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Video about the new Volvo XC90:

Hey guys chris here just over a week ago i dropped a video of what i believe is the brand new volvo xc90 based on design patented photos filed by volvo but a lot of you people disagree with me in the comment section of that video you didn’t believe that this was the brand new volvo xc90 but rather a facelifted version of the current generation so in this video we’re

Gonna dive deep into detail of those photos and bring you a whole bunch of new photos and talk about why it’s most certainly not a facelifted version of the current generation volvo x9d and i actually don’t think it is the brand new volvo xc90 either so watch till the end to find out what the heck i’m talking about but quickly before we do that i just want to give

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Actually use the discount code sap refa to get 10 off the purchase of a septico home charger we’re gonna start this video with why i most definitely think this is not a facelift of the current generation volvo xc90 and we’re gonna go through all the photos so starting off with the front three-quarter view of this car you can see this has a blanked out grille and

What that means is this is a fully electric version and we know from you know what volvo have said earlier is that it’s not possible to build a fully electric version of any car on the spa one platform this is the platform that underpins the xc90 the xc60 v90 s90 and xv90 cross country and also the polestar one so these cars have had you know started with a 9.5

Kilowatt hour uh battery pack for the hybrid versions and i think it’s up to now 11 and a half or 1200 maybe 13 and a half i haven’t followed you know the hybrid powertrain of that car lately but i don’t know somewhere between 12 and 14. and then in the pollster one it has a 38 kilowatt hour battery pack if i’m not mistaken so very far off the 111 kilowatt hour

Battery pack that i think this car is going to have based on what we have of information of the pulse r3 that should be on the same platform of this car so i mean either way this having this front end blanked out this has to be a new platform this has to be a car on a new platform nothing on the current generation vol sba one platform and then we can move over to

The hood so you know i mean this the bumper design can be new with a facelift the front fenders can be new even the front hood can be new but what you have here is a very different shut line because this has a clam clam shell hood and i have never seen a facelift version of any car go from non-clam shell to clamshell or clamshell to non-clamshell that just seems

To be a very expensive thing to do you know design wise doing a big change like that just changing where the latches are and just you know overall a very big design if this is a facelifted version this is the biggest redo of a front end of any car i know about i mean hit me up out there i mean in the comment section down below if you know of a facelift that has a

Bigger difference in i mean i mean it’s similar in design because this is the design language but i mean brand new panels brand new hood that you know closes and shuts in a completely different place than this front end but i think you know the real nail in the coffin to why this is not a a facelift is the greenhouse so on the current generation volvo xc90 the

The the window kicks up at b i mean past the d pillar it has that kink where it kicks up here it kicks i mean past the c pillar so past the back doors here it kicks up behind the front door and before the c-pillar that means a whole new greenhouse on this side and that also means a brand new uh rare three-quarter panel and again i have never seen a facelift of

Any car where they actually change the greenhouse of the glass area that’s why i think this is a brand new design yes i do agree guys it is very similar to the current generation volvo xc90 but look at the past five generations of range rover very small design changes all the way i mean especially the current one the brand new one to the last one it’s very hard

To see a difference and also in the range rover sport but manufacturers know that when they have a winning design that is so recognizable like volvo have with the current generation volvo x90 why would you change it too much that just does not make sense so yes it is similar and you may just be disappointed or not about that and let me know down below if you’re

Disappointed and why are disappointed that is totally fine i mean i’m disappointed about designs all the time but i just think this is the right move and correct move or volvo to not change the design too much so yes it looks similar but because they you know did that intentionally you also have the mirrors i mean that’s a thing where it has the same type of

Mirrors as you have on the pulse r2 you could easily you know retrofit that to a current generation voltage 90. but what would be harder is you know the actual door profile and again you can see how it kicks down there on the the lower part of the side skirts on the door or the middle section it’s completely different to the current generation volvo x90 so if this

Is a facelift it has not only has brand new sheet metal across the whole car it actually has a brand new greenhouse and i have never ever seen that in a facelift you’ve seen that from generation to generation even on the same platform of car but we’ve never ever seen that on just a facelift and you also have the flush door handles that supposedly i don’t know if

They do they pop out or do you ha are they kind of like volkswagen id 3 and id4 where you you just grab them behind the the door handle or just put your hand up i’m not sure if we go over to the rare design also i think this is quite telling where you have a brand new uh the light bar usually went from the roof and then down to the bumper now that is completely

Separated again that the rear three quarter is completely new here and also the deck everything is new and this has you know more of a similar design that clam shell or a taillight to a pulse or to the volvo uh c40 and also the pull star too though it’s not you know connected it’s separated here compared to the pulse r2 where it does wrap around so i just think

This is a brand new car based on those things and also we have the interior we have interior photos here the dashboard looks to be quite new though or completely new though the center screen disappointingly looks kind of small i hope they make that bigger but you also have a brand new center console here and we don’t know if this is the front or the rear but i’m

Guessing this is the front and if you look at this guys it has a floating design where it’s completely open uh down to the floor almost we have the stores like modern electric cars and if this was the current generation volvo’s xc90 on the spa one platform we know that that is filled with batteries if you just look at you know the xc90 a non-hybrid and hybrid

The the uh center storage is laughable in the hybrid version compared to actually quite usable space in the non-hybrid version that is because of the battery pack this you know just defies that this is most definitely not anything on a spa one platform you also have you have new dashboard design as i showed you guys here here we can see that center store console

Again and i again i believe this is between the front and second row and then we also have a brand new steering wheel design we’ve seen new steering wheel designs between facelifts so this is not an indicator of whether it’s a facelift or not but this is a quite cool design though it does look like it has capacitive buttons which i’m not a fan of but i do like the

Wheel design i hope this gets a airbag cover uh in leather and then you have a camera here i don’t know what this camera is are these uh replaceable i mean are these like optional uh camera wing mirrors i don’t know maybe and then you have the roof i mean it looks quite quite similar and then we have the seats these look to be very similar and again we’ve seen the

Uh i mean new seats between facelifts and not facelifts we also have a new tweeter for the boston wilkins sound system with a brand new design this looks pretty cool this looks like to be it’s more floating uh than what we have had before we also have brand new doors door inserts and again usually facelift brings only uh design changes to the exterior and not the

Interior we have seen i mean completely new dashboards like uh current generation audi q7 between the facelift where it had a brand new dashboard but that was basically lifted out of the audi q8 but the door cards remain the same but i mean this looks it looks very similar but it looks like to be a modern and updated design i really like this the way they’ve been

Doing this i mean it looks really cool and then we have a few renders here of um that i’m gonna credit this to evie drivex a facebook group where i was linked uh all of these photos we have this a white one which it looks like to be just a uh where they’ve used the silhouette of the current generation volvo x90 and just you know overlaid the design and it looks

Like it looks very similar but you can most definitely see this is a completely brand new design and i mean when the current generation volvo xc90 came out people thought it was so similar to the first generation and it was but again that was intentional but looking at those two now back to back you can clearly see how different the current generation is to the

First generation and i think that’s what we’re gonna see here with this but i talked about this being not a current generation just a facelift of the current generation and i think you know this is it is pretty conclusive that is brand new completely body panels and a new greenhouse i mean come on guys i’ve let me know if i’m if i’m mistaken here but i’ve you know

Been following the car world for i don’t know 30 years probably more than 30 years and i have never seen a facelift that has done all of those things i’ve seen a facelift where they you know not a facelift but a new generation on a current generation platform like the uh last the the second first and second generation bentley continental gt on the same platform

I mean it was a heavy revised car but that was never talked about as a facelift that was a completely brand new car with even new engines and stuff so i mean let me know if there is a facelift where they even where they not only did all the sheet metal but also the greenhouse let me know down below but i’ve talked about i actually don’t think this is the new

Volvo xc90 either because if we look at these cars in profile you can clearly see that this car has longer front overhangs just a little than the current generation but the rear overhangs are much larger than the current generation volvo xc90 and also the wheelbase looks to be longer so there are two questions here is this the new generation volvo xc90 but

They’ve just made it bigger you know it’s 4.95 meters long maybe they made it 5.2 5.3 here or is this what they’ve been talking about and calling the volvo xc 100 for a long time but instead of calling it the xc100 they’re going to call it the volvo e xc90 so volvo xc90 a brand new version and then an e xc90 e for extended i don’t know we’ve seen cars with ewb

Extended wheelbase this is what you know uh rolls royce and bentley called their long wheelbase cars ewb extended wheelbase car so this may be an extended xc90 so again the actual xc90 may be completely similar to this but this may be the bigger brother and why would they you know pant or trademark the name exe90 and replace the xc90 with it i mean think about

It if they’re not going to do this you know hold embla and it changed you know their the the way they named the cars from alphanumeric to to names why would they not just call it the xc90 it’s such a recognizable nameplate they’ve been making xc90s for more than 20 years and you your grandmother your sister and your brother everybody knows what a volvo xc90 is

It’s one of the most recognized large suv nameplates in the world so why would it just change it up and put an e in front of it unless the e means something else i mean really think about this guys new generation of volvo xc90 they’re going to call it the xc90 makes a lot of sense and then they’re going to call the old xc90 the classic as they did with the last

Few years of the first generation they’re just going to call that the classic xc90 we’re going to have the new xc90 and then instead of having an xc100 we’re going to have an e xc90 that is why i think this looks bigger in profile than the when we know there is going to be a large volvo uh above the xc9 so i mean this makes a lot of sense to do it this way xc90

And exe 90. so i actually think guys this is the xc100 whatever you want to call it i think this is the new model that’s going to be bigger than the current generation vault and the new generation of x90 so let me know what you think down below do you agree with me guys or do you think i’m just completely on a wild path with this hypothesis so i hope you enjoyed

Today’s video if you did please drop me a thumbs up down below and for more car content as always please subscribe see you guys later goodbye

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Is This Really The New Volvo XC90?? | NEW PICS OF INTERIOR! By Kris Rifa