jeep 1979 j10 build

1979 jeep j10 258, T18

Thought i didn’t update on where i’ve been for the last year on this uh i redid the pull the bumper off just did a cheap uh bed liner on it i had the reverse lights into it i had to have something a lot brighter i just for out where we use it i just need need to be able to see it real well behind us but i’m glad to have them working i did get to did get the t18

In it uh the t15 is out and ready for sale do you have a uh clutch that’s slipping that we got to pull out doing that this week i got the new amp meter installed and the gauge is working a little bit fuel gauge is kind of off and on but i think it’s a grounding issue and the gauge is not in the sending unit uh put a cheap aftermarket radio in it i got tired

Of uh the other one just the quality was horrible and sound even though this is a 25 radio it’s still a lot better at quality than than the other one i couldn’t get the cb to work correctly anyway in it and so i just stuck it in there for now until i get the glove box uh kit put back in it and i’m gonna wait on do that until after next year when i get the ac in

I did get it the ac re -finished and got all the coils in it cleaned everything’s ready uh i just uh don’t need it during the winter so do it next summer i got the cigarette lighter working and got an added uh auxiliary plugs down there some cheap seat covers installed the hydraulic clutch is in the hunter boost brakes are in i got a cheap china horn that is

Extremely loud which i really like for 20 bucks or whatever it was uh got the new new bumper in the new grille in the new light bezels in i did not get the fog lights working yet i got to order a new bulb one of them’s uh the bulb’s not working in it but got the mirrors on which dodge mirrors with the bj’s mount on it and that’s about the most exciting thing

About it just just been driving it a lot i guess i’ve probably put maybe 400 miles on it make 500 if you probably at the most the odometer wasn’t working for a little while but maybe 500 miles in the last year put 300 on it since it got the transmission in it didn’t realize the transmission was it wasn’t working correctly until i did about an hour drive on the

Highway about 75 80 and all of a sudden it starts slipping and i had a hard time getting to 60 miles an hour it’s still slipping in uh third gear and around 40. in fourth gear around 55 or so so that’s what we’re doing this week is pulling it out trying to figure out why it’s slipping i did put a another spring on the uh fork to assist it in pulling it back and

It didn’t help at all everything’s new the clutch is new the pressure plate’s new flywheel’s new throw out bearing is new um i don’t know what the issue is with it but anyway get fun have my mechanic pull that out and see if we can figure it out the radiator i had to re record which i like a lot better than the aluminums it’s original uh copper radiator not much

Else too exciting it is what it is and i enjoy driving it around but i think i’m about done with it for the season and it’s going to go go back to where it gets to work for the winter and get to play around with it some and pull it back next year and do some of the non-mechanical issues uh still think still looking at doing a lift around three inches i gotta fix

The fuel filter line it’s leaking so i need to do it probably all new rubber lines uh next year i’m still thinking about fuel injection but really carb runs pretty good i was really impressed with it on the highway so if i can just kind of clean up the all the fuel lines maybe that’ll clear up my issue of the carb not wanting to re-prime after sitting for a week

Or so other than that that’s about it uh got the air conditioned refinished and everything cleaned up in it so next year probably put that in and that’s what i’ll do the glove box and and just kind of clean things up dress things up and that’s it for now

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jeep 1979 j10 build By Tx JPs