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Is The Rivian R1T A Good Dog Hauler?

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Alyssa takes Bleu and Ellie out in the new electric Rivian R1T to see how the pickup would work for dog owners and shares her opinions.

This episode of out of spec reviews is brought to you by magna more on that later hi guys and welcome to another out of spec reviews video apologize for the crying dog in the back he’s very excited to do a review on what it’s like and is the ribbian r1t dog friendly let’s check it out well blue gets in fine but the first step is getting this girl and seeing

If she is able to get in ellie come on let’s go come on come on ellie come on was it hard for you come on let’s go you got it come on let’s go let’s go nope come on in you wanna go in the front seat a lift up it’s a little too hard for her to get in she is just a lazy she’s only four years old but she cannot do much poor girl candy ellie you’re a little

Lazy this episode is proudly brought to you by magna magna is a mobility technology company that is super unique because they touch every aspect of almost every car in the market especially a lot of electric vehicles and they even can produce vehicles from the ground up now you may remember i shot a series just recently testing some of their new electric vehicle

Powertrains so stay tuned for a lot of magna content to come we’re going to be going in depth with some really interesting topics with these guys and out of spec wants to thank magna for sponsoring this review and tons of other videos to come right here on out of spec we look forward to working with magna to define and find out what the future of mobility looks

Like as for space i mean it’s just an obvious truck style the backspace has a lot i’m sure you can eventually find something that makes us into kind of like a platform because we figured out you cannot fold the seats down but obviously there is plenty of room for two 80 pound dogs one that’s very excited and slightly crazy so let’s go check out more features so

First test we’ll do with blue is can he go through the tunnel blue come on ready go on easy blue come here ready do it again in the tunnel blue come here blue come oh good boy yes good boy sit yes good boy so one great feature ellie thinks that the vegan leather i think it is tastes great uh no but you can control the vents and they do have back vents but

One thing that’s missing is side vents and especially for larger dogs like this side vents are just so much better to get all the airflow that they could possibly need if the window is not down so that is something it is definitely missing as side vent as for storage this does not disappoint i can put all of my dog sport toys in here which is awesome and there’s

Also a cubby right here and then there’s just plenty of space behind and of course the space inside of here can fit plenty of stuff and then there is always the trunk as well which obviously up can definitely fit a doggo so unlike the tesla there is no dog mode which is pretty upsetting and you can control it from the app but we don’t have access to the app so i

Have no way of telling you guys whether i would trust it or not especially during hot climates i honestly probably wouldn’t i would have probably the waggle or something in here that would tell me whether it got too hot because ellie’s already panting and i mean it’s what 57 degrees here so that’s a major downside we do think that the leather would actually hold

Up to eli to these nails so that’s something that’s very important when purchasing a car for your dogs that just are dog friendly the interior i don’t think we get ruined by dogs it’s very it’s meant to take abuse and rugged and all that good stuff to wrap up this video would i get this car in mind of wanting to get a really dog friendly car yes it would work

But no it wouldn’t be something i prefer i would always just prefer an suv because it just gives you more space especially for multiple dogs blue is pretty much taking the space up all back there when he was laying down so unless there is a way which i’m sure there is just to make it a flat platform back there i don’t foresee it being uh completely dog friendly

As these guys really love to sprawl out when they’re on road trips um so yeah i mean it’s it’s obviously an amazing truck i love it um but i would not buy it in terms of dog friendliness it’s i just wouldn’t buy a truck um for my dogs i mean for people who are like hunters and stuff like that yeah this truck would be awesome the truck bed space is absolutely

Amazing you can definitely fit a couple gunner kennels in there probably two i would guess depending on your dog size so that side is really awesome and they have good tie downs and all that so um if you’re into like outdoor dog sports and you need a truck yeah this would definitely be the a great lifestyle truck for you but for just kind of basic dog needs and

Um traveling i i don’t like personally having um kennel them and kennels in the back they’re just not used to it like sporting dogs are so the space back here could definitely fit some kennels but then it would just take up the whole space at the back and we would just have the front um so i would definitely i’m excited to see what the r1 s has in store for us i

Think that will definitely be the winner for me but kyle definitely likes this car and it has a ton of space i mean i didn’t show you guys the front space up there is massive it’s way bigger than the tesla’s it’s very deep i’ll b-roll that over right here so you guys can get a look at that as well um but it is it’s an awesome truck it it rides really smoothly it

Actually runs a lot like i like our tesla i mean the the gear shifts and stuff like that is identical to the tesla um it’s just missing the dog mode which is huge and um it does have the movable vents just like the tesla and other than that blue would you like some back vents back there yeah i think you would so thank you for watching along in this video i hope

I’ve answered some questions for you guys i know it wasn’t the most in-depth video i’ve honestly haven’t spend too much time with this truck so this is pretty much uh at first glance do i see this as a really dog friendly car and my answer is no unless you’re into uh sporting with hunting and stuff like that and usually keep your kennels in the back so thanks for

Watching see you in the next one bye you

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Is The Rivian R1T A Good Dog Hauler? By Out of Spec Reviews