Jaguar F-Pace SVR 5.0 V8 550 TEST Special Vehicle Racing

2022 Jaguar F-Pace SVR

Svr stands for special vehicle racing, or loosely translated, special racing vehicles. and the tested f-pace is definitely special. it looks special, sounds special and drives specially. well, look at this bastard in the ultra blue smurfs blue, which is reserved exclusively for the svr variety. the car has a lot of differences from the series f-pace, where, of course, the most

Important are the beautiful 4 real chimneys at the rear and lots of air inlets and outlets. importantly, almost all of them are true. almost, because here on the back sides there are small mock-ups. but i still respect the remaining real holes and the lack of a diffuser. i like it. svr also has 22-inch rims in the series, which, as you can see, can be easily damaged. ouch.

And underneath those big rims there are bigger than normal brakes, with the front disc 395mm and the rear 325mm. in addition, the svr has different bumpers and additional widenings, thanks to which the car is slightly larger than the standard f-pace. the car is 15 mm longer and has wider wheels at the front by 8 mm and at the rear by 10 mm. the length of the f-pace svr

Is 4,762mm, the width is 2,175mm with mirrors, and the height is 1,664mm. the wheelbase is 2,874 mm. so for its class, the f-pace is large, larger than the competition in the form of bmw x3 m or alfra romeo stelvio quadrifoglio yes, i did not replace the mercedes glc 63 amg, because so far the manufacturer has not shown such a variety in the latest generation. and due to

The fact that the f-pace is the largest, it also has the largest trunk – 552 liters. a full 2 ‚Äč‚Äčliters more than the x3 and 27 liters more than the stelvio. so, in total, it can be said that the trunks are very similar. and i must also say that this capacity is not visible in the f-pace. and even if we remove this insert with the repair kit – still the trunk looks at

Max 450, not 550 liters. the trunk also has a fairly high loading sill. we can also put the backrest of the couch from the trunk, thanks to which we get a flat floor, as well as additional compartments on the sides and 4 hooks. we jump to the back, where they welcome you to great looking seats with integrated headrests. fortunately, the seats are not very contoured, so

There will be enough space for 3 people, although as in any other car – it is most comfortable for people on the edge. i am 186 cm tall and fit both with my head and legs without any problems. although if there was no glass roof, there would probably be a little more space for your head. in addition, at the rear, we have an armrest with places for drinks, separate vents,

Connectors or newspaper holders. we get on the front, where we are greeted by great bucket seats. seriously, not only do they look great, they are also very comfortable. in general, they can have quilted upholstery on the back as an option. not bad.

Transcribed from video
Jaguar F-Pace SVR 5.0 V8 550 TEST Special Vehicle Racing By Autowizja