Installing Upgraded Intakes on 4.0T Audi S7 S6 A8 RS7

Diy video of installing intakes on a 4.0t Audi. These Fit the S6,S7,RS7 and A8

Hey what’s up guys welcome back to the savage performance youtube channel so today we’re going to be doing uh kind of a diy install of our two and a half inch inlets in basic intakes for the 40t these will fit all s6 s7 and 8 cars they are two and a half inch we’ve got obviously two of them pcv and bypass bungs are on there these kits will come with the

Two pipes the two filters as well as the o-rings and the stainless steel screws to install them so we’re doing the install on this car to kind of make it easier to get shots since we were also in the middle of doing uh full upgrades including turbos we will probably try to point it out once we get the pcb and everything in how you would have to go about it but

For the sake of getting the shots and showing the location of the screws and everything we’re going to be doing it while the intercooler brick and the pcb and everything is out of the car so install is going to go a little easier here but it’s very doable with everything in there just a little harder to see what you’re doing these at times will require depending

On the orientation of your terribles if you do run into install issues with alignment there are times where the turbo housing will actually need to be turned just a little bit to get the pipes to lay right it’s fairly rare but if you do have fitment issues a lot of times that will fix the issue if they are misaligned side to side on the here but for now we’re

Going to get into the install and kind of point out some of the differences and some of the variations you might run into as we install them we do stock these so if you are interested in purchasing one of these sets send us a message these are currently 589 plus shipping that is fees included shipping generally is around 30 bucks um in the us so send us a

Message and we will be glad to get a set of these out to you okay so installing these intakes is pretty simple first thing you want to do you can see there’s a lip right here you just want to install your o-rings simply slide right in there just push them right in there just like that and that will see you up against the terrible housing okay now that we’ve

Got our o-rings installed we’re ready to bolt them up to the turbos so what you want to do is you want to make sure you put the passenger side on first because the way the turbos are step if you put this side on the pipe will come across and you won’t be able to get to the bottom bolt on this one so you want to make sure you put this side on first which is the

Shorter pipe so that goes on okay so i got the second one on as well basically the same as the front one bolt on the bottom one on the top yes

Transcribed from video
Installing Upgraded Intakes on 4.0T Audi S7 S6 A8 RS7 By S4VAGE PERFORMANCE