Inside the 1st Low-Top Sprinter Ambulance in the United States

So just like with our transit set up we have basically everything set up the same way there’s a little bit of a difference in samman to do with some cabinetry that i’ll show you but for the most part if you watch the other video this is pretty much similar to that so right up top right here you have my oxygen bag if you have a critical call bag or first in bag or

Jump bag and right here keep our high you cited to have down here the slowest level so doesn’t hurt her shoulders but our critical fall bag in the mid level luck seem to keep as low as we can and then her oxygen bag which is a lie to stuff these to be kept up top so nice needs need to be able to get to doesn’t hurt shoulders or anything like that i’ll be sitting

Right here in the attendant seat so from right here i get to basically everything that i will not want to end or need to when treating a patient we’re right next to each other if you see like what i have had this setup patient i have been looking right next to each other have a good interactions with them over here we have our our monitor mount system this was

Done by osage the hole mounting setup was it’s pretty fantastic setup i’ll show you what it looks like whenever we have the mountain there’s this little bracket that goes to the bottom of our monitor she locks in place like that so whenever i’m treating anybody all i do is get to it right here don’t have to stretch or move or anything like that keeps it right on

Your face that’s pretty convenient just press on this to really sit like that also this is movie both many among these positions down here at the bottom this thing basically wherever you need it so we have cabinetry that’s all set up up here these are dirty and frequently used items we have our pd made some stuffed animal stuff up there pd mates a device to keep

All of our children locked in place on earth there’s some ob stuff for the most parts up here and then some airway things like bbm’s and our cpap or extra innovation items also all these cabinets have lights in them so whatever it’s dark out so anything like that we can see in them fairly well all of our controls are light right here so i can turn lights on i can

Do our hvac right here turn our lights on in here whenever we’re not connected to power on running we have oxygen ports all around us so i don’t have to strain to get to anything like that and i have multiple one so if i’m needed to do a nebulizer treatment along with doing cpap i have them right here and there’s also another one that’s over there that i’ll show

You in the airway see can the tree around where i map all of our medications are within this first drawer right here all our meds that we need are right here our narcotics are what are locked in here this is our keypad setup and then down here we have our sharps and trash can there’s also another cabinet that’s right here that has our high use items such as our

Thermometer blood pressure cuff stethoscope things of that nature it’s all right here we have this cabinet right here what this also serves as a good arm rest right there anything from ios extra ecg patches to fluid all of our iv setups right here along with oxygen administration items along with some basic trauma stuff and a little bit of more fluids gloves are

Up here we just pull them out of the box and stuff it in the designated holes up here and then up here we have our extra blood pressure cuffs safety vests and stuff like that speakers right here so you’re not going to be missing anything for your radio and so with our seats we i do have seatbelt monitors i’ll show you that when we get up to the cabinet our to

The cab up front and we just have another little cabinet that’s down over here this has our extra batteries for our auto pulls and our monitor down here along with the bedpan and a year ago so if we move over here to the airway seat i’m right here i can move forward if i need to perfect access to the patient’s head if i need to do any innovations or any advance

Their way of anything to that nature right here so with the control center games here i have two oxygen ports right here so there’s no lack of oxygen portion wherever you’re at just our suction in our action area lighting switches are right here along with the 12 volt outlets and usb outlets suctions right here along with our vomit bag control your suction right

Here and then we have another other 20 volt outlet here basically any advanced airway device is located in here along with just basic you know cannulas and non rebreathers sterile water things of that nature is up in here so come on now and as you can see i mean it’s not ridiculously low in here existed not won’t when things built you really stand up in these

So we’ll come on here passenger side i’ll have chris come up here i’ll go on the other side so we have up in here well the first thing i’ll talk about is our rearview mirror setup this is the mirror made up by gentex we have one in our other transit these things are fantastic they have a camera that’s mounted out back let us show you a live feed of everything

That’s going on behind you a very very clear picture full high-definition and then you can all we also have a camera mounted back here in the patient apartment that you can get lit up on this side monitor what’s going on back there if you need to and then of course we have a reverse camera it’s mounted lower just their basic setup of switches and everything’s

Right here pretty simple this is our seatbelt monitoring system right here so anytime that you have this is in drive this thing we monitoring for pressure that’s within the seat and if it does not have any seat belt on it will start alarming up front here also this will be illuminated red rather than dream though just keeps the another factor in there for

Everybody keeping each other accountable and safe back here we have our glove setup speakers mounted right here i’m it’s pretty simple and it does its job very well so i guess if you guys have any questions about anything feel free to leave any comments and questions and this is colin signing off hey just forgot to tell you guys about this we actually have a

Whole back part manual it’s right here everything that’s kept back here we have our our vacuum splints as well as we call a cooktop our stair chair auto pulse is mounted right here and then we have our soft pot with our a oe splits back here and just any triage tags and ribbons we have within the door and yeah that that actually covers it off so we’ll talk to you guys later

Transcribed from video
Inside the 1st Low-Top Sprinter Ambulance in the United States By Butler County EMS