Installing My Old Supra Wheels On My Wifes Audi S3 *Flush As Can Be*

Time for an awesome wheel and tire upgrade for my wife’s Audi S3! The factory Black Optics wheels are cool looking, but stick way too far inside the fenders. And the tires are getting close to the end of the road! So let’s add a custom set of wheels to the Audi S3 and get that perfect fitment for a good flush fit! Todays I install ESR RF2 wheels on the Audi S3! Mounted on a set of Michelin Pilot Sport All Season performance tires!

So as you’ve just seen the audi s3 has a brand new set of wheels and they got delivered mounted and balanced with a brand new set of michelin tires so let me go ahead and unveil the wheels real quick and tell you this awesome way to order wheels and tires so bam there we go these are the esr rf2 wheels they are a really nice satin black design which is going

To look really good with the black optics package on the s3 and for those of you these might look a little familiar the keen observer will probably know why these are familiar wheels so for those of you who remember when i had the white toyota supra the first set of wheels i put on that were these the rf2 from esr of course mine were the satin bronze color

And then i later swapped to a different set of esr wheels that were finished in the red which is a pretty cool set that’s how i sold the car so we went with the esr rf2s once again on the audi s3 just because they kind of look similar to the new rs3 wheels so we think this is going to look pretty sweet and now before we get into fitting them and seeing what

They look like i got to give such a big shout out to fitment industries so we’ve ordered a few products from them before and this is the coolest thing when you order wheels and tires from fitment industries they come mounted and balanced and we have tpms in this so you can literally order custom set of wheels whatever tires you want and they will get shipped to

Your house or business or wherever you need them shipped to already ready to go and at least for my situation with just the gtr and the audi it’s not too practical for me to have to take the wheels and tires all separate to get to a shop to get them mounted or spend the money and have someone come to my house and do it for me this is all included with fitment

Industries so check out fitment industries down below they are literally the place to go if you’re buying wheels and tires they have so many pretty much endless options and i am super pumped they just came unpackaged them and they are packaged so well perfect condition no big deal so i love that fact that fitment industries does that so definitely check them

Out now for the tires i went with a set of michelins we just got some pirellis on here now which are pretty worn so i knew that i needed new tires on the sc regardless so we figured this would be the easiest way to get it all set up so these are an all-season tire it’s the pilot sport all season four so i think this should be a pretty good tire for this car

I mean this isn’t the fastest thing in the world i have pilot super sports on the gtr and i just don’t think i need that type of max performance summer tire on the s3 especially since we’re gonna be driving this car to michigan and things like that so i wanted to pick a tire that was able to handle the performance of this car even when i upgrade it but also

Be something usable for when we have to drive it in the winter climate and things like that so now let’s start test fitting these things and see what they look like all right so taking a look side by side now with the new esr wheels versus the stock ones so the stock ones from my understanding they are 19 by eights and they are plus 49 offset these new esr

Wheels i went with 19 by eight and a half plus 30 offset so that should get it nice and flush these stock ones really do sink in quite a bit however i do have these same size tires 235 35s and 35 35s and while i’m here i’ll actually clean the brake calipers just to give them a good once-over to make them really pop with a new wheel sitting on here and then

Before i go ahead and install them i do have hub-centric rings from esr that are going to go in these so i can just go ahead and pop them onto the wheel on the back and then now let’s get this on all right moment of truth all right so i will say i love the spoke design just like on the rs3s and it’s crazy i had these on the supra they look really good on

This car i love how much you can see the caliper and everything so like i said with the dimensions plus 30 offset i think that is about as perfect as you could get just barely this part is sticking past the fender it looks like and then let’s see what it looks like from the back side now i think that is about as close as i would want it without being crazy

You know poking out or anything like that so this is definitely on the inside of this hopefully it comes off on camera like that but definitely looks pretty good even in this configuration maybe we’re gonna lower the car just maybe you guys might have to find out in a later video all right well that was super quick and easy getting this side on fitment is

Literally perfect i am super pumped let’s check out the original side now i’m not too familiar if this is like an upgraded set of wheels or only on black optics versions i’m not too sure but at least for these wheels the stock ones that i have you can tell how far in they go i think that angle really shows it well the rear actually looks like the bodywork bulges

Out even more than the front because there is so much gap look at that i mean that’s what you would see on like a corolla not an s3 i mean this is at least a sporty version of an a3 it better be better than what we have so that is the before now let’s check out the after and as you can see look at that fitment so you can see we have the minor stretch on the

Tires since i went with a little bit wider rim with the oem tires but i have the same differences on the gtr and what i did on the supra running a half inch wider wheel with the same tire gives it a really good look and then let’s take a walk up to the front and do a good comparison there the front you can definitely see from this angle just how far it is so

It sticks way in there and then as we come around perfectly flush and i really like the spokes i think that design just gives it a more aggressive look we had another one that we were looking at getting instead of these ones but i think that really comes together well so moving on to the passenger side now got the other two here and i am the person who peels

Off the sticker i don’t know why people drive it with this on so let’s get rid of this and then we can get a side on well there we go installing the new esr wheels on the audi s3 it looks so good i wasn’t too sure if i would really like the basically the old original super wheels on the s3 but i think the style works out really well especially since

The new rs3 has a pretty similar design fitment is perfect they’re absolutely perfect this is about as flush as you could possibly get without starting to get into rubbing but as you can see it looks really nice up front you can see how the rim itself might just be barely in line with the fender so once i do lower the car a little bit i barely need any camera

I don’t think i honestly do need any of that which i’ll go over in a future video and then in the back looks like there’s a little bit more of a fender flare but you can see just how perfect that is you can barely see the tire right there on the front i mean this is spot on perfection as far as fitment goes and i just love the color had to stick with black

Being that this has the black optics package got the black tips on it all the black trim and then now we got these sick looking satin black wheels from esr they look so good and i actually did drive a car with these same michelin tires so i know they’re going to be really good they’re going to give me the performance i want and still give me the all-season

Drivability that i want this car to be able to do and then fitment industries i am so impressed these got delivered today and they’re already installed on the car i don’t have to wait don’t go to a shop which would be so inconvenient so that it was just so awesome working with fitment industries getting these shipped to my house with tpms mounted and balanced

Ready to rock and roll that is just such a good way to be able to order brand new wheels and tires and their packaging was awesome there’s not a scratch on the wheels everything came out perfect so i’m really impressed with just the quality that they take into delivering wheels tested them out fit everything perfectly you know put them on cardboard that way

Didn’t scratch the tires just yet now they’re officially used but they fit perfectly and i am super pumped so i think that about puts us at the end of today’s video once again big shout out to fitment industries i’ll have their website linked down below seriously an awesome place to order wheels and tires and then esr this is now the third set of esr wheels i

Really like the brand just because they offer affordable high quality wheels custom finishes and some really amazing designs even going all the way up to crazy three-piece things so esr has an awesome selection of wheels and i really like these ones these are a good budget friendly option and they work perfectly on the s3 i’ll have everyone linked down below

Check them out if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up hit that subscribe button i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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