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Jonny tries to convince Jimmy electric cars are the future by spending a day driving the I-Pace. Taken from Series 27 of Fifth Gear, first broadcast 18th October 2018.

The number of electric cars on british roads has grown from 3,000 in 2012 to 130,000 in 2017 and in another five years that’s estimated to hit 1 million make no mistake the evie revolution is coming whether we like it or not plans are already afoot to cast out diesel and petrol engine older vehicles from city centres the other thing is the government has said it

Firmly intends to ban the production of fossil fuel powered cars totally now don’t get me wrong i love the combustion engine but for most of our everyday journeys where comfort cost and practicality is the priority electric cars make a compelling argument there is somebody that i know of who doesn’t quite agree with what i’m saying and he’s one of my fifth gear

Colleagues he stood next to me it’s tv2 ill i think it’s a problem as i see it with electric cars it’s those batteries i wouldn’t have got here to this lovely bubble museum if i was going on electric amongst other things jimmy thinks electric cars have limited range so i’m out to convince him that they truly work and i’m starting here at the bubble car museum

What are we doing at the bubble copies in well the reason why i brought you to such an obscure museum is just because my old car is actually here which got me into electrification in 2016 this 1974 enfield powered me to an electric car quarter mile world record of 9.8 six seconds it’s faster than a veyron that’s incredible but how long does this run for i’ve done

40 miles in it on one charge exactly johnny we’re back to my battery issue electric cars have rubbish range but i reckon i had a solution and it was parked outside if this couldn’t convert jimmy nothing could this is the new jaguar ipace prices start at 63,000 pounds which sounds expensive compared to jaguars petrol equivalent the f pace which costs from 42 grand

However the ai pace is nearest upmarket evey rival the tesla model x starts at 80 grand so first impressions forgetting my concerns and fears on the whole electrical thing yeah it seems the interior had one jimmy over but i mean ooh wouldn’t be long before he started banging on about range again i’ve got just under 400 horsepower and how long is this 400 horsepower

Going to be available to me well as a theoretical 298 miles 219 theoretical theoretical what i would say is expect in the real world this would be about 230 240 it really isn’t as bad as i thought it could be in fact only the tesla comes close in this suv evey category when it comes to range however a petrol f pace would still get you a further 250 miles down the

Road now what about charging the thing what your phone now because all of these work most of apps you know that bit a minute ago we’re talking about you signed to convert me yeah this faff now yeah yes it started to wane again and i had another issue it seems a 7.2 kilowatt charger like this will only give the car an extra 20 miles of range per hour of charging and

Costs 2 pounds 50 for the privilege that’s almost the same cost per mile as petrol i’m going to start charging most of your recharging will take place at home where you’ll only pay 13 pounds for a full charge and that works out at less than half the cost of petrol plus there are now around 1450 kilowatt charges dotted around the country which will recharge this

Car to 80 percent in just 60 minutes with lunch over it was time to get jimmy behind the wheel this is exciting because your first full electric car driving expert yet and guess what he wanted to do first holy yes once he was behind the wheel then we really started to see a change in this to deville that the face changed wow electric cars where have you been in

Fact this jag has a whopping 696 newton meters of torque and it can get to 62 in 4.8 seconds a typical f pace will be around 2 seconds slower the addiction of the instant throttle and the torque i can totally see it all coming into place i wanted to absolutely hate it and say it was rubbish it wouldn’t do what i wanted to do but it does more but i wanted it to do

And it felt as good as any other jag i’ve ever driven they’ve said that these electric motors are 96% efficient where you know what’s the most efficient combustion car engine probably achieved in your thirties and that’s using a hundred years of no yeah you know what i wanted to hate absolutely everything about today but after drying the car there is no question

In my mind that it is extremely well executed and everything i had to listen to johnny smith babbling on about he’s got some incredible points this car and the whole evie revolution it is all about taking the driving experience in a new direction and if we embrace this with cars like this it’s going to be a future i want to be a part of you

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