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Is the NEW 2023 Nissan Altima the BEST midsize sedan to BUY?

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Hey guys what’s up it’s already from radius rides we are back here once again for another virtual unveil this time it’s coming from nissan now nissan keep to their word bringing out tons of redesigns new models and refreshes and that’s what we are all here for for this particular one it’s the changed up updated switched around 2023 nissan ultima so without

Further ado i don’t want to keep you waiting let’s dive in and see is this the mid-size to buy and there it is rolling down the road that is your updated changed up 2023 ultima now i’m a little confused because i thought it would be a redesign but i also kind of understand where nissan’s coming from because remember they’ve been keeping to their word they held

Their promise they didn’t welch on the deal of going through their whole lineup making some redesigns bringing some new models to market like the upcoming aria and then also doing something like a refresh and a change up to this ultima now what’s interesting is that i really feel like the ultima when you look at this generation when it first came out i think

That was really showing what nissan was doing with their style i know aesthetically a lot of people fell in love with it not only with the outside but also the inside very interesting to see the changes that they made now what’s kind of fascinating is i’m seeing a little bit of a mixture of hyundai elantra kind of thrown in there even though i know the elantra is

A compact sedan almost like the elantra n the way that the grill looks but i’m digging the wheels and i also feel a little bit of nissan maxima because you know there’s been discussion of them killing off the nissan maxima but i’m loving the side view even though the whole greenhouse and everything the glass the trim is going to be the same as what you’ve seen

This past model year i think that the way that they change the wheels and the front bumper and rear bumper really set the whole car apart now what you’re going to find is is of course you’re going to get a new v-motion grille you’re going to get those new wheels standard wheel which is on an sv trim that’s going to be your your base your entry level trim will

Have 17 inch wheels all the other trims so whether you go uh s r s l or s r v c turbo which there it is there’s your variable compression turbocharged engine you’re going to be getting 19-inch wheels and each one will have a distinct design on the interior you’re gonna be able to get an optional 12.3 inch infotainment system think about it that’s an upgrade

Of over four inches could you imagine what you could do with your life with an additional extra four inches of infotainment space that’s going to allow you to have the different apps you got your apple carplay android auto it’s the same system they plucked it from the mighty massive nissan armada suv and now it’s in this ultima but like i was saying the ultima

Really kind of showcased the changes that they were making look how nice the swipe features are the clear graphics you’re gonna have availability of a 360 degree camera nice back up camera watching it roll down the road like i said i’m seeing some of that maxima kind of thrown in there but i’m liking the direction of the style especially with this sr trim now

When you go sr trim you’re getting a unique black grille and also thank you nissan dark chrome accents my only zonk that i could see as of right now and i don’t even need a magnifying glass to figure it out is the trim across the roof line that goes into the rear pillar it looks like shiny bright metal work to me and if you’re gonna do dark chrome it needs to be

Complete but i’m digging the badge if you notice in the grill they’re adding an sr badge gives it a very nice sense of something different compared to the previous model year and then what are some other new things guess what new colors you have a color called gray sky pearl which is supposed to be mind-blowing and then garnet pearl metallic those are two new

Colors on top of all the other colors my big question is and i don’t know if anybody could tell me out there those corner vents are they’re gonna be functional because as of right now it looks like it’s just blocked off which we know what’s gonna happen with that right it’s potentially gonna have a zonk would have been nice to have some fog lights down in there

Or if they’re functional fingers crossed that really to me is the way to go i also like the way they didn’t go with black wheels on the sr trim you got your black grille you got your black trim you got led headlights led daytime running lamps led turn signals all standard but now you’re getting those nice silver gray wheels it’s it’s it’s kind of refreshing to

See a little bit of change from just the black wheels all over the place now the design does look a little complicated maybe what you’re a little worried about cleaning off the brake dust but it’s a labor of love and like i said if you’re not looking back at your car after you park it you bought the wrong car but so far looking at the different angles it really

Feels like this is a very very new very fresh nissan altima especially with the way that they did the interior you still got the seven inch digital gauge cluster with your analog gauges i know they still have lori’s favorite option which are going to be those uh nasa developed zero gravity seats and i like the way that they continue to do the stitching the flat

Bottom steering wheel i know a lot of race car fans out there want that flat bottom wheel you’re getting your flat bottom wheel but i’m really liking the stitching wireless charging usbcs usbas what else do we got going on here you can get this front-wheel drive you can get it all-wheel drive eight-way power adjustable driver seat which is nice that 12.3 inch

Digital display like i said and then you’re gonna have your two engine options and here’s where it gets a little zonk filled as i like to say both of them are going to be four cylinders you’re gonna have your standard 2.5 liter inline four pumping out 188 horsepower what is it mated to i thought for sure i was willing to bet money on it thank god i didn’t that

They were gonna put the nine-speed automatic in this ultima no it’s the extronic transmission what the heck does that mean it’s a cvt so you still got the cbt on your standard engine and i hate to say it even with the vc turbo that variable compression turbo that puts out almost 250 horsepower you still got an x-tronic cvt transmission it would have been nice

For them to bump up these horsepower numbers a little bit more if they could squeeze 275 out of that vc turbo give it the all-wheel drive and give it a nine-speed automatic it seems to me like that’s almost a no-brainer for somebody that would want some sporty feel some nice acceleration and some engagement but from this angle here i’m loving what they’ve done

To the front end it’s just the big question is how functional it is and i like the way that they start the body lines for the hood it actually starts on the front fascia and then you’ll also notice that on this sr trim you got gloss black mirrors i i am zonk in that trim though that goes into the rear um the rear pillar it’s it’s shiny bright metal it needs

To be dark chrome finish also on the back i would like to see a little bit better exhaust finisher setup give me some nice exhausts on both sides just to give it that extra sporty feel i mean i’m seeing it a little bit i guess i need to see it in person so that’s the challenge with these virtual unveils it’s great because they get me the information the great

People at nissan and i bring it to you but until we see this at the next auto show and i’m going to probably say this will be at the detroit auto show which remember for 2022 has been moved to september and it’s back within the convention center of downtown detroit but there’s your variable compression turbo very neat technology but it’s crazy that they have

That variable compression turbo but yet they still have a cvt transmission of course it’s going to be interesting to see what they do with their fuel economy but i’m i’m digging the changes that they made to the interior i i i know some of you and let me know how you feel about this would you have liked to seen a full 12.3 inch digital gauge display and is this

The midsize sedan that you would buy over a camry which remember it hasn’t been redesigned yet a honda accord which hasn’t been redesigned yet can’t say mazda6 because those are long gone right now and then you got the sonata and the k5 i think many of you would probably my guess would be k5 i think a lot of you would go the kia k5 route maybe an accord and

Then a camry i think that would be the top three for how many of you would choose but let me let me know which way you would go with your mid-size sedan but seeing it roll down the road here i mean it’s looking pretty good and i can’t wait to see these new colors that’s for sure one other thing is let’s see if we can see it i don’t see it from this angle what

About a trunk lid spoiler especially on an sr have it on the on the trunk and let me know what you think about the two different engine options would you like to see something different but until the day comes to where we can see this in person let me know how you feel it’s interesting what nissan is doing with their lineup you know when you go and you look

At the sentra the versa obviously this ultima the new z the armada the titan the pro 4x version of the frontier it’s interesting to see what they’re doing here with their lineup and i’m rooting for them i would like to see them really succeed and i’m also looking forward to getting the first drive in the aria that all-new ev so let me know what your thoughts

Are on this ultima nissan ultima not ultima ultima let me know what your thoughts are if this is the midsize sedan for you especially with these changes or what what brand are you gonna go with trust me nissan looks so put it down there in the comment section but if you’re new to the channel you’re on your way out hit that subscribe button i promise you it’s

Worthwhile come back for more if you are a subscriber thank you thank you for being part of the radius rights family we got to give it up who else not me not my dog dillinger he didn’t help set up this room but he is a pretty damn good dog we got to give it up to lori working this whole camera set up this beautiful backdrop i almost want to see some pyrotechnics

I think that’s what she’s working on next but uh she’s giving me uh the sign she’s making a sign with her hands at the heart i love you too show her some love in the comment section thank you lord for all that you do and just like always guys i’ll see you on the next

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Is the NEW 2023 Nissan Altima the BEST midsize sedan to BUY? By Raiti’s Rides