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Is The 2021 Ram 1500 Warlock The BEST Budget Truck?

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Warlock, what a name. What’s next? The Silverado Wizard? We can only hope.

Hi my name is isaac and this is a brand new 2021 ram 1500 classic warlock and today i’m gonna review it for you guys you know this is an amazing budget truck it’s like the perfect frankenstein of different parts from other 15 okay frankenstein’s monster i know there’s going to be one guy in the comment section that’s going to be like um didn’t you mean frankenstein’s

Monster a freaking sign with the guy you know what you know what maybe i did mean frankenstein maybe i meant that this truck was a genius inventor like no other don’t try to finish my analogies for me tim before we begin i want to thank brown dob chrysler jeep dodge and ram for allowing me to review this truck for all your chrysler jeep dodge or ram needs you

Can visit brown dab right off of route 33 in eastern pennsylvania or at their website think of the warlock like an f-150 stx or a silverado custom this is going to be ram’s budget truck but uniquely it’s built on the fourth generation platform and re-badged as a classic model so the cool thing is that it’s going to take the best parts of the fourth

Generation rams and put them on this truck for instance up front here you’re going to get the grille and headlight assembly of the fourth generation ram rebel which i’ve always thought looked fantastic up front here you are gonna get halogen headlights and turn signals but you do get led fog lights and below that you’re gonna get two tow hooks overall not too bad

Up here i think this looks really aggressive moving underneath the hood in the warlock it’s powered by a 3.6 liter pentastar v6 making 269 horsepower and 305 pound-feet of torque and that has mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and putting the hood down here moving on to the profile you’re going to get 275 60r goodyear wrangler tires around these nice

Blacked out 20 inch wheels then if we move up to the door here you’ll have your ram 1500 classic badge and then up to the mirrors they are pretty basic black plastic though that does match the rest of the truck’s kind of matte grayed out appearance this does have heating in the mirrors and they are power but other than that not much to write home about same with

The door handles black plastic very basic though if we move to the rear of the warlock the taillights right here are from the more premium higher models of the fourth generation ram so that’s really nice to see i always really like the design of those then moving down here you do have parking sensors incorporated into that matte black bumper and then up here you

Have your blacked out ram badge 4×4 and your backup camera right here dropping the tailgate it is not dampened on this particular warlock but you do get a spray in bed liner and there is some tie downs right there other than that pretty basic and utilitarian back here let’s move to the interior moving to the interior of this warlock the door trim is very nicely

Finished on here i really like the stitching that goes along here and then it is soft touch up here moving down here before we step inside it does have power seats with power lumbar support and if i’m not mistaken these look like the seats from the newer rams but i could be wrong i believe these are 5th gen seats either way they’re very very comfortable cloth

Seats you’ll have a driver’s side grab handle to get inside closing the door here and turning it on now this does i’ll show you quick does use the traditional older key of ram very dated on this key but it gets the job done lock unlock and panic that’s pretty much all you get and then you plug it in right here and that’s what turns on the engine pretty decent

Sound for a v6 but anyway moving to the steering wheel it’s pretty nice i mean nothing to write home about you’ll get most of your controls on here for the center screen you can go to a couple of different things on here pretty basic though you know speedometer vehicle info stuff like that nothing crazy it’s very basic black and white though again this is kind

Of the budget truck it’s nothing super crazy and then you’ll have your cruise control buttons on here interestingly no buttons on the back for your volume or channel changing pretty bare bones though over here you do get your lighting controls and then down here this does have the newer shifter so you spin this you put your foot on the brake and you spin this

To shift into different modes and it does have a pretty decent reaction um like it does have a solid click when you put it in there and then you have your two wheel and four wheel drive settings down here if we throw it in reverse this is embarrassing very tiny screen in here though it does have moving lines doesn’t even fill up the tiny screen with the backup

Camera the resolution is not great but it is nice to have the backup camera putting it back into park very basic little touchscreen it’s so silly i mean i don’t even know it’s it’s cool to have a touchscreen but at this point that’s it’s just wild how tiny it is this thing has to be maybe four or five inches it’s not big at all and it’s it’s pretty basic you

Get your bluetooth your radio you can throw a compass on there and that pretty much takes up the whole screen it gets the job done if you’re just looking for a truck to work i think the screen is really not going to be a major concern for most people you do have a little storage area up here that says ram and then below that you’ll get your hazards your ac and

Then even further down you’ll have your tow haul modes your traction control off and your parking sensors additionally over here you do get a household outlet above that is a small storage area and then you do get dual glove boxes so this one comes up and then you can also open this lower one which is always nice to see in these bigger trucks and then there’s

Some more storage below that climate vent on the other side as well surprisingly this does have a power rear sliding window which is wild so if we open hit that and we can open it up really nice to see on the warlock that is not usually included on the lower trim trucks but this particular one does have it then down here you do have spots to hold your phone

And then you do have a 12 volt and some small storage in here with some cup holders and then you do have a massive center armrest um that opens two-fold so you can open this top part and there’s whoops there’s two usbs right there and an auxiliary and then you can open the bottom for even more storage down here which is always really nice to see as i mentioned

It’s kind of this lower part spin truck i mean it’s very cool what you get i do wish it did have the bigger infotainment system and a slightly better quality backup camera but for the price the rest of the features in this truck are surprisingly good i would say i wish it had the 5.7 liter v8 in it but overall it’s a pretty respectable truck and it’s got a lot

Of features i’ve been seeing these things on the road all over the place and i figured i gotta review one of those things i want to see what they come with because clearly these trucks are selling moving to the rear seats i have the driver’s seat where i would be sitting at five nine and this is an absolute joke of rear legroom i have zero legroom in fact i’m

Pushed back even a little bit but the headroom is decent i mean it’s got a little cut out back here definitely not good for longer road trips this is actually the first time i’m doing a full-size pickup truck that i would not recommend for long road trips because it is very cramped back here in this quad cab let’s see about rear amenities well there is not much

Back here you get a ram logo i mean that’s that’s something um and then you do get a 12 volt outlet back there so you can plug something in for charging and then you do get two cup holders on the floor no center armrest though unfortunately and as i mentioned these seats are really cramped at least you do get the rear window that’s always nice and then you do

Get hangers up here and a dome light wow a dome light alrighty driving the ram 1500 warlock as i mentioned before i’ve seen a lot of these out and about in my day-to-day so i was super thrilled to finally be able to get my hands on one of these to review for you guys because i wanted to answer is this really a good budget truck is it the best one in the segment

And i honestly think it’s up there this offers features like the power sliding rear window that none of the other trucks in the class do and i think that that’s so awesome coming from ram and their interior quality is just bar none amazing interior quality on these trucks and i have to commend dodge for that definitely think that the fifth generation rams have

Better interior quality but this one’s still very nice nonetheless now of course the infotainment leaves some stuff to be desired this pentastar v6 is okay i’ve done a lot of vehicles with the pedestar v6 and i’m very used to it so you know let’s see opening it up here it’s responsive it’s responsive it’s not crazy towing and payloads okay if you’re looking

For a full-size truck that you can use and you don’t need a lot of the bells and whistles i think that this really fulfills that you know the pickup is pretty decent on it opening it up here a little bit more it sounds okay too it doesn’t even sound bad for a v6 that’s that’s quite an impressive feat on its own and it corners okay it corners like a truck feels

Like a full-size truck as opposed to something like an f-150 that feels a little bit sportier in its cornering and a little bit more car or suv like i think i forgot to mention too this is a de-badged warlock which i like even more i like just no stickers or anything traditionally you would get like warlock stickers on the back and i actually prefer it without

Those features and so i think that this is like the best of both worlds when it comes to that 1500 budget truck in that category if you’re looking at other reviews i also do have reviews of the stx f-150 but i do not have a review of the silverado custom those have been hard to come by recently but i’m going to try to review one for you guys other than that

That’s pretty much going to conclude this driving segment and the video i want to thank you guys so much for watching i so dearly appreciate it i love you guys as an audience and if you have any prayer requests you can leave those in the comment section below as i am a christian and i like to do a weekly bible verse so here is that with that bible verse i’m

Gonna take off guys i’ll see you next time

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