Jaguar I-Pace (2022) – A Commitment to Electrified Change

The Jaguar I-Pace has been on sale for the past three years now. As has been so often the case historically, Jaguar Automotive has been at the forefront of embracing change and automotive advancement. The true symbiosis between form and green function is the basis and to experience this further, we spent some time away at the microcosm that is Babylonstoren. A premium accommodation, culinary and natural sensation which focuses on sustainability, much like the Automakers focus on being fully electric by 2025.

In the if of the ocean can you try to understand how a touch can cause explosions change we’re all afraid of it but sometimes embracing it is for the better particularly when something has been at the forefront from the beginning meet the latest generation jaguar i-pace you’ve got a bunch of nifty features here with this latest generation i-pace it includes

The pivot pro multimedia system pulled off the defender and it really is intuitive and a big improvement of the older system i’ve also got a wireless charge pad here wireless apple carplay or android auto my phone signature so it’s the full mapping technology and below that i’ve got the secondary display as we first saw in the villa for your climate controlled

Air conditioning i also love these nifty knobs here to turn and select different functions i’ve even got a heated steering wheel and i’ve got the clever magic mirror here so either make it a mirror or make it a display which i prefer you ain’t got this full length panoramic roof meridian audio with extra speakers and really there is a lot of impressive tech

Going on here but that’s the thing the i-pace has got in typical jaguar’s fashion a very premium very stylish cabin everything is crafted everything looks the part and it feels very solid driving it what i also love of course this being a ev is that electric wine and the immediacy of the power and that’s thanks to near 300 kilowatts of power and yes 700 newton

Meters of torque dispatching zero to 100 in about four and a half seconds they’re also talking of a range of about 470 k’s if you drive correctly perhaps slightly higher and even if you drive it a bit like i’m doing at the moment yeah you’ll eat into a bit of the range but they’ve also improved the charge times and speed that it can accept fast charging so if

You get to the right fast charge on the grid somewhere at the network you could get this car charged up in about an hour hour and a half and at home charge it much like your mobile phone for instance leave it plugged in overnight and if you need 20 well you’ll probably get that too quite easily particularly if you add a wall box then certainly guaranteed you’ll

Get where you need to go it is definitely a new sense of driving and mobility these electric cars but i’ve been lucky enough to drive out easy tron to drive their volkswagen e-golf and the i3 and one or two others along the way but i must say i’ve always been keen to try out the i-pace and having had the chance now to experience it it certainly is very jaguar

It’s very driver focused it is also hugely impressive in terms of the interior that comes with the feel and just as striking as when it launched back in 2019 from its very flamboyant color scheme that we’ve got at the moment the wrap to this interior with all the elements and the old eevee range feel and features of it this latest generation i-pace brings with

It the new grille and a couple of body elements and tweaks which just bring it really up to speed with its competitors out there the likes of bmw’s ix for instance bring to mind audi’s electric e-tron range and a couple of others and really what jaguar are showing is the brand’s talking about going full eb by 2025 and that’s really around the corner and you

Can see they’re focusing on really getting the whole experience right they’re putting money into the infrastructure and the charge network and certainly into the research and development of the cars and it is ever so apparent when you drive this latest generation i-pace pricing for this particular car comes in a bit above 2 million rand so it’s certainly not

Cheap but it is a flagship type experience and it’s i think a bit of a taste of what the brand are going to give you and as they scale it down when more and more electric cars come available and if it’s anything to go off it’s certainly very impressive from me jason of technoboc this has been a quick look at the latest generation jaguar ipace until next time

I’ll see you guys soon cheers for now

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Jaguar I-Pace (2022) – A Commitment to Electrified Change By TechnoBok