Is the 2022 Shelby GT500 the ULTIMATE Mustang or BUY a 2024 Dark Horse?

The Shelby GT500 is at the end of its road from Ford for 2022. Under the hood is a 5.2L Supercharged V8 that is pumping out 760HP & mated to a 7-speed DCT only transmission. Under the hood of the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse is an updated 5.0L V8 that is pumping out 500HP & mated to a 6-speed manual 10-speed automatic. Is the 2022 Shelby GT500 the ULTIMATE Mustang to BUY or get a 2024 Dark Horse?

Guys what’s up it’s joe radio from rady’s rides we’re back here at the detroit auto show the mighty return for 2022. of course there’s a lot of excitement about the s650 mustang being totally redesigned but when i saw this car i was drawn to it like a moth to a flame this is it this is a 2022 shelby gt500 but what i love about it is that color right there that is

A ruption green new color for 2022 and obviously being added with the return of grabber blue but before we get into this mean lean green muscle car machine let’s talk about what’s going on here obviously when you think shelby you’re going to think ford and when you think ford you’re going to think shelby it’s like pb and j they have been a performance pack for

Decades and with this gt500 being the most powerful production v8 engine from ford think about it ford gt this has more horsepower than a ford gt and of course you’re going to get that classic muscle car look now lots of like i said chatter about the new s650 mustang of course we still have the camaro and it’s 2023 model year is going to be the final year of the

Mighty dodge challenger what i want to find out is is it now is now the time to get one of these gt500s do you want to roll the dice and see if they’re going to do a gt500 for the s650 or are you going to wait let’s go ahead let’s dive into this drop dead sexy eruption green of a snake and find out right off the bat the proportions there’s just something about

The s550 chassis i know there’s a lot of people that love the s197 but definitely and gt500 form it looks fantastic at the front of the business you’re getting that aggressive mean look and what’s special ultra special about this one it’s got the carbon fiber track package yes it’s an 18 000 option but i think at the end of the day you’re going to notice all of

Those extra additions especially the wheels you got your tri-bar set up i know there’s a lot of talk between the s650 and how they moved it to the top but you still got that traditional layout you got the extra width of the gt500 that’s one of the things that gives it that extra mean look when you go carbon fiber track pack you’re going to get splitters on top of

Splitters on top of splitters we’re stopping air or at least trying to stop air from going underneath the vehicle and channeling it to give us down force up and around and down the side of the vehicle and you can see all that arrow work that ford did with the shelby gt500 in the lower portion i like the way they went with a nice wire mesh allows that air to just

Coast right on through to all the heat exchangers and then as we come across the front white stripes i think is the way to go on eruption green yeah it would look good without stripes or black stripes but i think it just pops perfectly especially when you think back to 1967 that was the first year the gt500 and green was a very popular color in 67. you got the

Largest cobra ever put on any shelby product gonna bite you right in the neck and sink its venom right into your veins you’ll notice all the arrow work especially to bring air for the air box underneath the hood and of course that massive radiator we got the gt500 badge and then working our way down the stripes continue with this massive splitter and more wire

Mesh but like i said the extra width over a mustang gt is definitely apparent now as you rise up on the hood we do have the required hood pins i like the way they brought this back that was something from the 60s and early 70s you saw a lot on different cars we got that massive heat extractor so the whole point is to bring air in and get that hot air out from

Underneath the hood because guess what underneath this hood you have that 5.2 liter predator engine that’s 760 horsepower the most powerful production engine built by ford put in a ford product more so than the ford gt remember ford gt is around 650 horsepower but you got that massive heat extractor now as we come around the bend having this be a carbon fiber

Track package feast your eyes on one of the best looking wheels on the show floor at the detroit auto show full carbon fiber wheels i love the way that on the gt500 they really cleaned up the carbon fiber and put a nice clear over it to let it shine through you’ve got those michelin cup two tires those are going to give you plenty of stick and grip at the track

Massive six piston brembo calipers and those rotors are over 16 inches in diameter you got the magna ride suspension and if you ever wonderful joe how come on the inside of the wheel the front wheels it’s white why is it white and out back it’s not they actually put a ceramic coating because of all the heat from the brakes they put a ceramic coating on the inside

Of the carbon fiber wheel just to make sure everything is copacetic because remember under hard braking all that weight is going to transfer onto the front end of the vehicle and this thing goes fast in a straight line but it could also break just as fast with that setup now as we come down the side there’s another one of those iconic shelby badges that cobra

Badge remember first year the gt500 was 1967. last year was 1970 and then there was a pretty big gap a time it wasn’t until 2007 when they decided hey we’re going to bring back the gt500 nameplate gloss black on the mirror caps you got your over-the-top stripes if these are painted stripes that’s a ten thousand dollar option just so you know but the eruption

Green let me know what you think is this the color that you would want on your gt500 one of the things i love about it is that it actually has a gold tinge that under lighting in the showroom or here at the detroit auto show or in the sun it gives it a really nice pop of extra color working our way towards the rear of course on the rear end what do you got going

On here you got that massive rear wheel with three 15s so up front we got 305s out back we got three 15s give us plenty of stick you got 373 gears and of course we got the first ever tremec 7-speed dual clutch transmission it will definitely shift faster than you can with a traditional manual and it also does some really great work when you leave it in automatic

Mode it knows exactly what gear to be in when you’re doing your track day or your favorite twisty road coming around the back of course being carbon fiber track pack you’re going to have this massive i mean this is bigger than the table that i have thanksgiving dinner on massive rear wing this was actually developed on the gt4 mustang it is adjustable because on

Some tracks you might need more downforce other tracks like daytona you’re not going to want as much downforce but definitely has that agre and you’re not going to confuse this with a non trackpad car carbon fiber track pack car and even though i have a gt350r it’s a totally different wing because the gt350r yes it’s carbon fiber but it’s not as large as this one

And it’s not adjustable like this one now as we work our way down you’re going to get that classic tri-bar tail light such a signature of this american icon and then on the lower portion you’re getting probably the largest tips exhaust tips on any mustang for this gt500 of course we got that active valve in there you can make it louder piss off the neighbors or

You could make it quieter and keep the piece i say let this thing rip and roar because that v8 sound especially supercharged 5.2 liter v8 with 760 horsepower you’re going to want to let this rip and roar there’s that cobra badge just like up front on the back it is the largest one ever placed on a shelby product and then they got a little bit of gloss bite but i

Love the way they do the stripes all the way down chevrolet is very popular for doing rally stripes these though go from the nose all the way to the tail in the business you’ll notice that massive rear diffuser area fully functional you got diff coolers you got engine oil coolers you got transmission coolers beefed up radio the whole nine yards to make sure that

You could keep turning those fast laps at the track 0 to 60 and about 3.4 seconds and obviously top speed over 180 miles an hour but let me know what you think we’re here at the show and we’re going around checking out this different stuff with the s650 with the shelby gt500 and eruption green let me know what you think is this one of those things where when you

Look at the car does it make you feel a certain way but you know what we’re going to get to the inside because we got the doors open lori’s telling me give me a hand gestures we have the doors unlocked we’re going to jump in to this gt500 and continue our little journey with this muscle car let’s go ahead and jump in and see what’s going on guys we’re inside this

Gt500 eruption green first time ever on this particular model i know you’re saying to yourself well joe i’m loving the color i’m loving the stripes i’m loving the carbon fiber how much is this obviously msrp is going to be right around a hundred and eight thousand dollars that makes it the most expensive shelby gt500 ever from the factory but let’s see how it stacks

Up to the competition and that new s650 to the door panels you’re getting that classic retro design they did bring a little color so you do have the white diagonal line with the black i wish they would have done that a little bit more on the interior but still simple clean door panel door pocket is big enough for a whopper i wouldn’t go any larger i wouldn’t do

Quarter pounder a whoppers as big as i was i would go and a bottle of dr pepper to wash it down now going from the door panel to the dash we got carbon fiber on the outside you got carbon fiber on the inside you got your gt500 chassis plate number specific for your vehicle b o sound system and we do have our auxiliary performance gauges so you have oil temp oil

Pressure two of the most important gauges when you’re on the track or driving your fast twisty bits if you ever see this oil temp going the red or your oil pressure drop shut her down you’re going to blow the engine as we work our way down you got your sink three older eight inch infotainment system do you prefer this over the larger screens in the s650 we got

Our dual climate control toggle switches usba 12 volt and the perfect place for two track day twinkies this little guy here it may not be very sexy looking but this is going to control that seven speed dct i wish they would have a manual in this car i really really do two cup holders there’s more that great striping soft touch material open this up i would say

You could put one of those holiday hershey kisses it’s about the size of a baseball you could drop that in there and if you’re wondering why do they call a hershey’s kiss or hershey’s kiss it’s because of the sound that the machine makes as it’s plopping down the chocolate it’s like a puckering sound hershey’s kiss check out these seats i want to kiss them the

Leather the white there’s that cobra badge there alcantara microfiber suede material recaro with the bolstering manual seats so you’re not getting any power adjustment for the passenger or the driver and then if you want to take passengers you only got one so make sure you choose wisely because carbon fiber track pack no rear seat we’re trying to cut weight and

We removed everything seat seat belts and sound bending come on over here though speaking of sound i want you to see what it’s going to be like when you hear as you’re behind the wheel of this gt500 guys we’re behind the business end of this gt500 obviously being a ford performance product you’re going to have your four performance badge on the sill plate for

Performance is what replaced svt that’s what it became special vehicle teams for performance in the pedal box you do have your aluminum brake pedal and throttle i just wish there was a clutch pedal of some type and an aluminum dev pedal seats i’m six feet tall they fit me snug as a bug i got plenty of headroom and then my favorite part of course is the steering

Wheel flat bottom with the alcantara the white stripe up top that cobra staring you smack dab in the center and then of course we got magnesium paddles to go up and down that seven speed dual clutch transmission from tremec and of course you also have that digital display that we’ve showed you you many times in this gt500 but you know what i can’t take this one for

A spin but we do got to wrap it up here from the detroit auto show so if you’re ready i’m ready let’s wrap this one up all right guys it’s been a crazy experience here at the detroit auto show definitely enjoying being back in motor city let me know what you think about this gt500 are you gonna wait to see if they do a gt500 for the s650 or are you ready to plop

Down your money and get one of these let me know in that comment section but if you’re new to the channel and you’re on your way out hit that subscribe button i promise you it’s worthwhile come back for more if you are a subscriber thank you for being part of the radius rise family we got to give it up to lori brady she is supercharged with that camera follow her

On instagram it’s simple lori rady on instagram check her out obviously show her some love in the comments section thank you lori for all that you do and just like always guys i’ll see you on the next ride

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Is the 2022 Shelby GT500 the ULTIMATE Mustang or BUY a 2024 Dark Horse? By Raiti’s Rides