Jaguar F Pace 2.0 D180 Cost of Ownership | Annual Running Costs

The cost of owning and running a 2018 Jaguar F Jaguar F Pace 2.0 D180 across the course of 3 years. I also break this down to the Annual cost of running a Jaguar F Pace 2.0 D180.

Ah oh hey guys welcome back to the channel after the video i did on the f-type of the cost of ownership over a period of time i want to do the same for the f-pace and compare how they’ve stacked up they’re two very different cars used for two very different purposes this one i use has my daily and it also gets used for work purposes travel for work to

Work in this car but i wanted to stack up those costs when i was buying this car it’s very hard to understand you know what sort of costs i was going to be screwing myself in for for the next couple of years or however long i intended to keep this i didn’t buy it new it was nine months old and that was a big part of why i wanted an approved used car this

At nine months had already done twenty thousand pounds of depreciating i’m not going to include the cost of depreciation in this video this is purely running costs and incidentals based on what i’ve experienced during my time with this car as with the last video i’m going to break this out into some categories for cost so the first category is going to be

The absolute essentials the minimum things you have to do to run and maintain a car on uk roads that’s going to be your insurance your tax and your mot without these three things you cannot legally put a car on uk roads the next cost i’m going to put in is the bare minimum running costs so your your tyres and your fuel without those you know you’re not going

To get anywhere then the next category will be the servicing i’ve chosen to have this serviced by a jaguar main dealer i wanted the stamps in the book to try and reserve or sorry preserve some residual value in this car you can go elsewhere get more competitive servicing rates but for me i got a service plan when i purchased the car and i wanted to ensure

That i had the stamps in the book and then the final category is going to be the incidentals so what have i had to do for repairs what you know what they cost what’s the reliability looks like but also what have i done to this car above and beyond that so in the f-type video i discussed about modifications and what i’ve done to the car i haven’t done any

Of this on on this car i’ve not modified it i’ve not played with it this is as i say my daily for work it’s just been kept standard and looked after so that i know it’s reliable when i want to hop in it and go somewhere so the first big cost of putting any car on the road in the uk is insurance these are calculated on a lot of variables and then that gives

A risk profile to the insurer and then they give you an insurance premium based on that risk profile things such as your age the type of car you’re trying to ensure any previous accidents the location you live so for myself in the south of the uk as a 31 year old male my insurance premium is 558 pounds and 74 pence per year that’s fully comprehensive i

Do have it insured for business use i use this car not only to commute but i do travel for work in this vehicle so i have that level of cover on the policy as well take a pinch of salt with this as your circumstances and your your particular risk profile will probably be dramatically different to mine but for myself 558 pounds 74 pence for the year the next

Of the three essential costs of keeping a car on the road in the uk is tax your road tax or vehicle exercise duty depending on where in the world you’re viewing this may or may not be applicable but for us in the uk it’s based on a combination of things including the emissions of the vehicle it does get a bit complex with the retail value of the car when it’s

New but for the purposes of this video i’m going to give you the annual road tax based on what it would be when you’re outside of that premium tax zone so for this car for one year’s tax 520 pounds so the third and final cost in this first category is mot you have to have one of these to drive a car on uk roads when your vehicle is over three years old so i

Didn’t experience this in the first two years of ownership but the third year 54 pounds 55 pence for an mot i think this is a pretty much flat rate across any garage you go to it’s it’s governed by the the central government the or the um the dvla should i say the driver and vehicle licensing agency there were no remedial actions required at the back of the

Mot so it was just that flat 54 pounds and some change for the mot at year three for this car so the next category that i want to talk about is the cost of fuel and tires so what i’ve done with the fuel is quite hard to quantify i’ve taken the average cost of fuel from between when i purchased the car to today i know there’s been a lot of fluctuations in

That price so i’ve taken an average i’ve taken the total number of miles that i have traveled since purchasing the car which is 40 000 miles and i’ve multiplied it by the average mpg that i perceive to have got from the vehicle which i put down to being 44 miles per gallon so with a price of one pound 80 per liter for diesel 40 000 miles at 44 mpg that gives

Me a price of 7439 pounds and five pence for fuel since i bought this car a few years ago now as i touched on earlier i do use this car for business so a lot of that has been reimbursed in fuel mileage from the employer so factor into your equation whatever you need based on your circumstances one thing i will be doing very soon so keep your eyes peeled for it

Guys is the mpg test the same as i did in the f-type i’ll put a link up there i’ll be doing an mpg test real world mpg test for the d180 2-litre diesel f-pace so keep your eyes peeled for that so in that 40 000 miles that i’ve traveled in the car i’ve had to put two complete sets of tyres on the vehicle it is all-wheel drive so it does get through them when

It’s serviced i do have them rotated so the rear is put on the front not just not just the tyres spun debris is put on the front and vice versa to try and try and preserve um you know the balance between the two axles because it’s not 50 50 split on the driveline so the two full sets of tyres i’ve stuck with the continentals the contact sport fives that’s what

Came on the car that’s what jaguar recommend i’ve stuck with that so for the two full sets per set was 875 pounds and 96 pence and as i say i’ve had to do that twice in my ownership so let’s talk about servicing the service intervals on this car are actually quite long i think that’s where manufacturers are trying to move to a position where the servicing

Is a little bit more palatable for the end user or the customer you can see i have just had this serviced by the fresh fresh oil stains there i have it serviced at the main dealer i want to get the stamps in the book to try and preserve the value of the vehicle should i come to sell it so i’ve had three services in my time and i’ve had the 24 month or 21

000 mile service now i did that early i didn’t have it done at 24 months because i reached the mileage much sooner that was 390 pounds and 12 pence i’ve had the 48 month service or 42 000 miles again early and that was 510 pounds and 12 pence and then the final service that i’ve had in my time with the car was the 72 month or 63 000 mile service again early

Because of the mileage 608 pounds and 90 pence so what i want to talk about now is repairs these cars do get quite a bad rap online and in the press for their reliability i think that’s a trademark of jaguar land rover i’m probably going to regret saying this but in my experience this car has not been too bad yes i’ve had some bits repaired on it the bulk

Of that was done under warranty which was fortunate i’ve been out of warranty for probably probably a year now almost to the month so i want to discuss some of the things that were done in and out of warranty on this vehicle the first one was a track rod end the track rod end went prematurely creating a knocking noise under steering so i had that replaced at

Jaguar under warranty 522 pounds and 90 pence the next problem i had was the rear driver’s side door handle just decided not to operate anymore either inside or outside you’d pull the pull the handle nothing would happen almost as if the car was locked even though it wasn’t so i had to have a whole new lock mechanism put on the car and the cost of that was 549

Pounds and 68 pence covered by the warranty the biggest repair i’ve had was the panoramic roof a beautiful feature for being in the car let’s light in let’s passengers look out you can stargaze at night it’s beautiful it’s lovely but i had a slab of ice come flying off the top of a lorry in winter and land on it and it cracked luckily that was in cover that

Was that was covered by my insurer under the windscreen um damage policy not all insurers do cover roofs under that so have a check of your policy wording i know that the f-type the insurer i use for that does not and that does have a panoramic roof but to replace the roof on this car would have been a bill of 2498 pounds and 99 pence which luckily i didn’t

Have to foot the bill for but if i had have done it’s quite an expensive repair so if you’re looking to spec one of these into the car just be mindful that it’s there and get some very comprehensive insurance to cover you a few other things that this car has had done under warranty but i don’t have a cost for them as it was dealt with by jaguar at source the

First one it had a new roof rail the roof rails started going rusty at the front and it needed the headlining taking out on the roof rail replacing that was replaced under warranty i don’t know the cost but i think it’s important to include as this might impact you know your decision buying this car and then the second thing it’s had done is it had new wheel

Bearings at the front there was a service recall i don’t think there’s any reason to be concerned about that you know manufacturers recall stuff quite frequently but there was a service recall two new wheel bearings both on the front were replaced under warranty at no cost i purchased and fitted a dash cam put that in myself at a cost of 300 pounds it’s a

Front and rear dash cam please don’t judge me for the hokey wiring here this is actually metal solid metal there’s no this is the last bit of trim you can remove and i didn’t want to start drilling holes in the metal it’s gone under the headlining all the way to the front the cables are hidden but it’s just that last piece there but i wanted the dash cam for

The reason that on the second day i own this car um somebody quite enthusiastically you know in a hot hatch came across a roundabout of what i can only assume must have been about 60 70 mile an hour in a residential area and nearly took the front of the car with them so next thing i did that day was drive down the road pick up a dash cam and install it so that

I’m protected as best as i can be in the event of an accident i’ve had the car detailed and ceramic coated it is used year-round so it does get the grime and the road dirt so i thought it was important to have that ceramic coating put on that cost me 500 pounds which for a team of two people for a day to do that i didn’t think was too bad including materials

And labor does make the paint shine beautifully though and then the last incidental was a key case not the key just the case they’re very well renowned for delaminating and the the casing coming off the outside of these so that was a simple case of 20 pound for a genuine jaguar replacement key case they did that for me when the car was in for a service so

The total number three years of ownership everything that’s left my bank account to own this car i’ve included those couple of bits on warranty in case yours does not come with a warranty so subtract those or leave them in depending on your circumstance but for three years to run maintain insure fuel repair this car three years 16 225 pounds 27 pence that

Was from nine months old so quite new with jaguar warranty i haven’t included depreciation this thing lost probably about twenty thousand pounds off of the retail value in the nine months up until when i bought it which is why i went approved used so when you break that 16 225 pounds 27 pence down that equates to 5 408 pounds 42 pence per year or 450 pounds

70 pence a month and for those among us who love a bit of maths and a bit of data 14 pounds 81 pence per day to put that car on the road and maintain and love and look after it all in all some pretty reasonable prices for a car like this you know it’s not quite range rover vogue spec i’d probably put this car on par with a range rover sport i’d say the jaguar

E pace is probably more akin to the range rover velar and i don’t i don’t think jaguar have an equivalent to the evoke let me know what you think down in the comments how they compare all in all it’s been pretty good owning this car it’s very comfortable to drive i do a lot of mileage it’s a very nice place to be very comfortable inside so for me those costs

Are pretty reasonable but that’s all for today guys if you haven’t already please give a like and subscribe i’m really thrilled with how the channel’s shaping up i love making these videos and the feedback i get really drives me to make more so thank you for watching please do like and subscribe and i’ll see you in the next video

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