Jaguar I-Pace | The Best EV For 2021?

The Jaguar I-Pace. It was one of the first full-electric luxury SUVs to enter the market back in 2018. Now three years later, we ask the question, is it still the best Luxury SUV since the floodgates opened in this segment?

Welcome then to the new 2021 jaguar i-pace let’s start by reminding ourselves just how important this car is in the eevee market this is a car that’s won some 73 awards in his lifetime in 2019 it took home a world car of the year which is a pretty big deal not only did it take home that award it also took home world card design of the year because of its

Striking looks and it also picked up world green car of the year to make it the treble it was a brave move by jaguar to bring this car to market they had to build a whole new platform from the ground up they’ve created a new body that’s beautifully striking to look at and it uses premium quality materials everywhere you look it was the first real contender to

Take tesla on in the luxury electric suv market it’s the sort of car that even as an ev skeptic or petrol head you kind of want to drive and potentially even want to own it’s a striking piece of automotive design at the front we have this snubbed flat nose with this massive grille that feeds air up and over the bonnet to aid with aerodynamics added to that

We’ve got these vents in the front bumper and these really nice slimline led headlights which flow into the front bumper it gives the front end of the car a really sporting aggressive look then along the side profile we have these retractable door handles and a distinct lack of shoulder line the doors have just got this wonderful flowing curve and it makes

The side as pure as snow the only real details are this gloss black trim on the lower part of the doors and those short stubby rear haunchers and they really give the car its identity this particular example is fitted with the 20 inch alloy wheels which to me are the perfect balance between instagramable car specs and usability you could go down to 19s but

They might look a little bit underwhelmed on this car or if you were the kind of person that like to really show off and go full bling you can go as big as 22 inches join me at the rear of the car we have this squared off rear end it’s complemented by this rather lovely simplistic yet stylish roof spoiler and then the rear valance at the bottom of the bumper

Combined they help create a lower drag coefficiency which increases the car’s range it’s really quite difficult to describe the beauty of the jaguar eye pace because it’s got that stubby short nose and those short rear haunches and that flat tail it doesn’t sound like the proportions would really work but when you stand back and look at it you realize this is

A car that’s a slow burner the more time you spend staring at it the more beauty you discover is a real work of art on wheels the interior on the other hand well that’s a different story because this is an instant hit the center console has this floating element to it and it’s covered in what feels like miles of glass for the infotainment system and your

Climate control settings and you’ve even got a digital driver’s display you’ll be glad to know that for model year 2021 jaguar have updated the infotainment system with the latest software their pv pro it’s a much faster much smoother system to use it makes for a much more pleasant driving experience and it’s so fast it almost feels like it’s almost always

On even when you get into the car it’s just ready and waiting for you to go it’s not just the technology in here that’s impressive the space itself feels much roomier than it should because of how far forward the front wheels sit and how far back the rear wheels are actually jaguar themselves have said that the cabin space is equal to a porsche cayenne

Whereas the footprint is similar to their smaller suv than mccann so it’s actually a bit more like a tardis whilst we’re talking of space it’s also probably worth now mentioning just how capable this car is as a family suv there’s a 27 litre load space under the bonnet which is ideal for keeping all of your charging cables then in the boot there’s 577 liters

Of luggage space which is huge for a car of this size that luggage space increases to 1453 litres when you fold the seats down but for talking in the rear seats i thought it’d be a good idea to jump in the backyard and just demonstrate how much space there is for the rear passengers i’m six foot three and this seat is set in my driver’s position and i’ve

Got plenty of knee room plenty of foot space i’m very comfortable there’s ample headroom especially with this wonderful panoramic sunroof the car is just so well thought out and so practical i’ve got charging points and i’ve even got a central armrest back here with two cup holders the whole car is so well thought out and well presented it’s such a brilliant

Family package but it just so happens that it’s also all electric now many of you with that thought are probably worried about how would an electric car fit in with your lifestyle but maybe the systems aren’t quite there yet that maybe we’re not quite ready to take the full plunge into the full ev future but that’s where you’ve been run let me take you on a

Quick drive and show you just how simple it is to live with an ev as your everyday car right whilst we’re now out driving let’s talk about performance shall we this here is the ev400 and it’s currently the only drivetrain available for your ipace it uses a 90 kilowatt battery that powers two electric motors one on the front axle and one on the rear

Which makes it permanent four wheel drive it produces just shy of 400 brake horsepower and is capable of propelling itself from naught to 62 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds it is savagely quick it has so much torque that well let me just show you i’m currently doing 45 miles an hour let’s see how quickly it gets to 60 and how far back in my ce actually

Forces me and that there is 60 miles an hour already it is so quick it’s got so much power and it’s just hilarious how quickly you can get itself off the mark drive it sensibly though and don’t pin your foot like that every single time you get behind the wheel and you’ll get yourself 280 miles to a charge which you know is plenty for most daily commuters

Not to have to charge a car up every single evening when they get home now i know the biggest issue for many people out there when it comes to evs is range anxiety but the system in the eye pace is very very clever and it will help kind of alleviate some of those problems and that anxiety you get not knowing how many miles you’re gonna get out of a tank the

System is constantly monitoring itself and updating the dash with the correct mileage so for example this morning when i got in the car i had 93 miles whereas now i’m looking down at the dash and because i’ve been driving sensibly and it’s been downhill sections like this where it charges the battery and uses the brakes to regenerate its own power i’ve now got

104 miles and because the temperature is nice and mild it’s you know getting the maximum use out of its batteries it’s a great system and as i’ve said it does help alleviate that anxiety you have about just how far are you going to be able to get on the charge when it comes to charging your ev it couldn’t be simpler i’ve said this in previous videos if you

Have a home wall charger just plug it in overnight if you’ve got next to no battery and you plug it in you can expect your car to be fully charged within seven hours which you know you’ll be you’ll be asleep so when you wake up in the morning you’ll be fully charged and ready to go for the next day if on the other hand you’re only using it for mild commutes

Little distances to and from the office pop into the shops and back you won’t even have to charge it every single evening you can just put it on for a few hours every night or put it on for a big charge once a week and when it comes to public charging points it couldn’t be simpler either if you go and get yourself the app on your phone zap maps you’ll

Be able to check where all the local charging points are whether there’s someone already there using them whether you need any apps or rfid cards or memberships to be able to use them and just how much they cost it’s a very very simple very very easy user friendly app and it makes owning an electric vehicle far far simpler alternatively when you check your

I-pace if you just go to the navigation system one of the first menu options at the top there is going to be pointing out where all the electric charge stations are you simply tap that it’ll pinpoint your nearest ones and again you can set it as a waypoint and away you go we’ll do that right now here we are then at my nearest charging point i’m going to take

The opportunity to show you just how simple it is to charge your car at a public charging station this one here is a genie point and by using the zap maps app i’ve found out that i need to download an app for this particular one so i’ve downloaded the app set up an account and it took me less than five minutes the next next part of the process is to pop open

Your charge flap pick up your charger i’m going to be using the rapid charger to get the absolute maximum out of it i can pop it in and to turn it on you simply activate it by the app and it really is that simple now that’s all set up and running the app is telling me it’s probably going to take somewhere in the region exactly actually 25 minutes to give me a

Full charge which is plenty of time for me to go about my day-to-day business and get myself some food shopping done so on that note i’m going to love you and leave you and i’m going to crack on with my shopping i’ll see you guys next time my verdict the jaguar i-pace is an extremely well-packaged capable and stylish car it’s practical built from high quality

Materials and extremely easy to live with it might have been one of the very first premium electric vehicle suvs on the market but it’s still set in the benchmark for others in the segment it’s certainly still leading the pack in my opinion and please don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to the channel to join us for more videos to come

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