Is the 2022 Nissan Armada possibly the best SUV in the line up?

The updated Armada’s are pretty nice! Almost makes an Infinity Qx80 feel normal and not as luxury. What are your thoughts?

Behind me is the 2022 nissan armada and i want to know if you think the new redesign is really worth this specific armada is an sl trim level and it’s only rear-wheel drive but the color on this one is blue and nissan calls it a herosa blue pearl which i hope i said that right but on the interior is just your basic black interior which i’ll show you here in a

Little bit now these are absolutely massive so they weigh about 5 700 pounds for this trim level lower trim levels away a little bit less but the towing capacity is sitting about 8 500 pounds so you’ll still be able to tow larger boats car even stuff like that now given that the 2022 is a redesign they did redesign the front end along with the rear end and some

Stuff on the interior but up front the biggest thing they changed is the headlights as you can tell they are a c-shaped polycarbonate material headlight that has an led running light going around the edge of it and the good thing about these is they’re not vacuum sealed so if water ever gets in there it’s gonna allow it to come out so you don’t get that yellowish

Condensation over time but one big thing nissan wanted to keep on the armada is of course the v-motion grille that nissan’s just notorious for in general but even down below you do have fog lights that are led to on this slr model we have the two-tone 20-inch wheels that have the gun metallic on the inside with kind of a brushed silver face and they are wrapped

In a bridgestone 275 60 all season time now the side mirrors they are paint matched up top but down below they are just a gloss black to split them up you do have your led turn signal that is very bright but underneath you do have a camera because this does have that 360 bird’s eye view but what’s got to be the best part of the redesign in my opinion has got to

Be the rear end they switch the tail lights up quite a bit so they kind of curve with the car a little bit more and they put this armada badge in the middle that goes all the way across this center section and really kind of changes the rear end look but down at the bottom you still have your plate cover for your tow hitch now in the back of the armada you don’t

Have like enormous amounts of room because you do have a third row here so it’s not the biggest space here but underneath you have a storage section it’s not too big but even under there you have your tool kit and everything tucked away and of course you even have your 12-volt outlet in the back if you want to keep a jump box or anything charged up but to put the

Third row seats down is actually super simple you just pull this cord right here and they drop down on the platinum models you’ll get a switch on this side that just electrically puts them down their self but with both down you have enormous amounts of room so if you’re going on a road trip or something with just a couple kids you’ll be good to go inside the armada

You’re gonna have like i said in the beginning the black interior as you can tell here this is a perforated leather material so it is a little bit softer and not so slippery i guess you could say you will have kind of a wood grain trim going on to kind of give it a little bit of class because this is more built for luxury so let’s take a look at the dash here so in

Front of me i have my seven inch drivers display with the two analog gauges up top i’ve got this massive screen here that’ll come equipped with apple carplay and android auto even sirius xm maps all that stuff but one of the coolest things i’ve seen on the armadas is this little door right here that you can pop open from the button down below and you actually have

A slot that has a wireless charging pad and then even your normal 12 volt car outlet right beside it you can cover it back up just by pushing it back down but one good thing with having an 8500 pound towing capacity is you do already have a trailer brake integrated into the car itself so it’s down here right in front of the gear shifter but let’s take a look at

Some of the storage right here obviously we’re going to have our two cup holders but inside here is going to be a massive storage compartment that even has like one of those little trays that you can set up top and then inside here is a switch that will control the normal like house outlet plug in the back seat inside the back seat here as you can tell i’ve got

Tons of room and this specific car has the bench seat for the second row you can get the captain’s chair one cool thing i’ve seen is this is a little button on the back of the center console up front that you can press so that the people in the second row or backseat can access the front center console compartment but down below that you’re gonna have all your

Climate control switches to control the ac and heat in the back uh and then all the way down on the floor below that is going to be all your charging ports and what that switch in the center console is for is this little outlet on the back and one of the easiest ways to get these seats down you can pull the lever down here because they are reclinable you can push

Them all the way back or you can just fold it forward and it’ll go up with that lever now what i think is the easiest one for both people up here or someone in the third row trying to get out is this little switch up top and it does it all for you as well too just easier to get to and what everybody else loves is the sunroof but that’s going to wrap it up for

This one so let me know do you want me to go a little bit more in depth and start taking this on a test drive or anything like that drop a comment down below and let me know and tell me do you think these new armadas with the redesign are they all that that’s it for this one though i’ll see you in the next one you

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Is the 2022 Nissan Armada possibly the best SUV in the line up? By Newton Nissan South