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Jaguar F-type Coupe 2014 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

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The Jaguar F-type Coupe is one of the most stylish cars on sale, but does the rest of the package live up to expectations? Chris Knapman finds out.

You could this new jaguar f-type coupe a be the best-looking car on sale today and more importantly is it as much fun to drive as the looks suggest it should be let’s find out as usual we’ll rate this car in the three key areas of space driving and affordability before giving it an overall score out of 10 right guys i’m not going to spend ages talking about space

Today because frankly i just want to get out and drive this thing but i do just want to point out this boot because it’s usefully bigger than you get in an f-type a roadster so you could get a couple of overnight bags in there or maybe even your weekly shop in here meanwhile you get just two seats rather than the 2+2 layout you’re getting a porsche 911 but it is

A very nice interior with some great design touches sumptuous leather seats and air vents that glide open on motorz impress which is more than can be said for the slightly dated sat-nav and infotainment system look up close and you do start to see a few areas where the jaguar can’t quite match the fit and finish of a porsche it does however sound the business for

Space the f-type coupe a scores 6 out of 10 the entry-level model is a supercharged v-6 while at the top of the range there’s a quite bonkers v8 but it’s this supercharged v6 s in the middle of the range that we think is the one to have put your foot to the floor and it is scintillating ly fast plus it sounds great and this 8-speed automatic gearbox which comes

As standard with the f-type shifts quickly and smoothly whether you let it do its own thing or use these paddles behind the steering wheel the handling is not quite the shot as a porsche 911 but that’s a bit like saying return of the jedi is not quite as good as the empire strikes back because this thing is still absolutely awesome the steering is sharp it’s got

Great body control and because it’s rear-wheel drive you can use the throttle to help steal a car through the corners with 374 brake horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque the s model can sprint from nought to 62 miles an hour in just 4.9 seconds and has a top speed of 171 just as impressive is that jaguar has engineered a supple ride quality into the f-type which

Combined with low levels of wind and road noise make it a good companion for long journeys scintillating to drive fast yet also a pussycat at town speeds the f-type coupe a scores 9 out of 10 for driving when it comes to affordability the f-type coupe a is unusual in that it’s priced between a porsche cayman and 911 with bang for your buck however this is king

Take the top-of-the-line v8 r model for example which although 2,000 pounds more expensive than a 911 carrera s offers an extra 150 brake horsepower that said it’s worth bearing in mind that jq is traditionally don’t hold their value as well as porsches and that insurance and fuel costs will also be high even so the f-type scores 8 out of 10 for affordability take

Emotion out of the equation and the f-type coupe a can’t quite match a porsche 911 however purchases like this are all about emotion the f-type coupe a is a car that makes you smile every time you look at it that gives you a thrill just knowing you’ve got the keys in your pocket and that gets better and better with every mile you cover it’s a really really great

Car overall the jaguar scores eight out of ten for more car reviews like this from rebecca and myself subscribe to the telegraph cars at youtube channel up here or go to the telegraph cars website down here

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