still is the acceptable acceptable exactly it’s your it’s your money at the end of the day yeah that’s what matters i very much love this thing man it’s it’s extremely

Loud that’s one thing but getting over that part doesn’t matter i very much enjoy the way this card looks yeah even though i’m not i’m not the biggest fan of white bodies and cars i don’t prefer them as much but that doesn’t mean they don’t look good yeah they look great actually on some cars some cars are pretty hard i don’t i don’t really like my

Body when i first get my first starting to drive that’s why i see the are double pe which gives me the idea to get a wide-body car okay and i’m nothing i’m just starting crazy of it if i purchase the next second car and i also do white body it’s like tattoos once you get i want to do the yeah you want to continue the tradition and they just searched

On the internet to see all those white bodies on different cars and they look nice yeah but they’re not very practical right there and they have like advantages but if you get disability like you get the white body yeah most of them didn’t do well in tech anymore that’s true and i i follow you in that okay well jason i very much appreciate this this

Was another joy driving a modified cla thank you so much and guys don’t forget to subscribe it at the same time don’t forget to follow jason i’m gonna put his instagram account in the description box so if you wanna ask any questions to him if you have anything to they want to know more about the car you can reach out to him you can post a comment as

Well i’m sure he’s gonna look at them and just try to avoid them and once the keyboard warriors as i call them they’d love to comment on everything but that’s what internet is for it’s an open in a place so again jason thank you so much appreciate this this was very nice i it’s a second one and i always enjoy mercedes and i love the the cla body style

As well so thanks for watching guys and again don’t forget to subscribe

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