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Is the BMW M5 the best car ever? | Fifth Gear

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Taken from Series 8 of Fifth Gear where the gang round up their favourite fast car. For access to exclusive Fifth Gear content and all FULL episodes, join our channel

Our first nominee is rumored to be james bond’s next car the aston martin v8 vantage it costs 80 000 pounds and if this was a beauty contest our awards program would finish right here it’s hand built and we love the fact production is limited to keep things exclusive but the important thing is that it’s a joy to drive i’ve never been a fan of lumbering heavy

Aston martins of old but this new one feels much more live more agile and the v8 sounds fantastic when we took to the circuit things got even better this has to be the best system i’ve ever driven on a track the second contender was described by me as well like this i’m completely and utterly speechless this is without doubt the most amazing car road car

I’ve ever driven it is of course the pagani zonda f the supposedly perfected version of the awesome zonder it’s the perfect supercar easy to drive at slow speeds fantastically rewarding at high speeds comfortable practical and hugely fast in fact it’s the quickest nominee in our fast car category capable of 214 miles an hour there are plans to build just 40 with

Each one costing nearly 400 grand the carbon work is delicious the wheels are made by nasa parts supplier and you can even specify ostrich skin for the interior it’s decadent mad and over the top which is exactly why we love it so much but the winner is the bmw m5 the m5 could just have easily appeared in the family car category it is after all a four-door saloon

With a large boot however it can also do 200 miles an hour we first tested it in the summer and took it to the south of france having delivered a four-man crew and luggage to po tiff then proceeded to take up smoking the m5 passed the track test with flying colours with the longest power slide of the year we knew this car was something special so when something

Fast was needed to race a formula one car it was the obvious choice oh here he it by comes both cars had v10 engines and seven speed gearboxes but the f1 car won easily however the m5 had its day of glory when it appeared on fifth gear for a third time a month ago propelling mike newman to a blind speed world record of 167 miles per hour the versatility of the

Car is astounding but its price 62 grand means it’s great value too this is a car with almost as much power as a ferrari 575 and yet it costs a hundred grand less unfortunately hair dr helmut panka the chairman of bmw couldn’t be with us tonight so we did the next best thing we sent a researcher to give the award to the people who make the m5 in munich this

Is a very interesting part we call it snake nest on behalf of fifth gear i’m very pleased to present you our award for the best fast car bmw m5 thank you very much congratulations it’s an honor for my team and for me to get this trophy and i heard second place is pagani zonda let me tell greetings to horacio pagani a personal friend of mine we are proud to be

Winner in this test that means fifth gear we need a new symbol we have a seven speed gearbox the seven speed smg but i think also with a seven it would look fine isn’t it you

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Is the BMW M5 the best car ever? | Fifth Gear By Fifth Gear