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Jaguar XF Chequered Flag Edition | Approved Used | Jaguar Brunei

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I’m may cho from indra motors jaguar land rover brunei today we’ll take a closer look at the special edition jaguar except chocolate flag with only three units in brunei in julong white santorini black and either gray this car is truly special here beside me is the jaguar xf checkered flag in yulon white the jaguar accept checkered flag special edition join the

2020 jaguar xf lineup and features a selection of unique exterior enhancements and hand-picked design elements let’s take a closer look at the luxury business saloon before we get started looking for your perfect jaguar browse the latest jaguar approved certified pre-owned vehicles from the comforts of your own home when you visit and

Keep up to date with the latest jaguar approved news by hitting the follow button and like button leave a comment letting us know what else you’d like to see more of this 2020 model has a 2.0 liter four cylinder turbocharged patrol engine with 250 horsepower rear-wheel drive decked in the black pack the jaguar xf chocolate flag can be distinguished with its glass

Black side windows around glass like grill with glass flags around and limited edition badging on its cloth blank side vents inside you’ll find even more refined design cues the chrome gear shift paddles in the driver’s cabin is unique to the chocolate flag edition and the gloss black trim finisher pulls the overall design of the car together the distinguishing

Checkered flag branding can be found purposefully embellished inside the cabin from the checkered flag steering wheel to the metal tread plates with limited edition checkered flag badging that glow in blue when the doors open the perforated grain leather seats with contrast stitching are in pristine condition and feels good as new you can enjoy a truly comfortable

And luxurious drive in the special efficient saloon in addition to its unraveled blend of design and luxury jaguar actually target flag also carries refined technology for the best and safest possible driving blind spot monitor is built into the side mirror of the car to monitor your blind spot for any approaching cars if you’re getting ready to merge or pass your

Mirror will display an illuminated alert symbol to warn you when obstacles are in the way if no symbol is displayed you’re in the clear for an even more elevated driving experience jaguar xf checkered flex meridian sound system gives you excellent audio experience on the road the jaguar xf checkered flag is as good as new with less than five thousand kilometers in

Mileage and comes with a two-year original approved certified pre-owned warranty from jaguar and with the jaguar approved promise ensuring its pristine condition you won’t find better quality for value anywhere else interested in driving home the luxury business saloon with the jaguar approved limited time special you can drive home the xf check it flag with a special

Interest rate of four percent per annum free one-year servicing free one-year break maintenance free one-year roadside assistance and a 500 cash rebate on accessories purchase or repair the promotion is valid until 31st december 2021 get in touch with us by calling 239 1000 or send us a whatsapp message at 728-4910 don’t forget to follow us at jaguarbn for the latest news you

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Jaguar XF Chequered Flag Edition | Approved Used | Jaguar Brunei By Indera Motors