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Is the Porsche Cayenne a Good Family Vehicle?

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In today’s tour I explore the beautiful Porsche Cayenne Hybrid from the perspective of a mom and child passenger safety tech!

Laughs hey guys it’s kelly and welcome back to my channel i am so excited because i have a pretty freaking cool car behind me and then my friends is a porsche cayenne coupe hybrid yes that is right a hybrid porsche and today we are going to review it from a family’s perspective if this is your first time joining me hey i’m kelly and i’m the car my review cards

For moms and for families i’m a mom of two almost three and i’m a certified child passenger safety tech so let’s take a look at that super sporty coop style suv and see just how functional it is for car seats okay but first let’s just take a moment to look at the front end of this car i’ve been driving this all week never felt cooler than i have in this vehicle

Starting off with the front end we have the classic porsche headlights right here that really just go into the hood of the vehicle as well as some great looking hood lines our beautiful porsche logo right here which just like screams luxury like literally what is not to love about it and i’m absolutely obsessed with this like mattish grayish creamish kind of paint

Color that we’re having honestly this cayenne comes in so many beautiful colors i definitely suggest you go to portia’s website and check out the colors this car comes in because it is stunning a little bit of some black elements right here to cool off the engine our front camera our sensors overall it’s a very beautiful classic looking front end that just kind

Of like screams luxury i mean there’s nothing else on the road that looks like the porsche cayenne okay so starting on the side profile so like i said this is what they’re calling the coop honestly i don’t think it looks that much different than the typical cayenne i mean i guess we have a little bit more of a sloped roof line and when we open up the trunk we

Definitely have that more coupe style trunk um i was a little worried about what that would do to the spacing of the vehicle but i actually think you’re going to be pretty impressed when you see what the back seat looks like so let’s start by taking a look at these wheels absolutely stunning two-tone multi-spoke wheels i think they look gorgeous loving the body

Color fenders and how about this e-hybrid logo right here kind of like a matte black cursive badging i think it’s beautiful this is a plug-in hybrid so you actually plug this vehicle in and then you can use adjust then you can use just an electric range if you want to or of course you can drive it on its gas range as well okay moving down to the rest of the car we

Have some nice blackout elements on this specific model so like the mirror caps are black around the windows are black the door handles are black really just kind of like cleaning it up i really like what that does to the contrast of the vehicle this vehicle is pretty simple as far as like its body lines are concerned so it’s fun to have some cool elements like

That okay so this is our gas cap back here so i’m going to put gas in the car it goes here our electric one is on the other side so just so you know gases on this side electric’s on here when we move on to the rest of the car we have our rear spoiler a little one right here as well and then we have the back end of the porsche cayenne i actually think the back end

Is beautiful i love this porsche badging inside this tail light bar right here i think it’s beautiful and the cayenne just small centered matte black on the back of the vehicle so overall i mean what is not to love about this exterior it’s probably one of my favorite looking cars on the road but let’s get into the interior we’ll talk about the cup holders the

Driver’s comfort some of the safety and then we’ll get to that car seat set up okay so this is where we went to the driver’s side as you can see here’s where you would plug it in to utilize that plug-in hybrid function found on this cayenne so that one’s electric that one’s gas i kind of like that they’re both back here instead of having like the hybrid one up

There like we’ve seen some of the other vehicles to me this you don’t necessarily know it’s a hybrid right away because you don’t have like the plug-in at the top so i thought that was kind of a fun little touch here we are in the driver’s seat of the porsche cayenne and what’s i didn’t think i was gonna like this car so much because it’s typically not been like

My bread and butter of what i look for in a vehicle but just the way this car makes me feel it is so luxury so it was just i just feel awesome let’s break down the store panel slightly okay so we have some nice black leather with some of this like pretty white contrast stitching a little bit of a door handle right here does it kind of simulate like the racing

Vibes of this car probably is trying to emulate and then we have some side cubbies here the side cubbies are actually fabulous this is a 30 ounce the only water bottle with nothing about room so let’s break down some more of like the comfort and the convenience features and i guess some like the driving features i’ll found on this porsche cayenne so starting

With our steering wheel it’s a beautiful steering wheel just has a lot of like elements on it i think taught kind of to simulate like what it would be like to drive a race car so we have paddle shifters right here and then we have all of our audio controls here some of our phone controls and we also have this little customizable button right here i really love

When i see cars do this because basically you can set whatever you want that to be on your steering wheel and then underneath here we also have all of our cruise control things and our different driving modes so that’s like a lot going plus our blinkers and our windshield wiper so there’s a lot going on on the steering wheel but again i think i kind of like that

It makes it feels like i’m driving more of a sports type kind of car dash um nothing like crazy creative like it’s not like those crazy dashes that we see in like some of the other high-end luxury cars but it feels simple and like a again race car heritage kind of way so i’m okay with that i thought that this clock was really fun it’s so funny like in the lexus i

Don’t really get it but here i’m like oh i totally get it it’s like if i was doing hot laps i wanted to know how quickly i was going now i would like have that like clear visual so i don’t know i thought that was just like kind of a fun little touch um we’ve got our rear view mirror obviously tiny little mirror right here but it does the job panoramic sunroof

If you look at the roof you can’t open the panoramics under if that’s again something you find a lot on those more like coop style cars but what that gives you is an uninterrupted view of the sky so like there’s no like glass or there’s no like black bar right here so i think it looks beautiful was kind of expecting a little bit of an upgraded headliner i know

It’s an option where you can get like more of those suede style headliners i just feel like for the price of this car i’m surprised that a suede headliner wouldn’t have been included in the vehicle so not loving the headliner situation okay moving down here we have our display so it’s a nice touch screen display that’s completely built in um and you know what

It’s like it’s pretty user friendly like they’re they’re they have all the things like navigation apple carplay android auto um you know some information about like your charging station because this is a hybrid display is pretty user friendly i also like that it had a search button right here so you could just quickly search for what you want to define maybe

Throughout your display i’ve been using the apple carplay i haven’t had any problems with it so that’s always a positive you can also do like erasing things like if you want to like film yourself film yourself like you know time yourself i don’t know display overall pretty simple like no like super crazy fun easter egg sound in there but let’s move down to here

So this is kind of giving us like that cockpit style feel we’ve got some more handles right here um and then i like that our buttons are here versus here i just think this is kind of like a creative way to utilize the space i mean don’t get me wrong i would kind of like more cup holders but if i’m not going to get that i kind of have been enjoying these buttons

So we have like our climate control right here heated seats ventilated seats on both sides our shifter our parking brake and i can’t figure out what this thing’s for and i know a lot of you are going to say the keys but i feel like it’s like kind of big for the cute i mean it fits the key i just it feels like something should be here and i just don’t know what

That something is it’s too small for my phone i don’t know but overall i really thought it was interesting to like have some buttons right here and i really liked that um i don’t know where the shifter is volume buttons right here it’s like this little rolled textured thing which was kind of unique i haven’t seen a lot of cars have that and then we get into our

Cup holder so two cup holders right here um fits my giant water bottle great and i think the cup holder placement of this car is really nice too because it doesn’t like necessarily block any of the controls right here so it’s like just comfortably here looking into our center console tiny not much to talk about two usbc’s right there where that’s kind of all

We’ve got in terms of that i do think the visibility in this car is not ideal um i kind of like know that comes with the coupe styling of the vehicle but there’s something i want to point out as someone who reviews cars for families and like with safety being top of mind this is a huge blind spot for me right here and the windows of this car are just a little

Bit smaller so this pillar is big and i’m not like met with a super bright window and then out the back end and my visibility is okay it’s just it seems to just be a little shallow but i i expected that a little bit more with the with the buys out of this car i do feel like those these back windows would just be a little bit bigger if this pillar could have been

A little smaller i would have better visibility all to say is it does have good crash prevention technology of course we have our blind spot our front occlusion warning all of those things so the safety features are there um just from a visibility standpoint okay so here is a look at our beautiful leather seats look at the porsche logo just embossing the leather

Like that and then the headrests are fun because you can actually move them out and in to make them more comfortable whatever your preference is and then lots of great perforated leather right here some of the upgrades you can get on this car i was looking online they were beautiful also kind of would have loved to seen like this is just like me being picky but

Like i think like a different color seat belt would have been cool thinking about like what’s in the lamborghini urus i know that’s not like a total fair comparison to this vehicle just like felt like a time where they could have like added something like a little fun to the vehicle um but overall i think the seats are really comfortable they are kind of like that

Sports style seat so they are um they do hug you nicely they contour great and this part right here is also adjustable so you can move this part out to give you some more leg support for taller drivers like myself so i always love that what i’m going to do now is i’m going to get these seats sacked and then we’re going to check out the second row and see how

Many kiddos we can fit back there okay as far as our car seat setup is concerned this is a five passenger car so the back seat is pretty standard we have three seats back there which means we have two sets of lower anchors on both outboard seats and then three tether anchors across the bench we’re going to dive in a little bit deeper and talk about exactly what

That means and how this coupe affects car seats so i’ll sit back here first okay so here i am in the second row this seat set for myself so off the bat look at my leg room really spacious the seats are nice and wide too like i’m not pouring over onto this additional seat this is not a 60 40 bench seat the seats are a little bit more separate so the two outboard

Seats are the same size which i like especially from a car seat or passenger perspective as far as my head clearance is i feel like it looks like i’m ducking to like get over the door panel but i actually have plenty of clearance when i’m actually inside the vehicle and it’s actually like a really comfortable back seat i’m actually pretty impressed loving the

Vents on the side right here i mean i would love them on the ceiling but like that’s a wishful thinking in a car like this but the fact that they’re here and here does a lot for ventilation in the second row so i think that is amazing and then we have all of our climate control down here so heated seats on the outboard seats and then we actually have four zone

Climate control so like they can control their climate and they can control their climate which is kind of cool so like if you have kids who can’t agree on the temperature they can each have their own back here which i thought was kind of fun and then two more usbcs found back here as well okay so as far as the car seat setups go i was actually excited so i

Brought an infancy just to kind of give us an idea of what the spacing looks like between the driver’s seat and the second row this seat again i have set for myself at about six feet tall and i have some actually some really nice clearance i also appreciate that these seats can recline back here i feel like the seats are a good width they’re not um too shallow

So i don’t have like some crazy overhanging overhang happening with my car seats overall i feel actually great about the car seat installation so that is a thumbs up for me a couple of things i’m not loving let me get out and i’ll show you okay so a couple of things about like getting kids in and out of the cars um i think the coop roof does make it a little

Harder because it is a little bit lower a vehicle like you’ve got to watch heads if you’re putting in like you know older children also if you look at these doors they don’t open that incredibly wide like it’s not that 90 degree kind of turn so it can make getting the pumpkin seat in and out a little difficult because like i’m hitting it here my elbow’s hitting

The door here so like i’m gonna have to rotate which doesn’t look like a big deal because this car seat’s empty but like put a 20 pound baby in here it could just be a little hard to get in and out so like not a deal breaker like if you’re die hard on this car like i’m telling you your child will fit you might just have a little trouble getting them in and out

So overall i’m having a lot of fun with the car and like take the car seat set up out of it if i had like all the money in the world i would like take my kids to school in my expedition and then like just drive this one around town because i think it’s a lot of fun let’s take a look at the trunk shall we so here you can see this is that coupe style roof so the

Whole trunk opens like this and then we have a privacy cover here as well i forgot my stroller sorry i guess i’ll blame it on the pregnancy brain but here is um the charging station that they had just sent that porsche has sent us for the week and then also a camera bag so you actually have good trunk space with and lengthwise but here’s where you’re losing it

And this actually came out the other day because i took this car to target to buy some storage bins and it was too tall so like the actual storage bin was too tall and you know i tried to remove the privacy cover i didn’t really have success with that like it didn’t i didn’t have enough i guess depth so i actually had to end up putting it in the second row so

That’s where the trunk space is lacking to me so good width good length good for stroller provided i just don’t come up too high that’s i guess what i’m trying to say another thing to note is just like how high this thing comes up so like i’m six feet tall so i have no trouble reaching it you may have to adjust the settings if you’re a little shorter because just

The way that entire tailgate comes up i mean it’s pretty high anyway that is my porsche cayenne coupe hybrid tour i’m having a lot of fun with this vehicle it’s a little out of my wheelhouse so hopefully i did the vehicle justice i felt like what i wanted to bring to the table was how are the cubbies how are the cup holders how are the car seats and hopefully

You feel like i delivered that and if you want to know more about like the performance and all those things there’s plenty of other tours out there for you so thank you guys so much for watching please subscribe to my channel give this video a thumbs up and comment below which vehicle tour you want to see next

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