Is The 2022 Ram 1500 Backcountry a Truck the Hunter in Your Life Would Love? Long-Term Update

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It’s been about three months and 3 000 miles with this brand new 2022 ram 1500 and of course it also happens to be a backcountry edition which is a special package for this year in this video i want to give you a long-term update with this truck because it’s going away in a few days ram was kind enough to uh lend this truck to us for the three months for a long-term

Test and this is the end of it and i have a lot of numbers to share with you the good the bad and the ugly so as you can tell here it’s a crew cab with a shorter five and a half foot bed it’s four wheel drive and it’s an off-road package with a backcountry package on top of it so for the good i want to start with the powertrain so let me open up the hood for you

And show you the engine so one second as you may have guessed this is a hemi you probably saw the badge already and it’s not just a hemi it’s a hemi with an e-torque system this powertrain has been around for several years now especially the hemi goes back way more years than that 395 horsepower 410 pound-feet of torque it’s made it to an 8-speed automatic but

Here’s my experience with this truck after about three months like i said it’s a super smooth powertrain it sounds good it’s just smooth the transmission is great it’s a pleasure to drive but there’s a couple niches with fuel efficiency uh we’ve done several towing tests and actually this is a great towing setup because the rear axle ratio is a 392 which makes

It uh rated to tow about 11 000 pounds and it has just over 1400 pounds of payload and we’ve put it on the eye gauntlet and it got really great results actually so for towing this powertrain is really really good i’m very happy with it we had six brake applications towing 8 100 pounds we it went up the mountain in a benchmark time of just under 8 minutes and 4.7

Mpg for that extreme high mountain test on the eye gauntlet those are really great numbers for the powertrain as far as towing it was also smooth stable handled the trader well has a trailer brake controller and the rest so that’s really really great and the other good part of this truck is the suspension so let me show you a little bit about this it has a five

Link rear suspension as many other ram 1500 trucks solid rear axle you can see kind of the trailing arms coil springs so it’s also pretty comfortable and very stable as far as the suspension is concerned and then another good part are the tires actually this is good and bad so let’s start with the good part the traction is really really good these are the wild

Peak all-terrains from falcon the traction has been incredible we’ve done several off-road videos with this truck you can check them out on tfl off-road channel and of course the towing videos you can check out on tfl truck channel so the traction has been really great let’s jump in on the inside because that’s another good part the backcountry package costs

Two thousand six hundred and ninety five dollars and it comes with some exterior appointments like you just saw the grill the blacked out badging backcountry here it’s also part of that off-road package that gives it a little bit more ground clearance and also well the interior has been really comfortable i’m very happy with it it starts out as a big horn truck

But you can see there is you know i’m sorry it’s a little bit dirty but there is really it’s really comfortable very usable let me actually start the engine of course that hemi is always really great to hear a lot of appointments first of all four wheel drive automatic mode is available two wheel drive of course for low for high there is a rear axle lock hill

Descent control system your eight speed automatic right here push button start this is your trailer brake controller very at hand also has trailer steering that can help you back up a trailer tow hole mode and the rest uh heated seats and steering wheel so yeah for a big horn it has a lot of nice features eight-inch infotainment screen you connect five it’s the

Latest system and i haven’t actually had many issues with this it’s been it’s been pretty solid hopefully no music will come on good so those are the great parts those are the great parts uh now let’s talk about a little bit about the not so great parts and it has to do well with fuel efficiency unloaded loaded fuel efficiency while towing has been good like

I said we also did a highway test with 9.7 mpg towing that heavy trailer which is great for a half ton truck but during the winter time 16 mpg has been my average empty mpg on the highway has been 20.4 we have a video about this when we compared it to a jeep grand wagoneer but that still doesn’t match their 2020 um two four-wheel drive ram epa rating of 22 mpg

So in the real world at least in the winter time at least with this package with this backcountry package i have not been able to reach those epa ratings so that’s not so great part and then for the rest of it let’s go i outside to close this out with maybe one or two ugly parts well so another thing i mentioned i mentioned good and bad on the tire so if you

Can come over here uh i mentioned the traction was good but the size i think this tire is a little bit too small for this truck it’s a 275 65 r18 so yeah it’s okay traction is amazing but the ground clearance is not amazing look look at this so um this is the step is also here part of this package and the ground clearance could be better if this is truly a back

Country truck meant for camping or maybe hunting and doing other outdoor activities i would want it to have more ground clearances and finally this is the ugly part the headlights headlights they’re not great they’re halogen reflectors even iihs rates them not not that highly during all of their headlight tests i wish more manufacturers would just stick with

Led lamps because they’re more higher quality better visibility at night and the other part is the price of this truck fifty six thousand six hundred and seventy dollars is the total msrp and that’s not that affordable i mean this is a bighorn truck with a couple of options like i said but i would imagine for this value-minded truck i would hope that the price

Would be a little bit lower but after spending three months with it and three thousand miles uh driving this truck i think it’s just been a positive experience uh if you can find maybe you can remove some of the options get the price a little bit lower but it toes great it has great traction very comfortable on the inside very quiet very positive experience

With this new ram 1500. let me know any feedback you have and go back to or where we have all the automotive news for you in one place thanks guys

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Is The 2022 Ram 1500 Backcountry a Truck the Hunter in Your Life Would Love? Long-Term Update By TFLnow