*Interesting results_edu results_finance1 results_finance2 results_meds FIRST DYNO 2005 Volvo S60 T5. ( Stage 1 Hilton Tune)

Thanks for watching! This was surprising results for me. This video was made back in february 2021. Since then lots of things have been done to the car and there will be many video coming in the near future going over that!

So today when we get it dynoed we’re also going to get it aligned these come stock 257 horsepower this is a 2005 s60 t5 uh similar to the r but not all-wheel drive and no active suspension so i’m excited to see the results because i have a stage one tuned from hilton with a torque limiter delete so before i put any more modifications onto the car i want

To see what’s going on and the baseline for the horsepower so let’s go see what these results are from speed elements in san jose in a quarter mile take exit 14 for dish road all right you guys we have arrived at speed element time to go get this bad boy dinod and aligned i’m excited for that because it steers a little bit to the right got a nice shop very

Friendly stuff pulling that bad boy on the dyno here’s what i think happened when i scheduled the car to get dynoed and aligned and it’s not like i did it the same day i had to reserve it in about a week or two in advance when i scheduled it i was already pulling to the right and they decided to put me on the dyno before doing the alignment which i thought

Was kind of strange but i don’t know if that’s normal procedure or but the gentleman doing the dyno kept telling me he noticed it was pulling and he readjusted the straps multiple times so i think it could have been the fact that it was either not strapped down properly or it was pulling to the right and they decided to do the dyno before the alignment either

Way i don’t think it was purposeful and i don’t think any harm was done but it was a bit shocking in the moment so so all right the results are in uh i had some pulling to the right before and this went ahead and fixed it i hope i’m gonna drive it right now and test it but now what you all been waiting for the dyno results it might not be what you expect

It wasn’t what i expected boom dyno results max horsepower 234 max torque 306 i’m surprised a little bit i thought the horsepower would be higher but the torque is extremely high to what i was expecting stock these said they were pushing 257 horse 256 torque so very big improvement on the torque a little bit disappointed on the horsepower but um the hilton

Tune i think definitely affected the torque that’s currently the only modification done to this car but there currently is a full exhaust from ipd coming in it’s just been a bit delayed at customs and then a boost ability kit by them which i do have i just have to put it on and then so far those are the only plans i have i want to do a couple other things but

Uh everything costs money and takes time so one step at a time but uh yeah i hope this uh was exciting for you as it was for me it definitely surprised me the results all right thank you guys for watching and uh comment down below what you’re doing with your volvo i don’t have many friends with volvos in the bay area so if you happen to have one in the bay area

Leave a comment i’d love to get in touch all right have a good one

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