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Is this the Best Garage in Lahore? | Hawai Jahaz Wale Features?

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Foreign let me introduce you to the very first one porsche 911 darga 4. one of my favorite porsches it’s the purest sports car hamisha say porsche lovers evolutionary model go uh generation improvements which is a great sports car pure sports cars foreign natural aspiration is no longer possible porsche also had to go the same way as all the other car companies

Foreign oh look at that modern porsche has been rev limiters unfortunately full crank knickers foreign the essence of a sports car but here we have something way too special yes but let me just first tell you he is 680 horsepower engineer it’s my electric motors as you can tell from e hybrid but this is on top of a turbo s it’s my top cards russian tuning

Company you can see the carbon fiber here carbon fiber here little details like that truffle brown interior on this porsche panamera turbo s e hybrid or sari luxury guys seven series interior finish or build quality it’s not tasteful it’s just too good paldio wood interior you can see the paneling it’s too good alcantara on the roof wood steering wheel it’s

A beautiful car you can do many many miles in this but you bought silently started with the electric power up here saloon compare it to the 7 series s-class it’s just a more refined interior i think current s-class interiors being a hybrid this starts quietly so foot on the brake first twist guardian quietly i mean there you go paddle shifters when you need

Them otherwise it works like an automatic beautiful car you can do many many miles in this double sunroof obviously and it’s got the sports chrono package over there you can tell from the clock and if you’ll come around the back map which is the cow my top car is even already souped up guys just helps you cleave the air more gently it’s all about the details

The devil lies in the details high speed constantly adjusted so you know it’s with though motions if i had to have a saloon i would have this but here it’s a family car e-tron audi very common company but around 250. very good family or um very nice car very comfortable very quietly and it’s as simple as that start stop button break repair and the car is

On you can start driving it i think let’s get out of here you’ve all seen audi e-trons many times before you see them on the road all the time electric cars and it’s a wonderful car great car to do some city miles in but this is something a bit more special range rover souped up by overfinch is foreign range rover and land rover 23-inch wheels with carbon

Fiber detailing here two-tone paint gray and black carbon fiber here carbon fiber here deployable foot packs there we go let’s get in oh yeah like proper luxury car feels like a rolls-royce inside honestly i’m sure the culligan doesn’t feel any different is executive and i’ll tell you what that means these old touchscreen buttons there we go again it’s a

Real luxury car or could be executives yeah they can that’s a comfortable car but that doesn’t end the story well this is the range rover overfinch edition double glazing versus then give us a sound proofing extra privacy let’s get out of here and go on to the next car of course 80 series land cruiser i’m sorry one of the most capable off-road cars is very

Special model foreign nothing new about this slightly face lifted i’m sure is blue body wrap lagawa those are modeling nothing new come on family key welfare collection generations executive lounge pack and then this the 2018 models it’s a very special car sure lots of chrome lots of shine ski led lamp sticker toyota racing development key well a version

Here it’s got a much lower bumper spoiler there is huh foreign very comfortable indeed that’s the button s it blacked out land cruiser fully specked standard car not too much gimmickry going on of course which front bay we’re gonna body kit panels and here’s our favorite suv of the mall lexus lx 570. 5.7 liter engine glorious the other luxurious version

The leather is softer the controls feel more luxurious more wood but nothing that special about this sunroof brown tan leather interior great car foreign edition or off-road capability of course looks quite bulletproof but here’s something a bit more special porsche 924. the car that that later model is based on recently properly restore so this is the

Classic project in the works but yeah 911 the other gentle audience advantages but for the front two passengers this was a very comfortable car quite like a smaller mercedes cl of the time of course this is a much sportier much smaller cares this is a harley davidson very special fat boy 114 cubic inch model harley davidson this is the top of the market a

Very purists harley-davidson fatboy edition what are you limited edition by the way 115th anniversary edition this is bike number 591 of 1100 so limited run very special sounding also limited production harley starts like this cylinders misfire but that’s the magic of the sound harley davidson here or limited production model but personally i prefer this the

Japanese made suzuki boulevard 1.8 foreign this is a very special bike far better engineered than the harley-davidson firing order yay long lasting motorcycle or boulevard is a very popular model but this is a bumblebee color schemed boulevard very special motorcycles much cheaper prices but uh wonderful car collection i hope you enjoyed it subscribe to our channel

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