Italy vs Brazil: the two opposite faces of Fiat

The two main markets for Fiat are so different in terms of its position tong and the public’s perception towards the brand

Italy versus brazil why is the brazilian division of fiat so successful while its italian counterpart keeps struggling to gain traction well in my first video for car industry analysis i’m going to analyze the situation of fiat in these two markets and how they are so different in terms of positioning pricing and lineup so let’s start with the importance of italy

And brazil within fiat global sales last year in 2021 these two markets represented 56 of the brand’s global sales or more or less 700 000 units combined over 1.25 million units sold by the brand globally a in italy fiat is rapidly losing traction 30 years ago fiat’s market share a totaled 33 which more or less one in three of cars were sold in italy were

Fiat the share dropped by 10 points 10 years later and remained stable by 2012. however this year we’ve seen a very very low market share of 14 percent in brazil fiat is also the leader and even it has lost some traction mostly because of the arrival of new brands like hyundai or the chinese companies fear is still the leader and continues to have more than 20

Percent of the market share which is even higher than what it used to have 30 years ago this is happening despite the fact that fiat has not has not launched with any suv until recently of course and the fact that even if if jeep is grabbing the attention for those looking for suvs over the last years a the the fear the first of all why this is happening fiat

The public’s perception towards the brand is quite different in brazil fiat is a cool brand with affordable maintenance costs in italy fiat is mostly associated to cheap cars and has disappeared from many segments fiat for example here in italy has different models has six different models in its lineup excluding of course events on live commercial vehicles which

Include the successful of course the vr5 and the first generation fiat 500 result which is already 15 years old and then um the fiatanda which is only popular in italy which was launched in 2012. then the 500x fiat only suv in europe introduced in 2015 the tip of family was also introduced in 2015 and the most recent lounge introduction from fiat in europe is the

Five-day electric 500. in brazil the lineup is bigger and younger if we include the pickups which are a very important um segment in brazil the oldest model available of fiat in brazil is the movie the mobi is the city car presented in 2016 which is the same year when fiat introduced the toro the mid size the pickup one year later the brand replaced the paleo

With the argo and in 2018 it introduced the sedan version of the argo which is called chronos since 2020 while fiat italy launched just one one product since 2020 fiat brazil has presented three new cars the second generation of the strata which is the world’s best selling a small pickup the pools which is the the brand’s first suv for the region and this year some

Weeks ago the fastback its second suv so it’s it’s it’s consequently the gap uh the age gap between the lineups in italy and brazil is quite big the italian is an average of 8.7 years old while the brazilian lineup is just 3.4 years old and it helps why the karaoke division of fiat keeps leading while the division from italy struggles thanks for watching until

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Italy vs Brazil: the two opposite faces of Fiat By Car Industry Analysis