Is the NEW 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X and Denali Ultimate a BETTER truck to BUY?

The NEW Sierra 1500 has been updated by GMC for 2022 to compete against the F-150, Silverado, Tundra, Titan, and Ram 1500. On the outside you will discover a new grill, lights, wheels and two NEW TRIMS: Denali Ultimate & AT4X. On the inside you are going to be greeted to a higher level of luxury, 13.4in infotainment system, digital gauge cluster and 15in head up display. Under the hood are a variety of power plants and two different transmissions. Is the NEW 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X and Denali Ultimate a BETTER truck to BUY?

Hey guys what’s up it’s joe rady from ratey’s rides we’re back here once again at the home office for raties rides because guess what another iconic brand has something new for 2022 and this time around it’s gmc general motors truck company has a revised updated sierra 1500 plus the introduction of two all new trims to the gmc sierra 1500 lineup so without further

Ado let’s see how this full-size truck is gonna stack up against the competition let’s dive into this updated 2022 sierra guys there they are that is going to be the two new trims that we’re really going to focus on for this 2022 gmc 1500 what you’re looking at is on your right that is going to be what’s called the denali ultimate trim and then on your left sort

Of in the background there that’s going to be an all-new at4x now the whole purpose of these two trims is to take it to a new level when it comes to materials when it comes to technology and of course when it comes to style now the great news is all the trims from slt to standard denali standard at4 you are going to get revisions to the gmc sierra 1500 but for

2022 we have these new trims plus we’re really going to talk about what new technology is in store for this full-size truck now of course general motors truck company that high-end version in gm of chevrolet products so obviously silverado is also going to get some updates but we’re going to first focus on that off-road example the at4x now when the at4 first

Came out that was something that was really filling a big void in their lineup to go up against the toyota tundra trd pro to go up against that upcoming silverado zr2 and the current chevrolet silverado trail boss obviously the nissan titan pro 4x and we can’t forget the ram rebel now with this new lineup what we’re seeing for 2022 is you’re getting a revised

Grille revised headlight housing that has new signature daytime running lamps and other light features that they’re talking about plus on the at4x you’re getting a off-road specific 18 inch satin black wheel with that beautiful red it pops super nicely obviously other things that you’re gonna get that’s new that makes the x super special is you’re getting

Those multimatic dssv dampers all four corners that’s the same shock company that made the suspension for my very own camaro zl1 1le also those multimatic shock absorbers are going to be found on the current colorado zr2 and zr2 bytes and multimatic has been into industry for many years doing on-road and off-road racing and they really have done some great work

With those suspension bits you’re also going to get not only a rear ear e-locker electronic locking rear end but you’re also going to get a front e-locker so dual lockers at the front and the rear of the vehicle to really heighten that off-road capability from the back just like before i love the lines of this truck it you know many people ask me joe do i go

Silverado do i go sierra i’ve always liked that little extra something something that the sierra 1500 brings to the table you’ll notice how they continued the gmc specific fender openings a lot of the body lines are gmc specific and i kind of like that connection to the past because of all that history with trucks and obviously gmc is working on suvs as well and

Those are getting revised and updated and redesigned but it’s nice to see that bread and butter the meat and the potatoes of their lineup the sierra 1500 getting a bunch of love now another thing you’re gonna get is a one pedal crawl feature so as you’re doing that rock crawling we’re talking about one pedal technology this is stuff that’s being brought over

From the upcoming 2022 hummer ev truck which remember we did go out to the milford proving grounds and did get behind the wheel and did some on throttle i’ll leave that video at the end of this one in case you haven’t seen that yet but definitely love the way they have those nice large openings even for the largest boots that have those steel toes you got those

Notches in the rear bumper of course you’re gonna have that multi-positionable folding rear tailgate that is something that gmc started revolutionized the tailgate into that step feature with sound that you could add as an option and everything else with this at4x you could tow up to 8900 pounds and it has a payload capacity of 1420 pounds the biggest news which

You’ll be seeing very shortly is going to be on the interior we’re now seeing premium leather materials we’re also seeing a bunch of new technology now as we kind of go through these special photos that we were given by gmc and i definitely want to thank chad over at general motors and gmc for getting us these media assets you could see that multi-positionable

Tailgate some other brands have argued that that fancy tailgate even though it does make it easy to get in and out of the rear bed of the truck it does compromise some of that structure to the rigidity i don’t know it seems that gmc has done the business of testing it and the step feature really makes things easy the one thing i still got a zonk is that if you

Look closely the optional speakers the way that they’re mounted is sort of right in the way when you step in to that first step to get into the bed of the truck and it’s interesting because the brand that they decided to use is called kicker and if you’re not careful you’re going to kick in those nice looking speakers that are located in that tailgate another

Thing which is kind of hard to see that we’ve kind of showcased on some of the other gmc sierra reviews that we’ve done here on radius rides is you’re going to have all that usb connectivity right at the back including an aux jack so it’s nice to be able to plug in your phone right there go through your favorite playlist and have that jamming right at the tail

End of the business you’ll see the led tail lights and of course another thing that you’re gonna get when you go x they told me i have to do this at4x is you’re going to get that carbon fiber composite rear bed which remember that whole unit saves tons of weight including all the swinging metal on the vehicle which is aluminum so we’re talking about cutting

Weight from the previous generation and with these revisions i think we’re just taking it up to the next level now as we transition from this very off-road specific gmc sierra we’re now going to talk about another new trim this is going to be the top dog this is going to be the one all the way at the top of the spec sheets there it is that is the gmc sierra

Denali ultimate why do they call it the ultimate i think you can figure it out they’ve gone extra big when it comes to the style i love what they’ve done with the grill and this chrome finish is not your usual bright shiny blind you in your face gotta wear sunglasses even at night kind of chrome finish it’s actually a darker chrome called vader chrome so maybe

You could do a little darth vader impression as you fire up your gmc denali ultimate or maybe just put on the helmet and drive around pretending you’re darth vader that might be something interesting let me know how that works at night or if any law enforcement get involved with that but when we’re looking at this new denali ultimate you’ll see all that vader

Chrome trim at the front you could really see the work that they did with the headlight design full led headlights i even like the way they went vader chrome on the lower portion from this tail angle the tail on the business you’ll see how we have those nice brushed aluminum pieces around the exhaust openings you’re going to have of course that electric dropping

Side step the running boards that fold nicely into the rear of the truck and if you’re wondering what what do we get joe on this ultimate one new piece of technology is that trailering capable super cruise so just like we’ve talked about super cruising with cadillac’s this will be the first gmc truck to have that super cruise feature and you can utilize it with

A trailer which to me technology wise that really puts it up there you got that carbon pro just like the at4x that carbon pro composite technology 22-inch wheels so the at4x more of an off-road setup has the 18-inch wheel this being more of a street truck has 22-inch wheels the size of flying saucers you do need an official ufo license to drive this vehicle

So just something to be aware of if you’re going to go ultimate it kind of makes sense you’re going you’re going big and you’re going to go home now on the inside one of the special touches for this ultimate is a new wood trim it’s called pilato wood trim and i’m telling you wait until you see what’s coming up soon in the photos like i mentioned at the start of

The video they’re bringing it to an all new level of fit and finish and there is a super close-up of that grill it’s kind of nice that they went a little darker color on the gmc badge and obviously i’m holding back the zonks because i need to see this in person but i do see functional air curtains which is good i do see led fog lamps two thumbs up the tow hooks

Up front to pull those lesser trucks out so it’s gonna be great to finally get our hands on this in person now if you’re wondering joe what about engines you’re still going to have that big bad boy that 6.2 liter naturally aspirated v8 still pumping out 420 horsepower 10-speed automatic transmission is what it’s made it to there’s two other engine options that

I really want to focus on in this review but before we do look at that interior this is the interior from the at4x so like i told you i wasn’t lying i wasn’t fibbing i’m not crying wolf that is an updated interior now you’ll notice that when you go sierra with the bucket seats up front the center console that is the first of an electric shifter so that shift

Lever is all electric connected to make it shift from drive to park to neutral so on and so forth you’ll also notice new infotainment and they’re taking it right from the hummer ev plucked it right out and dropped it right in you’re looking at not 10 inches not 12 inches yes a baker’s dozen of inches it’s a 13.4 inch infotainment system but guess what that’s

Not it of course you’re going to get wireless apple carplay wireless android auto some of the best resolution cameras in the business there’s your supercruise so there’s the light that’s at the top of the steering wheel that lights up green to let you know when it’s active look what else you got there big boy you have that full digital gauge display so that’s a

12.3 inch digital gauge display and then above the dash kind of hard to see in this photo 15 inch head up display and just like before you can position it any which way from sunday that you want whatever makes you feel good whatever makes you feel comfortable it’s like driving around with your wubby wrapped around you and if you don’t know what a wubby is that

Would be that blanket that you would not let go of when you were a little kid you could actually wrap yourself in that while you’re driving this new gmc truck now what are some other things going on on that interior like i said you’re getting all that great technology you’re gonna still get the great ventilated seats the heated seats more connectivity plus

You’re getting finer uses of leather a nice quality leather piping the stitch work the whole nine yards but let’s go back to power and while i’m talking about power there’s the interior of the gmc denali ultimate with that pilates wood in there looking sexy looking sleek i’m so glad they didn’t put a veneer finish on it that just makes it too shiny and gives

Me a headache while i’m driving because of the sun glare but let’s talk more about other engine options 2.7 liter turbo charge 4 cylinder you’re looking at now has 420 pound feet of torque it’s got a more rigid block to take more of that stress for that day-to-day work that day-to-day play you could tow up to 9600 pounds with it and they revised the 8-speed

Automatic and then of course that turbo diesel the duramax 3 liter duramax turbocharged engine you’re looking at 277 horsepower 460 pound feet of torque you now can tow a tree stump pulling 13 700 pounds worth of towing capacity with that duramax engine look at the interior i absolutely am stunned in a very very good way with what they’ve done with the piping

The stitching that horizontal stitching brings everything out and this is the way it should have been but it’s nice that it’s finally coming for 2022 having these changes having these different finishes really allows us to see the direction that general motors is going in with gmc as a brand of course the sierra truck and this definitely separates it from the

Silverado yes you’ll still be able to get your silverado high country that will have a lot of nice features as well but it’s nice to see that delineation because gmc is recognized as a more premium brand over chevrolet and then the last thing as we’re looking at that wood finish you’re getting that google built-in technology so it’s not just about screens it’s

Not just about you know super cruise because we’re going to super cruise wherever we want to go right it’s also about that other technology like the google built in and of course also that electronic shifter but i am hoping that this has been beneficial to bring to you i definitely want to thank chad again and everybody at gmc for allowing radies rides access

To these press materials very excited to see how this truck is going to be accepted and how it’s going to go up against the new boys that redesigned toyota tundra hello we brought it to you here on radius rides of course we have changes with the ford f-150 we showcased a lot of those different trims and variants and then of course we still got nissan and who can

Forget about ram because you know they’re going to be bringing it even more but if you want to keep seeing as we’re looking at the back seats here if you want to keep seeing these virtual unveils on randy’s rides put in the comment section let me know what you think about this truck are you excited for the new gmc sierra 1500 for 2022 would you go 84 x or are

You gonna go denali ultimate put it in the comment section if you’re new the channel though and you’re on your way out hit that subscribe button i promise you it’s worthwhile come back for more if you are a subscriber thank you for being part of the radio’s reddit family if you want to help us keep making great content just for you on the channel click the link

In the description get yourself some raties rise merch gotta give it up to the queen of the camera working it like a champ this whole time she’s been holding the camera steady no gimbal no support that’s what she does she gets it done show lori some love in that comment section thank you lori for all that you do and just like always guys i’ll see you on the next ride

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Is the NEW 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X and Denali Ultimate a BETTER truck to BUY? By Raiti’s Rides