Jaguar Land Rover say key to EV success, dont fire, retrain

Jaguar Land Rover say key to EV success, don’t fire, retrain!

Very interesting to see the difference between ford and jaguar land rover now while i’m aware of the fact that yeah there’s a good chance that jaguar land rover would be bankrupt now without well without india financing the company it’s interesting to see the very different strategy of ford versus j l m one company is retraining their employees well the other one

Just fires them gets rid of them hello my friends welcome to the channel on the electric viking great to see you welcome to all the new subscribers welcome back everyone else another great day on planet earth i actually like reading this news because i mean i’ve made videos in fact my most watched video is about the world car of the year it was a jaguar electric

Car which frankly is it’s not very good and that’s why no one’s buying them because it was good when they first released it years ago but then they’ve done nothing to update it now it’s very dated and it’s still very expensive in fact it’s probably the most overpriced electric car in the world based on what you get for the money now if you bought one sorry but not

Sorry because that’s a fact anyhow what a jaguar land rover doing differently so differently to ford well as you know ford has fired what like 8 000 employees already this year who are they the majority of almost all of them are employees who work on forwards internal combustion engine production lines ford has said many more will go many many more will go because

Well their skills will no longer be useful to the company and i have critiqued that on a number of occasions and i think many of you agree with that that is ford’s strategy that’s why one of the key reasons why they have two different divisions right they have the you know the four electric car division and the traditional ford blue and eventually ford blue will

Cease to exist because they just make gasoline powered cars there’s all those stuff as far as we know from ford will simply be fired ford may change their mind i hope they do so jaguar land rover are going to retrain more than 60 of their technicians to support a rapid ev transition now whether or not this will work i mean whether or not this company will still

Still exist in 10 years time i have no idea because obviously their ev plans have been a bit of a bit of a frankly okay i’m just going to say it a bit of bismal you know they thought that they could just keep on getting by doing what they’ve been doing they’re losing market channel share now pretty quickly right because frankly they don’t have any evs except for

One very overpriced one now jaguar land rover has released their new program called the future skills program it’s armed at retraining 29 000 of its workforce to acquire the skills to develop manufacture and service modern luxury electric vehicles the british luxury automaker according to electric has significant plans to introduce all jaguar land rover vehicles

In evs by 2030 so basically jay your land rover saying all of our vehicles will be electric in 2030. so that is a good thing but i think they need to be quicker than 2030. i think they need to do it by 2026 2027. the british luxury automatic has plans to get these evs to transition from being experts in in total combustion engine vehicles into being experts with

Electric vehicles and this is i think a good strategy i think if you’re an employee who wants to be retrained you’re probably the right kind of employee you’re probably the right kind of person who you’re proactive you’re like okay yep this is the future i want to be part of it and i’m going to guess that employees have a choice they can say no i don’t want to do

This or they can say yes i want to be part of the future and i think the ones that decide to be part of this future if they’re getting this choice they have the right attitude they’re the employees that you want that’s why i think ford’s making mistake in just firing people indiscriminately in february 2021 jaguar land rover announced a major initiative called

Reimagined in revealing the automaker’s next chapter in its rich history the reimagined strategy involves converting jaguar to an all-electric brand by 2025 and it’s a dying brand right now anyway so that’s not going to be a that’s not going to be all that difficult while land rover follows with a mostly electric lineup by the end of the decade jaguar introduced

Its first fully electric vehicle the i-pace in 2018. it’s a beautifully designed suv it looks good but it’s um yeah like i said before it’s been a bit of a sales disaster because it was expensive and jaguar did nothing sort of like nissan with a leaf you know remember nissan leaf cells are really good and they just fell off a cliff because nissan just went up we

Can’t be bothered anymore the ipace actually won world car of the week yeah as i mentioned i’ll put a link in the description below to my video it’s about the world card that you’re being dead i mean the i-pace let’s be honest the sales are so low it might as well be dead and the sales this year have dropped off even worse than when i actually made that video what

About land rover well land rover plan to release six pure electric vehicles by the end of the decade the first is a fully electric range rover coming in 2024. the luxury car manufacturer has taken a number of different steps to move towards making evs and phasing out gasoline-powered vehicles in august jaguar land rover unveiled plans for a next generation electric

Vehicle testing facility featuring an electronic rolling road to test vehicle performances at speed now autocar said on the 21st of september that jaguar land rover began converting its hail wood facility to speed up its ev transition the plant is home to iconic models like the land rover discovery sport and the range rover evoque both due for an electric upgrade

Though it’s not clear if they’ll continue being manufactured at that factory so clearly jaggerland river they see the riding on the wall right their sails are going down that’s the truth i mean none of the mainstream meter really reporting this they’re sort of just glossing over this they’re trying to be nice about it the truth is it’s a it’s a dying company it is

And i have a soft spot for i mean my dad has owned land rovers he loves the company and i actually do as well but honestly they are slow slow to do anything unfortunately and slow to move towards their bees i mean really the company don’t have any evs at all jaguar yeah they have the ip split land rover they have nothing however it’s clear that they can see that

They need to change and upskilling 29 000 or most of your workforce to be able to work on evs in my mind makes sense i mean these guys already have some significant skills to be able to make cars and i think you can use those skills use the training they have just add to that with some electric vehicle knowledge jaguar says 60 of jlr and its global franchise dealer

Technicians which is 29 000 will receive the training to design manufacture and service evs over the next few years the majority will be retrained this year to support the automakers ev push over the coming years over 9500 apprentices are in training right now as jaguar land rover plans to hire another 1 200 in 2023 now those are ev technicians so it’d be interesting

To see because it’s more than likely that a lot of these apprentices will be actually teaching the people who are working who are the you know been working as engineers for 10 20 years at jaguar land rover because these apprentices are the ones studying ebs right now so it’ll be i don’t know how that’s going to work how people are going to go with that but i mean

Hey it’s a good thing either way so jaguar said developing this skilled global workforce has needed to design build and maintain the vehicles of the future is foundational i’m proud to say we are committing to help plug the electric digital skills gap with a comprehensive global training program which will power change which will power charge electrification both

Here in the uk and abroad and it’s interesting isn’t it how he makes that point of digital people don’t recognize just how much digital training is needed how much digital goes into new electric cars it’s a totally different thing to old-school gasoline-powered vehicles and the thing is here right jack you’re a learner over they didn’t say we’re only going to train

Technicians they didn’t say we were going on the train engineers they said they’re going to train technicians engineers production employees other people working pretty much all staff they basically are saying you know what anyone who wants to do the training and we we want you to do it we want you to be part of an electric future frankly i think this is a good

Thing hopefully jim farley sees what’s happening here learns the secrets to jaguar land rovers future success assuming that they’re successful and hopefully they are and he goes you know what let’s just hold back on the firing let’s retrain that’s what i think they should do let me know what you think in the comments below have a great day bye

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