Instrument Cluster and Buttons on the 2020 Ford F150 XLT | Features of the 2020 Ford F150 XLT

Are you trying to figure out how to navigate the instrument cluster on the 2020 Ford F150 XLT SuperCrew?

Mm okay next up looking at the steering wheel here so a couple things to point out let’s start on the bottom left hand side here this is gonna be for our cruise control so we can turn turn cruise control i should say on our offs as you can see we’ve got that set button that shows up there once you get to your ideal speed all you’re gonna do is press set and then

You’re gonna use the plus or minus buttons in order to increase or decrease your speed one kilometer or one mile per hour at a time you can cancel out cruise control here or if you’ve had to brake you can reset it to the speed that you were currently at by pressing the button here off to the right-hand side of the steering wheel here we’ve got a couple buttons at the

Bottom here if we’ve got an incoming phone call we would press this button to answer this button to hang up we’ve got our mute button here and then our voice control button here so this button is going to give us the ability to navigate places we can change the radio station make phone calls just by pressing the button here our rockers at the top here so we’ve got

Our volume rocker so we can increase decrease the volume from here we can mute by pressing the center button here we can switch between radio stations or off our phones connected we can switch between songs using the rockers here off to the left-hand side that’s going to give us the ability now to start adjusting this instrument cluster screen here so let’s move up

A tiny little bit and let’s adjust you up a little bit higher here there you go okay now let’s take a peek so as we start to move up and down here we can see tire pressure speedometer engine information our current temperature distance to empty tons of options there if we move back we can look at our trip versus our fuel here in order to reset our trip counter all

We’re going to do is press and hold the ok button on the steering wheel and that’s going to reset us for four there we’ve got our trip one and two current fuel economy fuel history our compass and then the auto start/stop so we can either adjust the auto start/stop in a setting here or we can turn it off using this button right here moving back here if we do have

Toto well the vehicle does have telling so we can look at the current towing status trailer options so we can select our trailer we can change our settings we can add a trailer in so that’s really really useful so one of the big reasons why it’s useful especially if you’ve got mirrors that have the blind spot indicator system so this specific one doesn’t however it

Does have heated mirrors here so you can see we’re heated and then we’ve got this little tiny mirror here as well so if you had one with a blind spot system instead this little mirror would go away and then we would have a blind spot indicator letting us know if anybody’s entered the blind spot on either side of the truck really really cool adding in the trailer is

Very very straightforward as well dropping down here so if we’re off-roading we can see which wheel is doing which work power distribution a really really cool feature there and moving into our settings so we’ve got our dte calculation rear parking aid which is going to be that beeping that we get as we back up towards an obstacle so if you have a preference if you

Don’t like that beeping you can turn it off by pressing the ok button here moving into our pre collision here so pre collision is essentially going to automatically brake for us here if the vehicle senses a collision so we can turn the act of breaking off but i do highly recommend keeping it on pre collision assist we can turn that on or off and alert sensitivity

Is how sensitive it’s going to be in order for the brakes to kick in from here looking at our advanced settings in our vehicle we can change some things with the lighting auto high beam i always recommend keeping that one on make sure we can put like lift the stick in towards us or push it away from us to turn the high beams on if we want to but with auto high beam

In abled it’s automatically going to turn the high beams on or off for us it’s going to adjust the brightness as necessary so i do recommend keeping that one turned on auto lamp delay so when the vehicles locked how long do the lamps stay on for so 10 20 or 120 seconds moving into our lock so auto unlock and then remote unlock so when you remote unlock what happens

Is that the drivers door that gets unlocked doors at all doors moving back from here whenever there’s an oil change done we’re just gonna move to the screen here press and hold okay the dealership should do this for you whenever you get an oil change done moving back into a remote start so we can turn the system off completely so that remote start doesn’t work well

Let’s look that happens when the remote start does have work when it turns on i should say so climate control is it going to automatically let the vehicle determine what the cabin temperature should be or is it going to be based off of your last settings so the last time the vehicle is turned off do we go based off of that matter of personal preference their seats

Are the seats automatically going to turn on those heated seats as necessary we can say on or off there and then the duration of the remote start does it stay on for five ten or fifteen minutes moving back into our wiper controls so the vehicle we can turn on a courtesy wipe if we want to while we’re on the wipers here so we’ve got our left stick here in order to

Be able to work the windshield wipers in order to get the fluid here there’s a button just on the tip we’re just gonna press and hold that one here as you can see there in order to be able to turn that windshield wiper fluid on and then rotating the knob here is going to let us select the intensity and how fast that windshield wiper goes moving back here so that’s

Gonna be the basics in the advanced settings here mikey so the mikey is kind of neat here so we’ve got two key fobs that are gonna come with the vehicle mikey essentially allows you to set up unique things specifically for a key so let’s say if you’re lending your vehicle out you can have it so that there’s a maximum speed let’s say of a hundred and ten kilometers

So that people aren’t excessively speeding in your vehicle really really useful feature there moving back here we’ve now got our display setup so we can change the measurement units between liters per hundred miles and gallons kilometers per liter temperature again celsius versus fahrenheit tire pressure we’ve got some options there as well as changing our language

So really really straightforward there that’s going to be the basics of the settings here and then display mode so again it’s all a matter of personal preference i do recommend playing around there because you may find something that’s a little bit nicer for you

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