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Is Nissan doing a bad job with the 2023 Nissan Z?

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In this video we discuss out Nissan is doing one of the worst jobs launching this all new 2023 Nissan Z and the Z proto.

What’s up everyone welcome back for another video if you’re not subscribed be sure to hit that button if you’re already subscribed you’re awesome thank you let’s get into today’s video which is uh the second video for me about the nissan z not it’s not great news so i will be sure to link up in the top corner my original video about the nissan z and how i’m planning

On getting one plan’s still out there but uh plans changed a little bit i guess you would say because nissan is doing a horrible job with this launch so on paper the nissan z sounds like a pretty awesome car the looks are good um originally i was like a little bit on the fence about it but i still liked it the more i’m seeing it now the more i like it on top of

Before already liking it but as you see it comes in a couple cool colors and whatnot the interiors are cool i do like the idea that they have give a blue interior you don’t really see that too often on vehicles i feel like that’s a pretty awesome touch so at 40 grand for your sport version which is like your entry model um all the way up to 52 i think for the

Proto which we’re gonna get into in a minute but uh 40 grand for the entry and then 50 grand for performance i think it is the next level up seems like a pretty cool car 400 horsepower 300 pound feet of torque and comes with a manual transmission six speed pretty awesome so yes it is on the old i guess somewhat old architecture of the z line the 370z probably

350z i mean that car has been out 370z has been out for what like 15 years and they just finally discontinued it let’s get into some of the issues with why nissan is doing a horrible job with this and we’re probably not going to see a normal person owning one of these cars till mid next year to 2024-ish so one of the issues right out of the gate well i guess

It’s not really an issue it’s kind of like a cool touch for it if you’re one of these people but they’re making 240 of the proto version which is the yellow one with the yellow stitched interior thing they’re making 240 of these well just for the us i’m only talking about the us i don’t know about the rest rest of the world but they’re only making 240 of these

And only certain dealers are getting these and it was based on something with 370z sales leading up to this point the dealers that are getting two are getting an automatic and a manual and i don’t know if the ones that are getting single ones are manual only i i don’t know if they’re doing half and half right there lies a problem because you know you’re gonna get

Price gouged before we get into the ridiculous price gouging that i’ve seen so far even though the dealers don’t even seem to have these cars yet they’re just in transit after the z proto release every single nissan dealer is going to get one nissan z and in the united states there’s 1100 dealers so if you do the math that’s not a lot of cars now from some of

My research from what i’ve seen was like nissan’s very slow with this process to begin with well i would say so since i think this car was supposed to come out fall of last year if i remember correctly so it hasn’t really been any cars sold on the lower 48 states or whatever you want to call it but there’s i from what i’ve seen this one was sold i think in puerto

Rico and then there’s a couple for sale in guam i believe that’s where it was but anyway the ones in america the ones on the continent of us haven’t been in the dealers yet and they’re already marking them up and whatnot and they don’t even know when they’re getting their cars from what i’ve been what i’ve seen is nissan is horrible at this and they’re even slower

With the second batch of stuff so the 240z protos are gonna go out and we’re in august probably pushing september before they make all the dealerships and then by the time we see them getting out the other 1100 cars um you’re probably close to 2023. so now uh that we got that out of the way with the amount of cars that they’re doing which is a horrible job nissan

Step up your game took a couple screenshots of stuff i remembered of other car manufacturers getting more cars out given the current global situation and even though some of these other companies use the excuse of supply chain issues and whatnot they uh got more cars out so let’s just look quick uh the 370z when it first got released there they sold 27 000 of

Them the first year which i understand that’s 2005 long time ago different things then this is one during the pandemic so the the ford bronco got released july 13 2020 pretty much in the middle of it sales 35 000 cars the first year or trucks whatever and then i know if you’re thinking oh it’s just a truck it’s not a car whatever let’s go with the corvette the

Corvette was the corvette was a little bit earlier on they sold 20 000 from the first year you don’t hear them complaining and i know if if you’re one of those people like hey the corvette isn’t the same as the z blah blah blah blah just shut up i’m kidding now that we got these other cars that were released out of the way that they actually had better numbers i

Believe the super also had a lot better numbers but that was a little bit earlier on before the whole pandemic um let’s go over some of the ridiculous markups i’ve seen on just the z proto because once again dealerships don’t even know when they’re getting those they just know they’re in transit they don’t even know when they’re going to be getting their second car

Or first car for some dealers of the other 1100 that nissan is going to grace us with hopefully this year let’s start with the low markup which is 6 500 so this place i think it was one of the california dealers i don’t remember i was just doing a quick search this morning to try to find some more seems reasonable compared to the other two i’m going to show you

Because um get a little ridiculous here i understand there’s only 240 of these cars and it’s limited and people have to have the first thing and limited release and blah blah blah but it’s ridiculous i’m also assuming with this dealership that 6 500 markup is probably a uh normal thing they just put on the bottom of all their cars for sale and they just change

The words of what car it is and when you get to the dealer it’s probably gonna be marked up more they’re gonna add in like all this extra stuff that you have to buy but that’s the case um let’s look at the next one nice even thirty thousand dollar markup and if you thought that sounded ridiculous let’s look at the high one seventy three thousand eight hundred

And eighty dollar markup i’m gonna go buy two now to be honest i don’t even know where they came up with this number why wouldn’t they add another nine dollars to it and just make it a cool even 130 because at that point who cares it’s nine more dollars so i been speaking to a few other dealers also just like emailing and trying to text and been getting a million

Phone calls because i never stop once you do that because i don’t really want a z proto i want like a z sport which is the entry level and then modify it myself but just been asking because i’m like hey let’s see what the price is and what not one dealer told me their last nissan gtr that they had sold for 50 000 over to the person that bought that car for fifty

Thousand dollars over what the are you doing now at the same time i’m not going to pretend like someone like you or me um wouldn’t consider selling their car at markup if they got it at msrp but i guess that’s part of the game some people actually want to buy this car and drive it and then you have the people that just want to resell it which i understand that

At the same time you have to go through a dealer to do that so they kind of have a monopoly on it which isn’t fair just let me order a car online let me go on nissan website build my car click send buy it so i’m gonna shut up now because this is getting very long-winded and i’m getting more and more upset at these damn prices i keep seeing but it is what it is

You’re not going to be able to do anything about it hopefully nissan could hurry the hell up and pump out some more cars so people that actually want the car to drive at msrp can afford to do that these dealer markups are getting ridiculous i know companies like ford are trying to do things about it but the i’m still seeing things like the raptor r it’s a 50 000

Markup but ford is doing something right they’re not doing anything so i’m gonna shut up here let me know down below if you found a z proto for cheaper than that 6 500 markup how high are you willing to go for a dealer markup are you looking to get the z are you waiting for a sport or a performance model to come out let me know down below i’ll see you guys the

Next one hit that subscribe button leave your comments down below hit that like button and i will see you guys in the next one nissan step up your game so you

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Is Nissan doing a bad job with the 2023 Nissan Z? By chris dz