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Ioniq 5 vs Ariya – Can Nissan stay COMPETITIVE?

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In July 2020 we saw the reveal of the all-electric crossover from Nissan – the Ariya. Just a few weeks ago, we saw the reveal of the challenger from Hyundai – the Ioniq 5. The Ioniq 5 offers an exciting number of features and poses a strong threat to the Ariya. In this video, I’ll perform a side-by-side comparison of the two, and we’ll find out if Nissan can stay competitive?

In july 2020 we saw the reveal of the all-electric  crossover from nissan – the ariya. just a few   weeks ago, we saw the reveal of the challenger  from hyundai – the ioniq 5. the ioniq 5 offers   strong threat to the ariya. in this video,   i’ll perform a side-by-side comparison of the two,  both nissan and hyundai are

Using  for the ariya and ioniq. nissan uses the alliance  cmf-ev platform developed along with renault and   hyundai uses the e-gmp platform. but what goes  on top of these platforms looks quite different.   the side has a bulky, muscular athletic look  with a fastback roof profile finished in black.   the smooth body form

With the air curtains at the  front wheels, the aero wheels and the spoiler at   the back are all used to improve the aerodynamics  of the car. the rear gets a very clean look with a   continuous red led strip running across the length  of the car and an aero diffuser at the base. the   front is dominated by the this large glass

Shield  – what nissan refers to as a reimagined grille.   there’s a signature daytime running lamp, led  headlights and an illuminated badge. the nissan   designers have tried to break up the mass of the  large shield with this beautiful, delicate kumiko   pattern. i like the overall look of the car, but  despite their

Efforts, i think the front looks big   and bulky. one exception, though, is that with the  white body paint color, the front actually looks   quite sharp – don’t know why! now, speaking of  sharp, the ioniq 5’s design looks crisp and clean.   hyundai goes for a more hatchback style design  and uses diagonals, wedges and

Geometric shapes.   the electric battery on the floor of the car.   original hyundai – the pony. in the front, hyundai   creates a low profile look thereby eliminating  the big grille problem that the ariya has.   it also features a daytime running lamp that runs  across the entire length and has intakes that open  

For cooling. the rear recalls the proportions of  the front and also gets a similar pixelated look   in the lights. surprisingly, despite the ariya  having the bulkier form, it is the ioniq that has   more cargo space. when it comes to dimensions, the  length and width are pretty close but the ariya   is about 2” taller. both

Take advantage of the  longer wheelbases that electric cars allow for,   longer wheelbase to increase legroom and make  their cabins roomier. both also take advantage   of the flat floor by designing center consoles  that can move back and forth- and in the case   of the ariya, that movement is power operated.  hyundai

Takes innovation a little further by   designing rear seats that move back and forth.   all part of the flexible living room concept. the  interior has a minimalist look and features a 12”   digital instrument cluster and a 12” infotainment  touchscreen. hyundai also takes sustainability   seriously with bio paint made

From plant extracts  and upholstery made from recycled pet bottles   nissan’s focus is on sophistication. nissan’s  designers set out to create a lounge like   materials have a more upscale look than those   in the ioniq. there’s open pore wood grain, copper  accents in the dash and in the contrast stitching.  

Contrasted with the regular buttons in the ioniq  5, the buttons in the ariya are integrated into   ambient lighting and lit patterns that recall   the starship lounge atmosphere. ariya also   gets a 12.3” instrument cluster and infotainment  screen, and allows drivers to swap items between   those screens. and there’s also

A clever feature  in the fold out tray for laptops and other items.  now when it comes to drivetrains, both the ariya  and ioniq 5 come in two battery sizes and 2wd and   awd. both the ariya’s batteries are bigger than  the ioniq’s with the 87 kwh being quite a bit   bigger. the ariya can cover anywhere from 340km to  500km

On a single charge based on the wltp cycle.   that for the larger battery with rear wheel   drive. surprisingly, even though it has a smaller  battery, it comes pretty close to the range for   the equivalent ariya . when you do a kilometer  per kwh analysis, it reveals that the ioniq is   about 14% more fuel efficient. the

Ariya is front  wheel drive, while the ioniq is rear wheel drive   and both come in all-wheel drive options. what  feels like a missed opportunity for the ariya,   given its high ground clearance and crossover  body style, is the chance to include off-roading   the awd has the spirit of the nissan patrol,   off-roading

Capabilities such as approach   and departure angles or fording depth. if they did  provide that capability, it would be nice to have   an electric off-roader at a price point lower than  the off-road capable jaguar i-pace. nissan offers   5 different motor choices, in some markets 4, and  has a performance option. hyundai

Similarly offers   4 motor choices. what is important to note, that  despite differing horsepower numbers, the torque   the nissan motors. the resulting 0-100 times   so the performance of the two is close, but  who has the edge when it comes to technology?   both come with assisted driving technology.  in addition

To maintaining speed and distance,   and decelerate in curves. but nissan offers   allows hand free driving on single lane roads.   augmented reality. and then, there’s a bunch of   features that are exclusive to hyundai. these  include pixel led headlights, a solar roof, a   digital side mirror and vehicle to load

Capability  that allows you to use the car as a power source.   others, but the really useful technology that   800v charging capability. this high voltage   charging allows the battery to recharge faster and  would have been a really useful feature to have on   the ariya and the ioniq track pretty  closely with quality

Of exterior design,   gains the edge with technology. so how can   nissan stay competitive? well, let’s see how they  compare in price. we have a couple numbers for   the ioniq 5 for the german market and one number  for the ariya which is for the japanese market.   here’s what it equates to if you do a straight 

Conversion at current exchange rates. we don’t   know if that’s where the ariya will eventually be  priced, but if it ends up being priced slightly   ioniq model is, it could certainly maintain a   competitive edge. if nissan could offer a bigger  battery with more range for a price less than or   similar to the ioniq 5,

Then it could make up  for the technology advantage that hyundai has.   and then, for some, the ioniq’s tech features,  including the 800v charging, may not be important,   and that would change the value proposition for  those buyers. so price may be the lever with which   nissan can stay competitive. and also notable to 

Mention, in nissan’s favor, is that it received   significantly more jd power awards than hyundai  for the quality of their vehicles. so, which   one would you buy – the hyundai ioniq 5 or the  nissan ariya? let me know in the comments below.   please give the video a like, share your comments  below and subscribe to the driver download

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Ioniq 5 vs Ariya – Can Nissan stay COMPETITIVE? By THE DRIVER DOWNLOAD