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The Supercar Diaries #26 / Novitec Ferrari 488 Pista

Foreign check it out it’s important to know that the pista is not just some souped-up version of the gtb it actually shares a lot of its mechanical in it with that 488 challenge race car and it’s got new camshafts it’s got a bigger intercooler stronger pistons titanium push rods but they really wanted to make a much more aggressive car and they did

But it’s not as standard car this this of course is the novitek version our version and it’s got more power now pista is fitted with a 3.9 liter twin-turbo charged v8 engine with a sports performance package to be honest it has just over 800 horsepower but the torque too short of 900 oh my word you are a feisty little girl but rari got it so right in this

Car you’d be forgiven for not noticing that it has turbos and maybe even thinking that it’s a naturally aspirated car the power is all the way up there but it’s the torque that starts the party way early anything from 3000 rpm really really great great stuff wow the brakes are sensational good solid feel transposing the weight to the right areas it’s like a

Little jack russell and you’re holding the tennis ball wow i think there’s one thing to say about this pista is that it’s it’s made so well for the track that maybe it’s even a little bit too fast for the open road my goodness what a jewel oh yeah yeah yeah weighs 90 kilograms less because ferrari has used a lot of clever components lightweight components in

Order to achieve that amongst other all the carbon fiber bits that you see around this car now the interesting fact is that this entire bonnet is actually made out of carbon fiber you can see that over here and that reminds me of the fact that we also make these carbon fiber hoods especially for for example the mclaren 765 lt if you guys haven’t seen that film

I recommend you click on the banner on the top right hand corner of the screen and go and watch that film this bit here in the front section the extended lip is from us air feeds in there through this duct that actually moves right through the car and it gets dispersed over the rest of the car and deals with that in order to keep this piston glued to the road

At the back some of the air gets fed into the vents some of it goes through here and creates down force as well let’s talk a little bit about the pieces that we put onto the sky because you see quite a bit of carbon fiber not all of it is actually from us a lot as we say belonging to pista because that’s just the lightweight version of the 488 now this section

Over here is what we have made as well at the top of the bonnet you got these little subtle triangles in the front at the door these little pieces on the side of the mirror and then on the side you can see the side skirts out of carbon fiber all the way from the front wheel to the back now what’s really cool about this ferrari is the fact that similar to the

Front where you have that sort of air duct where it just moves from the front lip right through the body works of the car you’ve got the same thing here at the back this is actually open and i love just how the horse’s head is hanging there in the balance looks really good even a certain angle you can see right through the car at the back wind of course we’ve

Got this carbon fiber lip from us looking exceptionally good i love the fact that it sort of just breaks the white gives it that little edge with a darker color and then these uh little caps here on the lights the carbon fiber caps on the rear taillights they are also from us they look a little bit back hearkening to the ones that we saw on the 458 special

And if you guys haven’t seen that phone feel free to click top right hand corner of the screen you can have a look at that they see a lot of carbon fiber at the back of this car none of that’s ours that’s part of the pista package except for the black reflectors over there and the third brake light blackened out that’s also from us and of course not to forget

Little round blackened indicators now if we walk a little bit away from the car we can see that it rides lower the sport suspension on those gorgeous looking nf 10 center locking look wheels of ours and it really just aids to the stance of this car gives it a really gorgeous bulky look love the sports suspension always makes such a difference whoo stay focused

Get ready now for real get ready now let’s go stay focused concentrate to the sound of the beat drums now the owner of this car did decide not to take the sports performance exhaust which i would highly recommend should you buy this car it’ll just give you all the power that you can get with that stage 2 performance package and it’ll give you the noise to

Match it this pistol is fitted with ferrari’s magneto rheological dampers which do an absolute stunning job at keeping you on the road at even really high speeds awfully complicated but very useful it also has an electronic div and that very much valued infinite ferrari side slip angle control which i’m super happy about on the standard pista it’ll do zero

To 100 in 2.8 seconds 7.5 and on to a top speed of 340 kilometers per hour and that is in standard form now this pistol shares the same gearbox as the 488 but they have tweaked it so gearshift are even quicker and this engine is just so light at schools and spools and spools you really sense how they put those lightweight components from the challenge

Race car in here really really good balance balance such an incredibly balanced car one of the only things i dared to say is that with all of that done it’s almost like it’s a bit too fast for your standard little roads if that’s even a negative comment if you guys haven’t yet then feel free to subscribe to our youtube channel hit that little reminder

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