Is the 2023 Lexus RX the BEST new midsize luxury SUV to buy?

The ALL NEW RX is here and Lexus is ready to bring some big change for 2023. Not only is there a total redesign and new tech, but also new powertrains. Is the 2023 Lexus RX the BEST new midsize luxury SUV to buy?

Hey guys what’s up it’s joe ready from ratey’s rides we’re back here at the laptop at the radius riots computer because guess what we’re doing some major computing because there is a total redesign finally of a certain suv that you’ve been waiting for we are here yes for the all-new 2023 lexus rx lineup a ton of exciting things to talk about including a performance

Model so without further ado let’s go ahead let’s dive into this all new 2023 lexus rx and there it is there is your new 2023 lexus rx now you’re gonna get four redesigned powertrains and like i said there’s something really exciting when it comes to the top trim now looking at the new rx you’re going to see some really interesting body lines let me know how

You feel i think right off the bat the one notice is that front grill area quite different than what we’re used to from lexus i’m loving the wheels nice clean style the way everything is painted around the fender openings you’re going to get your led lighting of course and then there’s that grill a very interesting take on the spindle grille design let me know now

In the comment section are you zonking that grill i do love the way they did the tail lights with the lexus actual name spelled out and the led lighting lexus has always done a fantastic job not only on the headlights but also the taillights now like i said you’re going to have four redesigned platforms powertrain platforms this one being the rx350 this is your

Non non hybrid setup that is the one choice the rest are going to be electrified and when i say electrified we’re not talking about pure evs we’re talking about a hybrid setup this is now sitting on a new chassis it’s known as the g a k platform and this is the fifth generation believe it or not of the lexus rx and lexus really is the one that made a name for

That luxury crossover suv i’m digging the way they did the corner vents i love the rear quarter glass very nice flow you’ll notice there’s no wiper on the rear glass they tucked it in underneath that long low roof spoiler and the silver lexus has a great color palette silver to me is really fit in the overall style of this vehicle silver really shows the body

Lines instead of hiding everything like a white or a black or of course a lot of dark colors do now what you’re going to get is is that there’s two new grades so there’s two new trims a premium plus and then the first time ever f sport performance you’re going to have your choice of 10 exterior colors you got a head up display nice size head-up display you got

The all-new 14-inch infotainment system and what’s crazy is that with this new platform the lexus rx is actually lighter than the outgoing one it’s 198 pounds lighter this vehicle has a longer wheelbase what’s the wheelbase that’s the space in between the front wheel and the rear wheel looking at the side of the vehicle and another thing that i like about this

That i’m very curious how you feel is that if you notice the front the nose and the tail of the rx there’s less overhang so there’s less body going past the front and rear wheels and i think that helps with the overall proportions very nicely now on this rx350 you’re looking at a 2.4 liter 2.4 liter inline-four turbocharged engine putting out 275 horsepower no

More v6 so if you wanted a v6 those are gone it is mated to an eight-speed automatic so if you’re going rx 350 you’re not gonna have a cvt which is great news you do get the choice of front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive which is nice 0-60 for the all-wheel drive is 7.2 seconds 0-64 the front-wheel drive is 7.4 seconds and then mpgs they’re not giving us all

The numbers yet but combined city and highway on the rx 350 is going to be 24 miles per gallon now your next step up would be the rx 350 h and if you notice the inside of the dash full digital display you’re getting the 14 inch infotainment system nicely integrated all the new software so you don’t have any kind of track pad mouse pad bump pad race pad tap pad

None of that it’s all touch screen technology like we’ve shown to you here on radius rise with the other lexus and toyota products of course you’re going to get that new safety the lexus safety system 3.0 and then there’s also an rx first available advanced park so that’s going to be a special parking assist feature first time ever on an rx now you’ll have your

Choice of 19 inch wheels 21 inch wheels but let’s go back to the rx 350 h so the h will have a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated engine with the electric motors that’s going to produce 246 horsepower and you’ll have your all-wheel drive that is going to give you 0-60 in 7.4 seconds but here’s where you’re really going to be the winner combined mpgs city and highway

33 miles per gallon combined on the rx 350h and then obviously the one that i really want to go on throttling and want to get my hands on so definitely stay tuned because we’re going to be bringing it to you is the lexus rx 500h f sport performance it’s a mouthful to say but you are getting a mouthful of tech you’re getting a new what lexus is calling direct

Four all-wheel drive system you’re getting six piston brembo calipers six piston brembo calipers you’re getting a different mesh grille different front bumper and then of course the 21 inch wheels will be unique to that f sport performance now when it comes to power you’re getting a 2.4 liter turbo inline four that is mated to electric motors 367 horsepower

406 pound-feet of torque that is pretty hefty for a lexus 0-60 in about 5.7 seconds combined mpgs in this high performance luxury suv you’re looking at combined 26 mpgs combined so looking at the style very interesting to see how they kind of blended lexus that we know which remember lexus has been around since 1989 it’s that premium brand from toyota and

Interesting how they still bring us the fog lamps of course you’re gonna have the option for those triple led beam headlights i can’t wait to sit on the interior especially when you look at what they did with the nx lineup and there is going to be definitely a lot of similarities between the smaller nx and this larger rx350 i’m not surprised that they got rid

Of the v6 let me know if they deserve a zonk for the v6 um just so you know going back to the engine when you go rx350h that does have a cvt so rx350h has a cvt the f sport performance does not that has a traditional torque converter automatic transmission and like i said 0 to 60 in about 5.7 seconds for an rx that’s uh that’s pretty substantial and especially

With six piston brembo calipers but definitely loving the style i guess the big question is how many twinkies will we be able to get on the interior based off the nx i think we’re going to be pretty good to go my question is are they going to have an rx 350 l i kind of think it was pointless to have that third row that they put on the extended length version

Just didn’t work super well for that setup and uh i i’m hoping fingers crossed that they come up with some new kind of model to kind of fill in that gap but uh this rx 350 definitely has piqued my interest and you’re going to want to stay tuned because guess what we’re going to be bringing you a full walk around of this vehicle from the actual unveil and also

From the toyota lexus headquarters in plano texas so i’m hoping that you enjoyed this review if you want to see more of these virtual unveils let me know what you let me know also what you think of it is this gonna be that mid-sized luxury suv to buy that luxury suv put it in the comment section but until we meet another day another unveil hit that subscribe

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For all that you’re doing just like always guys i’ll see you on the next ride

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