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And what is going on youtube so today got work late so but do a video first thing first i want to say to you guys thank you so much we just hit 25k filming it sound one of my biggest goes on youtube here for a while is what if like a star next is gonna be 50k hunter k 1 million we’re about to go take the lexa so i’ve been super busy i think he’s getting ready to

Snow right now get ready to move me and haley are booked into a little place might be this house i’d just render this video for you guys maybe a pov video i’m mahalia actually bought me a new sd card for this it’s like 128 gigs so he can have a lot more time to record on this i’m gonna do pov but right now the lexus need some gosh-darn oil because it’s not alexis

Is actually a honda put a little bit of oil in here i’m actually gonna be doing an oil change here soon because i don’t have you seen the last video that i did it a whole change it’s been like 10,000 million miles so like i said she’s a honda so we’re gonna put some oil in here or don’t spin it whoops i forgot oh the lid for this go crazy thing look at this guy’s

His dead birds in here forever oh yeah we’re gonna the biggest question is a lot of people have for these is 350s because they’re technically snickers is are they fast and i wouldn’t put it in like the category of like a cts-v before like an everyday driver car which is what i use this car for mainly i would say it’s pretty quick like it’s a lot faster than a lot

Of a lot of cars that are out there like i’ve beaten from a dig like stock manual mustang gts and stuff that people don’t know how to drive but it’s like you know saying it’s crazy because it’s just a little lexus with a v6 so we’re gonna hop in a little pov go ready we are on so unfortunately i was driving around earlier so it’s not gonna be a cold start but hey

Another thing my tires are not the greatest so i don’t think it’s gonna do i don’t think it’s like that very good it’s supposed to snow too and a little bit here in maryland always uh seatbelts on guys you know what to say because he belts save lives you might be wondering why do i have so many frickin lights on this car so when i switched my wheels out from the

Stock oem wheels these lights this triangle right here on off you can see it of a triangle came on which is like a tire pressure sensor thing and then like my traction control and then i think another tire pressure thing is on check engine light on is because of a sensor i’m actually getting ready to buy that fix that cuz i’ve to do emissions i actually like finessed

And got like almost a whole year emissions free so i gotta get that fixed my lights i gotta get new lights that’s why the a auto something something whatever lights are on but other than that car like mechanically buyers drives great i’ve never had really any issues with it but like i said like these cars aren’t like slow like it it keeps up with like charger

Our t’s to step up from like a v6 model v8 all that so i mean it’s not a slouch by any means like i took this to the track a while ago but that’s when it was like i didn’t have weight i didn’t have the exhaust stuff done like this cars completely stopped besides a muffin delete and a resonator delete but that’s all i had but i had these giant 19-inch wheels that

Like were so big i could barely even turn my my wheel and they weighed probably with tires by 60 pounds of tire so i mean a wheel it’s a drastic change like i ran like a 14-1 but i’m gonna go once i get this light fixed in whatever let’s check engine light i’m gonna get that fixed and then i’m gonna go back to the track when it reopens and like i want to say poop

Boy i wanna say in like april when they reopen i want to take it back and then actually i see whatever i like it should run and i’ll just i’ll do a tune-up and tune-up and all that but i’m i roll the window down so you guys can hear the exhaust a little bit i like the down shifts in this car it’s really nice you’ll get a little drift since it’s a little slippery

Ellis would never get another one i love it when it’s slippery probably had one more and then we’ll do like some pools for you guys yeah i need to put my other tires on because these tires are honestly like not the greatest like if i show you them you’d be like what the hell i like it i like the power – it has 306 horsepower and i have no issues with it because

It’s like it’s just fast enough you don’t have to worry about like the powers they’re basically we’ll do a hope they don’t spin but you’re just just fun so it’s not bad like the zero to sixty is like 4.6 seconds or something so it’s how no it’s it’s a fun little car there’s fun again if he’s tired of trash i want to do a video comment down below a video i should

Do to get rid of these tired it’s like i just want to shred them some type of way maybe do like a burnout somewhere and just end them just keep the spares in the back or something do it like in front of walmart or whatever but i mean if you’re looking for like a cheaper car i got this for like fourteen thousand but that was here ago and then it had half the mileage

On it i put almost sixty thousand miles on this car since i’ve had it so you gonna go are you gonna go drift everywhere i swear like i need to start recorded reactors like when i do like little stuff like that like people just i don’t know their face is like oh my god he’s gonna crash but really it’s me so it sucks that like right when i’m getting ready to start

Doing this video it starts raining i got any want it to rain like that’s the crazy part man yeah but this cars i don’t know it’s just it’s fun i wish i could do like legit pull for you guys or and i was kind of scared these tires are trash like i said comment down below i need your guy like you guys have been slacking on the feedback like you haven’t been giving

Me any feedback lately i know i’ve been slacking but like hey i mean you you guys are the ones that bring me back and want me to like keep on like pushing to make videos so if you guys leave some feedback and it makes me just want to grind even harder i’m just super busy i don’t know if you guys know i say it in like every other video but i’m a plumber and i’m like

I worked a lot because when i’m getting ready to move when i have a lot more bills and stuff so i mean i just i need you guys i need your guys’s feedback also 2020 this year i’m gonna be doing a merge drop that’s actually gonna be official i’m also getting ready to change my name from the ama photography because i mean that’s nothing really that’s its basic you

Know what i’m saying and me being me like i’m not trying to be just be basic i wanna i want people to remember my name so i’m not them change my name is something that that i feel like it’s more like me so that’s funny i just roll my window down with my need midriff you guys do those pops yeah i think i need to do a transfer because it’s like slipping a little

Bit hopefully we can get all that stuff done especially with your guys’s support that helps a lot you guys leaving the likes you guys commenting about the finish this video off with a little bit of tunnel action that’s whose face looks like you yeah guys i hope you enjoyed this quick little video be sure to like i said leave those likes it really means like

A lot to me just knowing you guys are active on the channel i’m gonna be back making a whole bunch more videos here soon like i said i’m making a lot more money so i’ll be able to do like whole bunch of other things but hope you guys enjoyed the video comment rate subscribe all that good stuff and i’ll see you guys in the next one peace thousand the spin peace in

The sky can you feel it a better sense alice you know by the no catch the future is in stock

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