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Jaguar XF Sportbrake (Team Review) – Fifth Gear

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The team test the Sportbrake version of the Jaguar XF.

Now to our high-tech test tracks for the fifth gear team test this week the team are testing the jaguar xf sportbrake it’s the brand new estate version of jaguars xf executive saloon it costs from 32 to 52 thousand pounds and is a rival to the mercedes e-class and bmw 5-series estates it’s fitted with either a 2.2 liter turbo diesel or the 3 liter v6 turbo diesel

With testing today so the xf sportbrake gentleman’s i’m looking beach isn’t it yes it’s sleek stylish nice it’s got this nothing little ming the merciless style oh your goatee i don’t think it’s lost anything by having the rear end put on it it’s strong it’s solid and it’s just no-nonsense i think it looks better than the saloon of course the best in venice take

Cars is the boot space that i hold behold huge tailgate rises majestically or little electric buns now i’m not a massive fan of electric tailgate so it takes a really long time really doesn’t you mean it takes a very long time to do that anyway why did you not go it’s very pretty jag have made a point of making the back end not just practical but they’ve put really

Trick little lights in there my fans what do you like pull that little leave and the seats just fly back oh your nose oh how nice is that oh so tiffany to test out the boot space on the jack well object not the biggest of inches i found out it’s a bit low tiff lay down in the back as you know as normal people do in a car nuts room something like there’s room for

Me to sleep for the whole weekend well it would have been if jason hadn’t got in i just wanted to keep warm notice he’s quite comfy and then that lunatic johnny came got in the middle of us come on get on top no thank you come on no then vicky shut us all in this does feel awkward but we did learn from that that it’s a big old boot time for cup of tea and move

On to a long lunch now of course the only problem with building the sports break is that it adds weight in fact with the jaguar added 110 kilograms jaguar says that the sportbrake have identical handling to the saloon they recalibrated the back end so it’s got air suspension instead of coils and it’s got stiffer anti-roll bars so to test that out we’ve put tif

Behind the wheel and asked him to drive them back-to-back around a circuit we had a saloon we did a lap time with it so this is the standard saloon oh i can’t off yourself in the same it’s a bit low so they’re pretty regular actually it’s quite neutral bit of understeer me and they’re all but i’m overdoing the way out once you get used to it’s rather funny little

Right good in the back yeah it’s very quiet refined i have to say whoa fighter fighter laughing tif look more in control of the estate car version jesus is only as i’ve told you this it’s all 110 kilograms everything every day it feels a lot stiffer all muscle it feels a bit stiffer but it’s a twitch it away doesn’t plow into a big understeer like the saloon d

On papers point over seconds slower to 60 minutes saloon cousin you’d never know that it weighs 1.9 tons would you oh not the way it goes around that track oh tiff come on don’t do the tire go to the time for you as fast 52 – we have to beat it was quicker on the stopwatch a stop the clock now 51 2 second bit surprised by that well done jackie oh the xf sportbrake

Is easily worth the extra two grand over the exit saloon it looks better has sharper handling and a bigger boobs this does feel awkward so you want a jack why not go for the sport bret you get lots of space and you get a faster car than the saloon i’m gonna give the jag a an 8 out of 10 it’s my kind of car this joke because it does a lot of things wrapped into one

Package and on that basis i’m gonna give it very bold and admirable 9 well done jack you’re a great estate car an 8 for me the jaguar xf sportbrake gets a splendid 8 which gives the jaguar xf sportbrake a team test score of 33 out of thought about 1600 rpm and i’m pulling a 747 with it work oh my god the view through the wing mirrors if you have been

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