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Subaru’s are known for performance and fuel economy.Where does the Subaru Impreza lie?I cought up with some friends who drive Subarus and here is what they had to say

Yeah what’s up it’s me again it’s muche event and today i want us to talk about these five stars how is it like driving a subaru to work on a daily basis or making a superior daily car not a weekend car is really economical is it reliable and i happen to have a few friends who drive subarus with me today so i’ll spend some time with them okay not so much or too

Much time but i just hear from them the experience they have with their super nose and they happen to have impresses all of them but they are all different subarus so let’s start this is my subaru it’s 2013 the 2013 or 12 am not sure as to borrow an asus and i would say it really really gets the job done and i didn’t change the car for any other car okay it’s not

That well gasoline it still performs and it has some little disrespect you know what i’m saying sure so it’s just the usual impreza the difference is maybe the interior have some nice interior here yeah there you are you should super maybe i can show you a few things from the outside and it’s me here by the way don’t think you’re talking to a robot it’s me with a

Evens be sure to subscribe by the way alice let’s let’s talk about subarus it’s not my day sbarro’s day okay good yeah it is the analysis how is the decedent impreza okay so looks like there you are ladies gentlemen good one so i see them and i see i’ll give it thumbs up always get the job done now let’s move here to this two gentlemen mmm subaru boys how are you

Guys you’re good and today i’m talking to my people on youtube about subarus what it means to drive a subaru on a daily basis what did you say who do i start with here’s the blue subaru you see a rocket on my the the number i’ll i’ll get the stuff done let’s start with ibrahim ibrahim it’s been driving this car for close to three years now how is it like driving

It every day look at another guy here but here’s a vw but from that from speed also another reason why also stability not that this one is not stable yes oh yeah let’s see these in youtube you can see i came back i tell you i can post like that i can change an impreza that is manual i think of i’m thinking of upgrading it to six pips 6-speed yeah are you

Going with 6-speed yeah yeah if you know you know you have more hands-on with the manual car it’s my first car wow he laughs wow i love she looks beautiful on blue always i tell you blue blue blue and the full consumption has the consumption yes la on got a new driver assunta something you had with the garage area is where boys i ever happy this community of

Subarus how is the the bucket seats it’s very comfortable and for the performance move it very affordable yes the music yes wow and it’s a beautiful one it’s a kcq so we driven it for more than a year now and you’ve never had a major issue wow caillou definitely reform and want some machine orna budget right good one all right thank you so much you’ve seen that

Masseria thank you so much and he has a channel by the way thank you thank you so much see in the next video i wish i had more time and more friends i would do more videos but for today i can see a friend of mine is here also who has this nice filter but we’ll do this video of another video for filters right but today restrain ourselves to sumaru’s let’s subaru

There see the blue guy around a subaru is feeling really confident not confident in motion thank you so much for watching this video i hope to see you in the next one as always remain peaceful like this video subscribe and see you in the next one and share with friends we are looking forward to buying houses sell them a subaru is a car they should go especially

This in francis thank you so much seeing the next one

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