Is the New Ferrari 812 Competizione all Hype?

Hi guys welcome back to the channel in this video I will be discussing whether the new Ferrari 812 competizione is worth it from mr collection or bbr models please let me know what you guys think in the comments 👍

Hi guys welcome back to the channel hope everyone’s doing well if you haven’t yet subscribed to the channel please make sure that you hit that subscribe button we’re getting close to 450 subscribers on the channel which is great and in today’s video i’m going to be doing a talk on ferrari and their new release their ferrari 812 competition 2021 and weather or

Whether or not it’s worth getting and adding to my ferrari collection now for me personally i’ll say from the start of the video i’m not overly keen on the model i think it’s a bit of a hype car i think it’s all um a bit too hyped up um but that’s that typical ferrari i suppose were there with a new limited edition car and i’m sure as many of you guys know mr

And bbr models have up released it onto their websites their intentions of making the um the car they’ve released a variety of different colors and different specifications and i thought i would do a video on this and see what you guys think whether it should be added to the collection um on the turntable i’ve got the f12 tdf which is similar to the um the new 812

Competition it’s based along the same line and this is the more track focused the more aggressive version of the standard f12 like the 812 competition is the more track focused um aggressive version of the 812 superfast so it comes from the same line in ferrari and personally i’ve always preferred the how the f12 looks over the um eight one two and that’s just

Probably my my personal preference but i’ll be very intrigued to think um what you guys think of the car in the comments and whether or not it’s worth adding and worth having it to the um ferrari collection that i’ve got um i’ve had a look on the mrmbl website i’ll leave their link in the description and they’ve they’ve got some quite nice specifications and if

I was ever going to consider buying one i’ll probably go for the yellow the um giallo tristore the triple layer yellow like the um the f12 tdf that i’ve got i think it’s a great color for ferraris and i’ve got quite a bit of red ones and so it’s nice to change up the color specification um but i don’t i don’t think could be coming to the collection really um

Anytime soon i’ve got a lot of them bugatti’s on pre-order from mr at the moment so that’s kind of um my budget and kind of tied up with mr and for you guys who are new to the channel i’ve got the mr collection bugatti bleed the bugatti love on noir and the bugatti 300 plus um chiron sport um which is which which which are all supposed to come early this year

Or maybe in last year but obviously due to the pandemic those have been delayed but i’ll be sharing them on the channel shortly and but in terms of ferrari and bringing it back to the topic of the video the next ferraris that will be coming um to the channel is from bbr the ferrari f50 which is a great car i’ve always loved the f50 um i like the um tesla ross’s

Um as well and also the 360 that bvr is making and i think that’s going to be a really popular car it’s already most of the colors on that have already sold out which is absolutely um nuts considering it’s quite an old car but i think collectors will go for that more than the um the newer stuff so that’ll be coming on the channel and that’ll be a really good video

To share with you guys and but in terms of the 812 competition let me know in the comments whether i should get it whether it should be um an addition and i’ll be very intrigued to see what you guys think and so please let me know in the comments please like subscribe to the channel lots more videos to come and i’ll see you guys soon take care

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Is the New Ferrari 812 Competizione all Hype? By HNK’s Model Car Collection