Introducing the first Volvo car in a new era

Introducing the first Volvo car in a new era. And the start of a new era for safety. Where cars don’t just understand the outside environment, but also the driver’s state inside.

When i think about volvo i think about safety and when i joined volvo cars earlier this year it became clearer to me than ever that for us safety is not a marketing exercise or another regulation for us to clear safety is at the very core of our purpose now i’ve been here as chief executive for just over 100 days but volvo has been here for almost 100 years

A leader in safety setting new standards and inventing new technologies and we’re taking that leadership and expertise to the next hundred years for the protection of your life your future lives and for the life that you want to lead with state-of-the-art sensors and software our next car will be able to see the world in point cloud as you can see around me

These sensors are powered by volvo cars unique combination of advanced core computing and software to enable improvement and safety in the digital age like the three-point seat belt did in the late 1950s the safety standard in our next car will be beyond any volvo car before and we’ll continue to innovate until cars don’t crash anymore until there are zero

Collisions and until we are 100 carbon free so that even more lives are protected this is what led us to a safety vision of 2007 that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new volvo car we are yet to achieve that vision but that doesn’t deter us because when you’re driven by a purpose as important as ours that’s what keeps you focused that’s what

Drives you forward and we have realized through decades of extensive research that the gap in reaching that ambition is not only through technological advancements but also connected to human behavior intoxication speeding crashes that happen when you least expect them every one of us is likely to experience or be affected by at least one car crash in our

Lifetime even so we are typically good drivers most of the time but our mission is to help protect you from all the risks no matter how much experience you have or how much competence you have at the end of the day we are all still human life happens emotions happen because as humans we all feel joy sadness and frustration and those emotions travel with

Us they can affect how we drive for better or for worse and they can impact our safety we want to help people become better drivers by being there when they’re not at the very best in just a few weeks we will show you the new volvo ex90 our first volvo car in a new era born electric born with lidar the start of a new era of electrification technology and

Safety all volvo ex90s will come with an invisible shield of safety a unique combination of the latest technology powered by the understanding of the car’s outside environment and the state of the driver insight let’s look at it from the perspective of this family an ordinary day maybe there’s been a struggle with the kids at breakfast or maybe it’s just one of

Those days where everyone is on a different wavelength but like any other day you continue you go to work to school to the gym hopefully on track after a good night’s sleep but sometimes we wake up not as refreshed as we’d like or life distracts us stress is a fact of life and the unexpected is a fact of life too out of the billions of seconds that we drive

In a lifetime a reaction to an accident comes down to just a few at that point experience might not be enough and that’s when our next generation safety will be there to help keep you and your loved ones safe the safety standard in the ex90 is beyond any volvo car before it with state of the art technology made up of cameras radars ultrasonic sensors and key

A lidar on the roof line a precision light enabled radar system that measures distance with pulse laser all of this is powered by volvo car’s unique combination of core computing and in-house software and it’s not just any lidar because they’re not all the same erlada senses the road in front of you in daylight or complete darkness at highway speeds something

As small and unreflective as a black tire on a black road at 120 meters ahead or a pedestrian at 250 meters at highway speeds of 120 kilometers an hour 250 meters is 7.5 seconds this gives us more time to act and avoid collisions together we see with our research that down the line our cars will hit the roads we will learn from data and our software powered by

Lidar perception can reduce accidents resulting in serious injury or death by up to 20 percent and overall crash avoidance by up to nine percent which over time could lead to millions of accidents avoided that would be a leap in safety that we haven’t seen for a very long time on top of understanding the outside we are also understanding what’s happening inside

The understanding of the state of the driver means that the shield of safety can be even more effective new sensor technology controlled by unique volvo designed algorithms allow us to recognize when you’re distracted tired or otherwise need a break beyond what has been possible before and then the car will let you and in the worst case scenario should you fall

Ill or fall asleep for example the car is designed to stop safely and call for help the combination of inside and outside makes all the difference in addition to next generation air filtration we’re also introducing a new interior radar sensing system because we know that sometimes on hot and cold days distraction can lead to tragedy we can detect the smallest

Of movements such as soft breathing and send you a gentle reminder when you need it most to take care of your loved ones the world around us is changing rapidly it reminds us of the importance of feeling safe and to feel safe you need to be safe that’s why we always strive to be a pioneer to protect lives by setting new standards for ourselves and for the

Industry and to protect life of the future generations by limiting our impact on the environment being safe feeling safe and peace of mind that’s our mission the freedom to move in a personal sustainable and safe way this is the start of something new from volvo cars it’s an important next step in the journey to explore the future of safety for the protection

Of your life for future lives and for the life you want to lead we will be sharing more about the new unique capabilities we have poured into the new volvo ex90 in the weeks to come so stay tuned and we’ll see you then you

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Introducing the first Volvo car in a new era By Volvo Cars Royal Oak