Ionic 51 Series Running Boards installed on 2018 Ram 2500 Mega Cab

Installed some Ionic running boards on the Ram this weekend. This should apply to 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500.

So i put some steps on my truck this weekend wasn’t really hard the instructions were actually pretty good but i thought i’d shared just in case maybe someone was in the market for the same kind of steps or some that i already have the like the nuts built in there and then some that don’t mine is the one that don’t this time my last truck had them built in so you

Got to take this little bolt with the bracket on it and then the the green piece of plastic on its it kind of fish it in there so yeah here’s the lower mount and then here’s the upper mount and add a piece of tape over that so i’m going to drop this bad boy in there now we put our bracket on there in a net i’ve got that bolt on like i said we got to spit uh-oh

No it’s gotta go through the forward bolt well maybe not maybe it’s just right there it doesn’t show the passenger but that’s the same way they got it so basically the back there just to just one knot each on the one that one looks like the middle bracket we use to sew that bracket off and put a different one on i had it going the wrong way so i think i got it

Right now so now for the middle one which goes there turn it or something and then if you still got your date hook your whole back up even though you got another hole here i don’t know i’m gonna get one more bolt forgot i need to in this way now i think we just take these bolts here and we just kind of snake them down we should have a leave three on the inside

And three on the outside so we’ll see i put some towards the front there’s some towards the middle and some towards the back they’re definitely not precise but i’m gonna attempt to do this by myself i’m gonna pick it up set it on the the brackets and then i’ll just have to lift the bolts into it i’m sure so might not be a whole lot of filming of this it’s just

Sitting on the bracket so i had to go underneath again and line up the hole stick the bolt through in the last one don’t know how i did that clothes here on the floor hunt but i don’t know where exactly because it’s all fully adjustable i can have it totally slid all the way forward or all the way back i’ll have to take a look i guess on the truck and see where

We want to put it like i said i’m just gonna stick then they’ll get some nuts and washers for these ones you know without grabbing a tape measure i think that’s a pretty good spot for it looking pretty good all right well this doesn’t say anything about washers on this side so okay i don’t have enough it doesn’t look like so stick our nuts on there and take them

All down no steps with steps so gotta pull the plastic wrap off of them and here’s the here’s the true test oh yeah that’s definitely laughing my slippers definitely a little bit better that’s almost yeah it’s about a foot lower so it’ll help out with the getting in and out of the truck thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you next time

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Ionic 51 Series Running Boards installed on 2018 Ram 2500 Mega Cab By BigKirbMotors