Jaguar E-Pace – test – Jest Pieknie za kierownica [ENG SUBS]

Samochody o podniesionej linii to teraz najmodniejszy wybór, duże sedany odchodzą do lamusa. Zapraszam na 12 rzeczy, które trzeba wiedzieć o Jaguarze E-Pace!

Suvs and crossovers are quite popular these days. sedans – not so much. here are 12 things you must know about jaguar e-pace! this one is smaller of jaguar suvs, similar to bmw x1, marcedes-benz gla or audi q3. looks great, but some people have to wrap their heads around the fact that jaguar makes suvs. the interior is quite similar to other models, but the middle

Console is designed better than in xf. there are two large cup holders, and a place for smartphone between them. mine is quite big and i wear it in a protective sleeve – and yet it fits here. it’s also easy for me to reach the armrest compartment. 2 usb sockets and 12v socket are a big plus. there’s also another 12v socket in the open compartment. notice the jaguar

Pattern inside. it’s one of the easter eggs in e-pace apparently it’s because e-pace is a small jaguar. cute, huh? sadly, the gps is the old one. i don’t like it and i don’t use it should i use it, navigation prompts are shown in the hud, which is really good. without gps on, hud shows my speed, speed limits and lane assist. you probably noticed there’s no jaguar gearbox

Wheel, but a lever similar to other car brands. i suppose that’s because one can buy e-pace with manual gearbox and the interior should look the same across all versions. i have no problem with how the lever looks, but the gearbox… the gearbox is slow and doesn’t react when i need it to. on a crossing, take your time and find an empty slot or you might not make it.

2-litre 249 hp engine should be more than enough for a car this size. but other models weigh ca. 1600 kg with a driver, whereas e-pace weighs over 1800 kgs. the suspension is great, and it works really well on bumpy roads. but the fact i can’t accelerate as fast as i’d like to doesn’t match the brand. all wheel drive is safer on roads, and on snowy streets. i think

E-pace doesn’t mind getting a bit crazy, it’s great on snow. i tried but didn’t go below 11.8 litres per 100kms. that’s 50% more than in the leaflet and quite a lot for a car this size. but this is jlr, so it’s not vda, but up to the roof size. there’re shopping bag hooks, sliding boot arrangements for securing the load also, there’s gesture controlled electric tailgate.

Most probably because the rest is taken by a muffler and other stuff. it’s as though the designers put it here at the last moment. jaguar e-pace is a looker, but hardly a fast & agile car. you won’t lose it on a parking lot, but there are certain quirks you’ll have to get used to. question is, do you want to. don’t forget to rate my video – give it a thumb up if

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Jaguar E-Pace – test – Jest Pięknie za kierownicą [ENG SUBS] By Ania i Marek Jadą