Installation and FIRST LOOK/Dash cam/Honda Ridgeline

Here is the second part in my Dashcam Series that goes over what you get with one of these (Minolta MINCD36 to be specific), and how easy it is to setup and what to expect! Thanks for watching…I will review this little guy in about 3 to 6 months to see how I like it. Let me know in comments if you have one, are going to get one, have another model, don’t care and want me to stop hounding you, lol or whatever you want to discuss. And see you on the next one (video)!

Hey guys welcome to hersty’s garage and as i promised i mounted my helmet cam so we’re gonna go and check out to see if this what oh this isn’t supposed to be a helmet cam it’s actually a dash cam ah crap okay well i was just informed this isn’t supposed to be a helmet cam but a dash cam so i guess i’m gonna have to take this off and go to my truck and mount

It in there so uh give me a second and i’ll do that here in just a bit all right guys here’s a quick look at what we got in this kit here and of course like i said this is a minolta and it’s an mncd36 dash cam crazy long number but uh pretty pretty cool little camera hopefully so here is the camera itself let me flip it over a nice little tiny guy uh there’s

The front with the camera lens and then there’s the back there with the uh lcd screen i think that was a 3.5 inch so not too shabby it’s really light i think it should work out great uh then of course like i said it came with a 16 gigabyte uh memory card right there it goes in the side there and that should be able to capture all your uh uh crazy uh driving and

Then this is how you download it to your computer that’s the core and then of course we have uh the crazy technical cigarette lighter plug-in and then of course that goes to the back of the camera and that’s how you power it power it on really technical stuff there and then you’ve got the suction cup which goes on the end of the camera just like that and that

Suction suctions to your windshield and then we have like i said the manual that i showed you earlier uh then the quick user instruction guide and then we have the limited warranty uh card here that i guess you can send in and that’s it that comes in all nice little box right there and then you’re good to go so i guess we’ll stop this and i’ll go ahead and mount

It in the car and you can see how it uh or the truck and you can see how it goes in and then we’ll check out the screen and all that stuff all right guys here we are in my truck and i’m gonna go over the quick instruction guide book here which is one page so we can get this in and done as soon as possible okay first things first is they want to have us take the

Camera and insert the memory card in there all right guys so the way we accomplish that is we take one camera and one memory card and you make sure the memory card is the words facing up right there and into the side and you just plop it into the little nice hole there and then we push it in like that and make sure that it clicks and now she’s in you have to have

Kind of small fingers because this is a small little slot but that’s how you do that part okay number two is we take the camera and mount that little suction cup to the actual camera itself which that looks like this you take that little groove right there and then a little notch which is right there and you just slide them both in bingo all done okay next is

Plug into the power cord and that looks a little something like this where the little slot is right there you take your little power cord make sure it’s in the right direction obviously and bam all right and the very last step is the camcorder will automatically power on and begin recording a video file to start or stop recording at any time press the ok record

Button you may also remove the auxiliary dc power adapter at any time to automatically save a recording and power the camcorder off just mount it to your windshield plug the power and drive all right so that’s pretty easy that’s i mean things ready to go right out of the box uh the hardest thing for me is going to be to figure out as soon as the camera focuses

Where i’m going to mount this on my dash all right time to mount this little guy and there’s a little protected protective screen on this thing that you got to take off don’t forget that otherwise it won’t mount and like i said i think i’m going to mount it down below here but i thought about maybe doing it up here the only thing is is that i’ve got this stupid

Cord and i don’t want it to be hanging down and and then it’s going to be impeding my uh view so i i think i am going to just stick it down here for now then we’ll see what what uh if that if i like that uh view so i imagine all it is is this you put it on the the windshield and either go that way or this way all right figured it out so what you want to do is

You push it on there and get a nice suction and then move that little guy up and that creates a nice uh surface where it’s not going to take off there and then i guess we imagine we just put it straight like that then i’ll take my cord and god you get a you get a mile of this this cord um but i’m going to need to plug this guy into one of my sockets down here

So we’ll go ahead and do that and then like i said i got a mile of this junk so i will put that over to the side for right now and then figure out what i’m going to do with that later but let’s go ahead and start the vehicle and turn on that screen all right so keys go in the ignition and then we’re going to power it on and you’re going to get the look uh let me

Shut off my radio but you’re gonna get the first look of what’s going on just like mine okay and that is the image of my garage door wow yay and does it let’s see if i move it down over here is that going to uh get the front yeah it’s kind of hard for you guys to see but uh um i don’t know i kind of like that view i guess it just it’s your preference um i’m

Gonna have to get it on the road and see exactly how it looks uh to get and to see if this is going to be a good spot or not but it says it’s red ready right out of the box it’s just given me a blue light i have to figure what that is i imagine that’s just uh meaning it’s on there we go i got you a little closer so uh and then i can’t tell what that is it’s

Just flashing i guess that means that it’s plugged in not sure but that’s that’s what it looks like right there um so i’m gonna get it on the road and see if that works but that’s it guys there she is what a beauty that’s gonna hopefully uh save me uh some money there if i get into a crash or at least you guys will get a nice uh picture of me uh going through the

Windshield ah no just kidding hope not cross my fingers no no no um and like i said you’re gonna have to figure out what you’re gonna do with this this cable there’s a 16 miles of it jeez and then it gets plugged in there and you get a nice pretty light that uh you might want to tape over because it’s pretty dang bright geez that’s it okay guys and really quick

Before i uh go in and show you what all this junk is um as you can see that’s the view of when i’m driving and uh don’t threat i’m in my little cul-de-sac here so it’s i’m not around anybody i’m not going to hurt anybody while i’m driving but i just wanted to show you there’s the it does have a really wide pattern uh you can see all the street there they so not

Too bad and the location is okay i see a little bit of my um hood up down here so i don’t know it’s a i guess it’s a good spot for now um but uh i’ll go ahead and drive here and just and you can kind of see like i said there’s one person coming there but i’m in actual little cul-de-sac so uh i’m not in danger of hitting anybody or anything like that so here here

You go and i’m going to turn and you can kind of see there’s my neighbor’s house yay but that is uh what she looks like on the camera pretty cool let me uh go the other way here oh shush that’s my car because i don’t have my seat belt on uh but that’s what she looks like going down the road and like i said i’m in a cul-de-sac here so i’m not going to hit anybody

Or anything so nobody freak out and there she goes so let me go in and i will show you uh on the manual what that stuff is okay guys i found out what this is that just means it’s in video mode right there that little guy uh the next one is it’s in video mode and it’s in loop recording mode which means that it’s going to record it has a little five right there

It’s gonna record five minutes and then loop back on itself uh this is the exposure uh and you can um for the camera i guess you can take pictures and stuff um and you can adjust that up and down uh to get the clearness and um whoop all that good stuff and if you drop the phone like that you can do that too um and then like i said that’s your memory card right

There that says you have a memory card in there and then that is that it says it is plugged in and then of course that’s how uh how much time that in red there that’s how much time you’ve been recording and that’s 1080 fd fhd which i guess that means it’s 1080 1080p um so there there she goes uh you can do a a ton of things to it and the most important thing is

I guess right out of the box is when you get into an accident or something like that you can either hit on the side here and button let me move this so you can see it right here on the side it says and hopefully you can see that it says okay uh m for memory uh then up or lock excuse me and then uh shut off well there’s the okay button so it says okay or cancel

Remember it says okay to to stop the the uh video so right there that’s it’s on the right hand side that’s where you’re gonna hit is that button right there or like they said let me switch that over there or you can come down here and take this out and that will stop your video so you will not be transmitting a signal but it does work i notice when you shut

Off the car which i’m going to shut it off take the key out obviously there’s an internal battery there and you can see it right there on the bottom uh so it will work if the if that uh is uh uh shut off your your car um well and it hasn’t been charged enough so it’s shut off on me but those are the important things to know on this and of course you got the

Manual and you can go through the manual and do a whole range of different things there’s the camcorder operation it’s obviously video mode photo mode playback mode um and it shows you all what those little icons are and that’s in photo mode the icons and then you have your video mode settings your video resolution and how to change that audio recording because

It does have audio on this thing too which is awesome so it can catch you saying the f word if you get into a crash or whatever just kidding on that motion detection and then let’s turn the page here uh you can set your collision sensitivity of course the date and time stamp and then you’ve got your photo mode settings a photo resolution and photo quality photo

Sharpness white balance iso and i guess that just determines the light sensitivity in the photo being captured all just all sorts of things anyway you can change to how uh when the loop when it’s gonna turn over from like one minute to five minutes to ten minutes uh and it’s pre-recorded into five minutes so there she goes that’s the mncd36 dash cam and uh

We’ll see how it goes and i’ll do a review on on how this thing is uh after about six months or three months maybe i don’t know well we’ll see um and how i like it so thanks for watching uh hit that subscribe button and uh hopefully this wasn’t too long but leave me a comment and let me know if you guys got one or if you’re gonna get one or something like that

And uh i guess i will see you on the next one peace

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Installation and FIRST LOOK/Dash cam/Honda Ridgeline By Hursty’s Garage