Is The 2022 Toyota GR86 Still Worth It After 8 Months?

It’s taken a break from the Channel, but, my cousins GR86 is now back and we talk about how it’s been after being his daily driver for the past 8 months and if he still enjoys it just as much as he did when he picked it up.

All right i’m done sliding um um what’s up guys dakota here and uh my cousin austin who you guys should have seen on the channel a few times by now if you’ve been watching for a little bit um and we are in his gr86 and uh today we’re going to be talking about kind of how it’s been after he’s owned it for a little bit how long have you been about eight months now

January like late january so yeah about eight eight months yeah so we’re gonna get started as you guys can tell from the intro this thing is a blast so yeah we’re gonna go ahead and get started with some of the questions that you guys might have if you plan on buying a gr86 or if you’re just curious all right so i guess the first thing we should talk about is how

Many miles are on it uh so right now we’re looking at 83.49 so 8 349 miles and have you had any issues with it since you’ve picked it up mechanically no issues i haven’t had anything where i was just worried about the car or i was like i have to take this into service or anything like that but one morning i was on a sunday morning actually i was waking up to go

Get some breakfast and i got in my car and turned it on and i actually don’t even remember exactly what happened but i do remember my car would start and it sounded like the engine was turning over so obviously i got worried and then all my lights went off every code got thrown all on the dash every and everything like a christmas tree and uh so i finally after

Filming with it for a while i got it to start and then i drove to the nearest toyota service center and they told me that it was a tire pressure sensor that went bad so since since it’s lit up you haven’t had that one time you haven’t had any it hasn’t come up since no absolutely since i literally haven’t had any issues with it since then um still haven’t taken

It to the service center about anything else so everything’s been good yeah i guess since this is if you guys don’t know this is his daily driver you daily drive this thing every single day every day to work from work so how has your your gas mileage been which i know some of you guys are gonna be like oh it’s not for that but like when you use it as your only

Car sometimes you know stuff like that matters so how’s your gas mileage been using it every day i would say that it could be better but that’s my fault not the cars so i love this car and this car is extremely fun to drive and i drive it to have fun not to necessarily you know be boring or anything say the gas mileage it is good if you drive it if you drive it

Right here exactly it’s all about your driving habits now i don’t have the best driving habits so i have a lot of fun when i drive so for me i’m getting about 22 miles to the gala man that’s that’s probably that’s mainly i’d say most of that is probably city yeah we’re not we don’t have a long commute so we’re not just cruising on the highway for you know 35

Minutes every day so after having the car for whatever basically basically eight months a would you buy it again going back and and do it all over again and do you still get enjoyment out of the car even though you daily drive it and you’ve had it now for eight months oh yeah absolutely so um one of the things is about me is like i always want new stuff so i’m

Always wanting something new um you know i got this car and then i found myself shortly after you know getting car fever again you know you’re always buying cars so i’m seeing that and that looks fun you know i want to be a part of that but um at the same time like i love this car you know and there’s times where i’m like oh you know i want this car you know audi

Rs 3 sounds cool so you know that got released and i was like oh i want that card now that would be a car i’d be interested in but the more i think about it there’s times where i’m just driving this and i’ll pull a slide out of nowhere and i just fall in love again or there’s times where i’m just walking up to my car to go to work and i see it in the right light

And the right angle and everything just hits perfect and i’m just like damn yeah that’s a nice car i love it yeah if you got if you have like you know three kids this probably isn’t yeah isn’t the car you still have to make the right decision but i do feel like if you’re in the market for a car similar to this there’s not a lot of better options yeah there’s really

Not right i mean because we’ve talked a lot about it like obviously off camera we both kind of come to the same conclusion that for the money for 30 grand you know i mean for a for a fun sports car there’s really nothing better that you can buy i mean yeah and i’ve had a miata so i know like i’ve gotten to see you know a small smaller version of this basically

And i 100 as much as i love miatas and i this is my oh and i take this over anything especially when you compare a new me on i mean because aren’t cheap a new miata msrp to be compared to this is 36 grand and if you get the the retractable fastback gets even more yeah so you can save yourself you know four to six thousand dollars get one of these get that you get

Two back seats which seats you can argue they’re not functional but i can argue they are these these seats go down and i can have four tires back there i can hold four tires and wheels you just use them as a spot for backpacks on a road trip you can’t put small kids back there yeah my little sisters they fit back there overall as a car so you basically you would

Buy this again if you if you had to if you had the opportunity you’d bite again 100 yeah all right so the next thing that everybody’s going to want to know is after we’ve talked about you know having no mechanical issues you still love the car you’d still recommend buying one and you’d buy it again is what are the mod plans and do you have anything that you’re

Like you’re wanting to do well yeah yeah i mean you already know uh one of the things i can’t really stop talking about lately is uh whether or not to get t37s keep the silver color yeah or wrap it like a world rally blue or i’m thinking like a like a darker cherry red yeah and get some like gunmetal gray wheels or uh i mean hell even bronze maybe and if i do

The cherry red or blue i’d be open to um you know my good metal gray blacker bronze wheels so i have more options there um but if i wrap the car i’m not gonna buy t37s because i’m trying to keep that price around the same point you know so you know wrapping we found out around about 2500 so you know if t37s are almost four grand for you know a whole set yeah then

You know 2 500 bucks i have about another 1500 to 2 grand to work with for my wheels what do you guys think you know do you all think that this gr gr86 looks better with the silver and then maybe some te37s because that is one of my preferred wheels i do love those they look good they’re just pretty pricey and it’s worth it to get the real one so i’d do it um or

Should i go ahead and wrap the car silver or excuse me it’s blue or red and uh go ahead and get new wheels but not spend as much yeah i’m interested to see what you guys think um leave a comment down below you know what do you guys think you guys think silver with i’m sweet black tea uh e37 t37s that would be black or like a really dark gray but again i think

They only have a few color options so what do you guys think doing world rally blue or like a darker kind of red with some different wheels yeah what do you guys think would look better um so like i said leave a comment down below and let us know all right guys so obviously this is his car um but i have driven it a few times he he’s been kind enough to let me drive

It and if you’re if you have you know 30 grand to spend or that’s the amount that you’re looking to stay within i don’t think there’s any better car for 30 grand i really like this car and a little little known fact that you guys don’t know is i was actually going to buy one of these cars before he was going to buy one of these cars because i just think it’s such

A good value for money it’s a fun car the interior is for again for the money it’s better than my shelby no questions it’s put together well it’s a toyota and a subaru so it’s reliable and it looks cool and it’s a blast to drive i mean we’ve had a bunch of fun driving it especially today but when we took it to the autocross day it was fun yeah that was fun and

Today was fun yeah today we had a blast uh but anyways guys if you have any questions leave a comment down below about you know anything that we maybe didn’t touch on and you know we’ll get together and kind of answer some of those questions for you guys anyways hope you enjoyed the video if you did thanks guys give it a like and subscribe and we’ll see you guys

In the next one y’all have a good one take care

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Is The 2022 Toyota GR86 Still Worth It After 8 Months? By Driven Mad!