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This is Jaguar’s first foray into the family friendly SUV market. The F-Pace faces stiff competition from popular rivals such as the Range Rover Discovery Sport, Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC. However, can the British manufacturer carry over their sterling work which was made famous on their popular saloons? Looks wise, the F-Pace is certainly set to turn heads and make an impact, but does carry over inside? I share all my thoughts on the brand new Jaguar F-Pace in this 4k video review.

This is the new jaguar f pace i know what you’re thinking it’s taking jaguar a blooming age to finally release an suv but i tell you it’s so worth the wait this is a beautiful looking car in fact it makes me very proud to be british in fact let’s just take a moment and revel in a spot of britishness anyway that’s enough of that and i know some of you might be

Thinking that well it’s in jack you are owned by tata which is indian well let’s forget about because this car it’s designed it’s engineered and it’s built in britain what a fabulous looking machine it is though yeah you do have to pay for that because the if pace starts at 35,000 pounds and if you click up there to go to carmichael uk you can compare deals from

Top dealers and buy a price you’re confident in and on average people save 3600 pounds on a new car through car wow and the great thing about the f pace is that while it is absolutely beautiful it’s also very very practical arise the boot alloys so this is one of the biggest boots in its class is hardly need low lip to lift stuff across and some underfloor storage

And there’s there is tethering points here here here 12 volt socket there so you can plug your hoover and hoover out the boot now you can get this car with 3-way split folding rear seats unfortunately definitely leaving in too low the seats you fall down the middle one and then fall down this other one there and you can see you got a pretty much like low bay that

Makes it steadies to slide big items straight towards the front of the car so yeah very very practical the air space so let’s check out the space in the back now i’ll just move these seats out of the way so the door stay open nice and wide which makes it really easy to get in and the seats are kind of at hip height so you can just glide straight across into your

Seating position so as you can see if i’m sitting up dead straight lots of knee room head rooms alright even though this car has the optional glass roof and yet people over six foot will be fine back here and there’s some cool creature comforts as well so if you want you can fold this down you got some cup holders there and this is really useful you’ve got two usb

Sockets down there and another 12 volt socket so if you got three people in the back everybody can charge their mobile device it’s not all perfect though so first of all these seats are quite hard but then i guess it is a sporty car the backs feel quite upright as well but you can get it with optional electrically reclining rear seats but you do have to pay extra

For those more of a problem is this you’ve got a huge hump in the floor so you want to carry three in the back at once and there’s not much room for them to put their feet because the runners from the chair in front do eat into the foot space and this middle seat i mean there’s enough headroom but it is quite ferb and on the whole this car isn’t as good occurring

Three people in the backup wants to say a land rover discovery sport or a ford edge now click up there to watch our in-depth practicality video review nobody else see how easy it is to fit a child seat here in the back of the f pace and just how much stuff we could cram into this car’s boot speaking of practicality actually look at this so the rear door bins are

Huge they can fit a 1.5 liter bottle and if i go to the front of the car there no bins are equally that’s huge here however you don’t buy an f pace for its could be spacing out do you by for the way it looks and it’s just a sporty here on the inside as it is on the outside i mean i really love the interior design of this car well i’m not so keen on is some of the

Quality and the materials so materials here here and here all a bit flimsy in there just not in keeping with this cars expensive price so the model to go for is the osborne it’s pretty much got all you need you’ve got 19 inch alloy wheels you got xenon headlamps you’ve got all-round parking sensors you’ve got cruise control you’ve got leather heated seats and you

Even get hide upon the dash which is a nice touch you also get a standard 1/8 inch infotainment screen it’s alright but it’s not the slickest what you’re better off doing is upgrading to the pro version that’s excellent much more efficient much nicer to use and it’s a bit like comparing an iphone 7 to the iphone 4 in the standard system obviously is the iphone 4 and

You can see why by clicking it there to watch our detailed infotainment video review now though it’s time to hit the road so how does the f pace feel to drive well the best way to describe it is sporting so you feel like you’re just sat in any other jaguar only you’re sitting higher up so you get a better view out over traffic though i have to say that visibility

Is important as you might expect you see the view out the back window is atrocious and i think find a little bit hard to place the corners of the car so it’s not quite as easy to maneuver around town as you might think and if you click up there to join me for a 360 degree passenger ride video you can see for yourself but then this is a big suv but he driving it

So she threw a twisty road it feels more like a hot hatch the steering’s precise there’s hardly any body roll at all you compelled occasionally i think with this f pace you just go well wait a minute i’ve got to be sure about this to just pull over get out and just absolutely 100% is an suv just doesn’t feel awkward to drive now you can get the car with rear-wheel

Drive only for the entry-level models or four-wheel drive and most people probably go for the 2-liter diesel engine in this car and it’s it’s up to the task and i get says it’ll do 53 miles per gallon but i’m averaging just blonde averaging 38 which isn’t quite as good as i hoped now if you can afford it i recommend you upgrade to the v6 diesel the reason is it

Feels notably quicker and this car deserves a fast engine you can also get a v6 petrol that’s going to be too thirsty so i wouldn’t have that another benefit of that v6 diesel is that you get adaptive dampers as standard and on the normal springs which this car has it does just feel a little bit too fidgety the ride some people are going to find it too firm the

Adaptive dampers help with that it makes it feel smoother but still on the whole this is quite a firm riding suv something like the mercedes jlc does glide up the road better than this another advantage of having the v6 diesel is that he comes a standard with the 8-speed auto the 2-liter doesn’t get a manual now the manual is good but once again this car deserves

An automatic overall the f pace is pretty impressive so far however there are some annoying things about it here’s five lumber support is an option on all trim levels which is a bit of a pain in the neck look at the wavy stitching there was this a machine you can’t just hold down the temperature but you have to keep pressing it to make it go up and it goes up in

Just 0.5 over degree increments the way this center console stick though it’s all too easy to bank it from beyond it when you starting across the back of the car the f paces fuel tank is slightly smaller than most of its rivals it’s making a less far thankfully the air pace does have some good features which help make up for all this you get a waterproof transponder

Wristband and it doubles as a kid it allows you to lock and unlock the car leave the normal keys in the car and you can take this off swimming the low friction launch system allows you to make an easy getaway tailgate write down lots of the cars made out of aluminium and the tailgate is actually made out of plastic look you get the car with a special slow road

Control make sure this car fazer sports is to drive as possible even all-wheel drive models only send a maximum of 50 percent the cars power to the front wheels now if you click it they can get more information and compare deals on the jaguar f’hace a car whoa co dot uk’ so then what’s my verdict on this car should you avoid it should you consider it should you

Shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon if you can afford it just go right ahead and buy it thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video please like it shows and subscribe to our channel and click over there to watch our in-depth practicality 360-degree passenger id and infotainment video review for the jaguar f pace now just what

The easter egg in this video it was the cat treats hidden in one of the cubbies

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