Ioniq 5 vs VW ID.4: Has Hyundai delivered a KNOCKOUT PUNCH?

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has been just been revealed and it comes with a dazzling array of innovative features. In this bout, I’ll pitch it against one of its rivals, the Volkswagen ID.4, which has been revealed just a few months ago. We’ll compare the exteriors, interiors, tech features, performance and pricing and find out if Hyundai has delivered a knockout punch!

The hyundai ioniq 5 has been just been revealed  and it comes with a dazzling array of innovative   features. in this bout, i’ll pitch it against  one of its rivals, the volkswagen id.4,   ago. we’ll compare the exteriors, interiors,   tech features, performance and pricing and find  both volkswagen and hyundai are car

Industry  heavyweights and the id.4 and ioniq 5 represent   their best efforts at designing an electric car  from the ground up. in round one, we’ll take   a look at the exteriors. interestingly, these  two represent different approaches to electric   which is recognizable as a compact crossover.   it has the smooth

Jellybean styling that is so  common with electric car design. the sinuous   played against these undulating surfaces is  the crisp line of the roof. by making it two   toned the mass of the roof is broken down and  made visually lighter. the light clusters adopt   grille at the base is an attractive addition.   5,

Which looks more like a hatchback adopts   it’s inspired by the original hyundai – the  rectangles, triangles and sharp angled creases.  the base has operable vents for cooling. i really   evoke the pony, but it also reminds me of   european hatchbacks from the 80’s like the fiat  ritmo and ironically enough, the volkswagen

Golf.   despite their differences, both employ similar  design cues like flush door handles, daytime   running light signatures that extend across the  entire front and graphics at the base of the doors   that denote the battery packs. both manufacturers  have done a great job with the exterior styling,   refreshing. but

The most revealing bit of   information is not in the design, but rather, in  the numbers. the length, width and height numbers   are similar, but the wheelbase of the hyundai is  a full 10” longer. and it is that longer wheelbase   that takes us into round 2 – the interior. that  stretched out wheelbase allows hyundai to

Develop   some innovative interior features. aided with a  completely flat floor, there’s a center console   rear passengers to use the wireless charger.   the rear seats can slide back and forth and the  front seats can be turned into these relaxing   recliners with footrests. the design of the rest  of the interior

Is very clean and minimalist.   the infotainment is through a 12” touch screen  and the digital gauge cluster is also 12”.   in the id.4, the infotainment is also through  a 12” touchscreen but the digital cluster   i really like the fun white  accents – they’re playful,   cargo space is comparable between

The two.   seats in the id.4 are covered in fabric, with  upgrades including leatherette bolsters and   microfleece for the center sections. volkswagen  notes that the materials are animal free   but disappointingly, doesn’t go any further with  sustainability. the ioniq 5, on the other hand,   tcomes in an array of

Sustainable seat coverings  including those made from recycled pet bottles,   eco-processed leather. both offer features   like ambient lighting and panoramic roofs. both  also offer augmented reality heads up display,   turn and provide additional safety information   in your view. it’s nice to see a feature that 

Was previously only available in high-end cars   feature unique to the id.4 is the id light,   status and navigation directions. but to that,   with a number of its own unique tech features.   that changes lanes for you and decelerates   in curves. an important tech feature that only  hyundai has is the vehicle to load

Capability.   there are two outlets – one in the car and the  other on the charger that allows the driver to   use the car as a power source to charge personal  so, going into the next round the  with interior and technology innovations.  can it maintain its lead with performance?   one in the 50’s and the other in the

70’s.   wheel drive and all-wheel drive options.   both also get towing capabilities. in the rear  wheel drive configurations, the hyundai motors are   more powerful than the id.4’s. in all wheel drive  configuration, the hyundai offers two choices,   with the more powerful motor matching that of  the id.4. as a result,

With more powerful motors,   the ioniq is faster than the id.4. and speaking  of faster, the hyundai also comes with an 800v   charging architecture which allows the battery  to be charged faster than the 400v architecture,   which the id.4 uses. but then there is the all  important range. hyundai has been coy about  

Releasing details on the range, which makes me  believe that it isn’t perhaps as competitive as   its rivals. the only one they have released is  that for the larger battery in rear wheel drive   configuration. the comparable range for the id.4  is about 10% more, but also with a larger battery.   for the id.4 to hit back. if

It can maintain   a price advantage, then it makes the id.4 even  more appealing. pricing information is scarce   on the ioniq 5, but we know two numbers from the  german website. the first is that the base price   is for the rwd with the smaller battery pack.   a comparable base id.4 is priced a few thousand  euros

Less (38,450 – pure performance rwd + 52kwh   priced even lower (36,950 – pure rwd +52kwh  +109kw). the other pricing information we have   59,550 euro. this is all-wheel drive with the  larger battery pack and is fully loaded with   features like leather upholstery, relaxing seats  that are heated and ventilated and the

Solar roof.   a fully loaded id.4 prices out at about 55,410euro  (tech trim). keep in mind, this is rear wheel   wheel drive brings it very close to the ioniq 5   project 45. there’s not enough pricing information  to make a detailed analysis and reach a definitive   conclusion, but at first glance, they are priced 

Very competitively. the ioniq lands some solid   punches on the id.4 but none of them is a knockout  punch. it has a number of innovative features,   but i suspect that those might not matter to many  customers. once you remove those, the id.4 has a   be if it can compete on price and range. this   fight is far from over

– It’s just begun. i’m  excited to see it go on for many more rounds   discover who becomes the champion. please   below and subscribe to the driver download!

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Ioniq 5 vs VW ID.4: Has Hyundai delivered a KNOCKOUT PUNCH? By THE DRIVER DOWNLOAD