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Na estréia da Volta Rápida, Cassio Cortes e Gerson Campos recebem Rubens Barrichello e o Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupé, modelo que pode ser considerado a releitura do mítico Jaguar E-Type.

It’s the old coming true current models old models i’m going to test my car i’m going to test your car i’m going to test our car you will be part of this program it will give us ideas and you will test things that you once thought possible i have here with me my friend gesture in the case that we have for today today we will start with the fast lap but you who like the

Car who bought the magazine who leaves there number from 0 to 100 the final speed number we think in the real world to know how your car accelerates how it brakes there is only one thing that increases the mark problem that’s it i got the function of organizing this register starts with english sports car german sports cars classic cars from the 60’s and 70’s it’s not easy

Either for you you will have to accelerate everything here where do we start let’s start now see the time our track has high speed sections like turns 1 and 2 a hard brake for low sd and a climb that will demand a lot from the engines saw it yes it was or quote it take the sings but there you want me to walk here with you pulling everything i know if you have 50 horses v8

It won’t go yes our record holder rio the girl has heard the sensational noises but what impresses how to impress a noise not even a car level of bost ferrari bank is an exhaust effect to impress and speak for themselves i think tachycardia in this car is the one that was moshed and they are in prison they say it’s cool to play well for this one now let’s wait for your

Story mainly minta from england it’s a car week a car like that that gentleman fun taco cigar in hand that thing with josé but that ‘s exactly what now wants to change so with a car like that they launch to compete with 911 from the door then she it is strong what pleases the opposition they avoided a lot of chico buarque says the advantage for her thinks he is cute the

Opposition is not out it is too early the promise and the naughty ângelo da silva a now this donkey or even black smoke and i ‘ll stay in my panamerican corner i think i wanted to harvest at the last minute that ‘s where they wait started putting the batten up there he digs a minute a second and 78 will be the challenge before next week you can get that time it won’t be

Easy to do it’s a lot i asked her to put it look you want it but it’s the one it goes beyond the speed limits very easy to put the girl where touched so in the images

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