Jeep Compass – 6 month, 12000 km – Long Term Review #jeeplife

Happy Dussehra and Happy Diwali everyone.

Foreign and on this gloomy typical bangalore weather day i welcome you back to our channel the blank ticket now aj we are not traveling anywhere we are simply going to talk about the jeep compass now it’s been six months that we have been driving jeep compass and we have completed 12 000 kilometers on it um of course seven and a half thousand kilometers

Were completed in our ladakh right but other than that we have driven on very smooth national highways we have driven it on guard sections we have driven in our good roads bad roads some no roads at all but it has been an excellent experience and we just thought we’ll share the experiences with you now in this video we’re going to talk about um some of the good

Things some of the not so good things i’ll not say bad things but not so good things about jeep compass and of course this is going to be our long-term review now a few years ago when vitara brezza was launched i absolutely loved the car we actually went to a maruti showroom near our house and took a test drive and one thing that i particularly liked was the

Very suv type stance and a very boxy structure uh but back then we couldn’t afford it so we didn’t buy it and then in 2017 the jeep compass was launched um and that was the time when i basically decided that this is the car for me and then in 2021 they launched a facelift edition and i absolutely fell in love with the car so now talking about the build quality

The build quality is absolutely amazing from the third of the doors to the third of the bonnet it sounds very solid it has a very butchy very masculine exterior the squared wheel arches and the 18 inch alloy wheels look very proportional to the overall size of the car all four disc brakes do help with the braking performance we did test it in ladakh on a few

Occasions when we had to go for panic braking brakes helped us a lot and obviously all four disc brakes are good in that case as well now one thing that i particularly like about the car is the body paint is the paint job that was done on the car now this is not a typical blue that you see on any on any car this is kind of a sparkly blue obviously you will not

See it in this weather but on a bright sunny day the paint job looks absolutely amazing now i’m not sure if this is the case with other colors as well apart from blue i also liked the military green color black is always my favorite but uh the treatment that they have given with this metallic blue is really awesome now the variant that we have is model s which

Is uh the top variant of in in in the lineup of jeep compass now the typical seven slot drill finished in gray uh matte gray and the jeep badging which is also finished in gray is in line with the overall black theme of the car now the orvms and the roof was also in a gray color and matte gray color but i actually got it changed to black uh we’ll talk about that

Later now one thing that i particularly like in jeep compass is their design philosophy now if you compare the original version the original jeep compass that was launched in 2020 2017 and the facelift version that was launched in 2021 there are no uh the changes are very subtle there are no major changes externally the overall design overall dimensions are

Same they have the same characteristics that the original car had what that does to average user is that it gives you confidence that a new generation of jeep will not be drastically different from this car um that doesn’t make me a owner of a 30 lakh rupees car which belongs to the older generation so this car ages very well um for example if you compare the

New generation and the old generation creta uh the car is worlds apart i mean you cannot even tell that these two are the same car that actually works in favor of some people because that gives them kind of exclusivity but um overall i think if cars have a similar design theme or as an or a similar design philosophy over various generations i think that that

Helps the car age much better uh what also is good about this is the newly launched jeep meridian which was launched in 2022 also has a very similar external face it has a similar seven slot drill although the grill is a little narrowed the headlights are also a little sleek it looks kind of better than jeep compass but i’m not a big fan of seven seaters but

Yeah i mean the point is that the design theme is still maintained by jeep there are some evs that jeep has launched in international markets as well and that also carries the same design philosophy now getting inside this is where the jeep compass shines the 2021 facelift version redid their interiors and these interiors are world class they are absolutely top

Class and they basically set this model of jeep compass apart from the competition although i’m not a big fan of all black interiors i think a dual tone interior on model s would have looked absolutely top class but i mean it is what it is if you want to go for model s and if you were to go for 4×4 diesel then this is the only option that you get now it has soft

Touch materials all over the dash the steering wheel feels heavy and is very nice to hold with a proper leather covering it has both tilt and telescopic steering adjustments it has a very smartly designed button for instrument cluster navigation on the left and cruise control buttons on the right now one thing that is very cleverly done by jeep is utilizing the

Space behind the steering on the right you have volume controls on on the left you have track controls now coming to the infotainment system the 10.1 inch uconnect system is very responsive the ui is very intuitive and has a host of features obviously it has android auto and apple car play wireless you have various driver profiles where you can save your own

Settings the nine speaker audio system is awesome and you do get an option to balance failure audio in any direction so like if you want to talk in the front seat and rear seat passengers are not that interested in the conversation you can pretty much move the audio in the rear let me show you an example this is going to be pretty cool foreign s are actually

Very elegantly and tastefully done and it integrates very well with the dashboard and the overall design theme in the interiors the dedicated hvac controls are good and eliminate the need of navigating through it through the infotainment system it has dual zone climate control and we use it actually quite often deepa side is always a few degrees higher than mine

Now the seat themselves are very comfortable they are proper leather seats with good under thigh support it is eight way power adjustable and the good thing is both the driver and the co-passenger get the 8-way adjustable seats you have good lumbar support as well the seat themselves are ventilated however there are there are no dedicated buttons for uh for it

But you do get a pretty quick shortcut menus on the top left and right corners of the infotainment system foreign so let’s start driving before we do that did i mention about sunroof it’s awesome especially on these kind of weather when you don’t have harsh sun glaring down on you or when it is raining or when you are in the heart section this gives you

An awesome feel to drive all right so let’s not talk about what’s underneath the hood so the variant that we have is model s diesel the variant is powered by 170 horsepower engine a two liter multi-jet diesel engine generating 350 newton meter of torque and which is delivered in the range of 1750 to 2500 rpm now this does not feel underpowered either in city

Traffic or when you are selling on smooth highways but if you are an enthusiast i would recommend manual option we did not go for manual because as you know our goal was to travel long distances and manual just has that little bit of fatigue factor when you are traveling long distances so that’s why we chose automatic if you want to have a quick overtake the

Nine speed automatic gearbox does lag a little bit initially but in low rpm speed at low rpm high speeds the gearbox is extremely smooth you do not feel gear shifts at all up chips and down chips are very smooth one guard section it right fully holds a particular gear although in some of the guard sections i did feel the need to put it in manual but in manual it

Does not offer a lot of control so which is why i say if you are an enthusiast go for manual and not automatic but other than that i think for our use case we did not find any issues in the gearbox all right so the suspension does feel a little stiff and if there are very sharp bumps on the road you do feel those inside the cabin but those are pretty much limited

To very very sharp bumps uh we did encounter some of those bumps in ladakh and but in general the independent suspension and the frequency damping feature that it has on the suspensions give you a very smooth ride on normal bad patches of the road the vehicle just sails through you do not feel those bumps in the cabin and because of the suspension setup the body

Roll is also very minimal so that is one good thing about uh about jeep compass now one of the main factors that we went for this car and one of the main factors why i love this car is it’s go anywhere capabilities which is the basically 4×4 capabilities um although technically you can argue that it’s not really required in ladakh you see a lot of vehicles in

Ladakh which are not four by four like innova xylo but those are actually rear wheel drives and on that terrain i think rear wheel drive really helps you a lot and of course one of the important factors is the drivers who actually drive that car are locals so they know the terrain they know how much they can push the vehicles there were a few occasions in ladakh

Where we unfortunately lost our way we ended up in a lot of sand this was when we were returning from kazok to jispa and in that we had to engage the vehicle was slipping a lot so we had to engage 4×4 low sand mode and did not face any issues it we did it comfortably also on the same route we uh we were driving on a terrain that was loaded with rocks small rocks

Although this is not a trailhawk version it does not get a rock mode but we did not face any issues there as well so yeah i mean it does inspire some confidence and i think that confidence is good when you’re driving to these kind of terrains all right so let’s talk about a few things that could have been better number one is the service network now when i took

The test drive i had an awesome experience the customer service the level of information they provide the transparency they have the waiting period was less everything was just awesome but the problem that i faced is when i was driving to ladakh i had to get my first service done although i did a small inspection kind of a service here in bangalore but obviously

That was a 7500 kilometer trip so i had to get my vehicle service properly the major towns that we were hitting like nagpur bhopal ghaziabad srinagar amritsar there were no service stations whatsoever the nearest service station that we could find was in indore which is like 200 kilometers from bhopal so on these kind of trips this the lack of service networks

Is pretty evident yeah i think a vehicle at this price point should have had the front parking sensors i think front parking sensors is definitely a miss it has a rear rear parking sensors but but nothing in front when you are squeezing your car in tight spots it is very difficult to gauge the proximity now talking about 360 degree camera the downside of that is

That it does not get a dedicated button now we didn’t really had it as an issue 360 degree camera because it doesn’t have a parking front sensor so we use 360 degree camera a lot however one of our friends recently got a mg hector and when we looked inside the cabin they had a dedicated button so that’s when we realized useful because we use that feature a lot

And navigating it through the uconnect system is a little bit of pain small things in interior the glove box is not cool the water bottle holder is not big enough when you’re traveling long distances you do need like a liter or one one and a half liter water bottles you can’t do that max it can fit as like 500 700 ml bottles um the ac is not very effective i’ve

Had passengers on a rear seat s who have complained about the efficiency of the ac now what i do in that case is that turn the ac to the max and close the vents close the front ac vents to like 40 or 50 percent so that more air goes in the back but yeah uh it’s it’s not very effective so a car at this price point um in my opinion should have assisted cruise

Control there are no adas features whatsoever in the car it does get a cruise control but it’s not assisted uh it doesn’t have lane driving modes although i mean i’m not technically a huge fan of adas systems but i think basic adas could have helped like emergency braking and those kind of features are actually useful features and again i have never used those so

I can’t really say that i like or not i mean it is one of those things then we’ll get used to it so i think this car at its price point should definitely should have definitely had some adas features right uh i think that’s a big miss that’s pretty much it um again these negative points are not something that you can’t live with obviously this car comes at a

Premium so these are the kind of features you could expect you should expect from a car but they are not kind of deal breakers right for me i just love this car okay so talking about accessories since we were buying a 30 plus lac car i think it was very important for us to protect it so i’ve got a ppf done on the whole car there was an option of ceramic versus

Ppf but i chose ppf and i think it was a good choice as you can see we already scraped the front bumper at a toll booth in pathankot i think but yeah the benefit of ppf is that they can simply remove this portion of ppf and attach a new one and your paint job is not damaged i also had 3m window films installed on all six classes on the front and back we had a

Cr70 film which allows 70 percent of light to go through and on door windows we had cr50 which allows 50 light transmission right so that’s pretty that’s predix months for 12 000 kilometers i think i’ve made a good investment if you are looking for one i would definitely recommend it at this price point there is not really much competition apart from this the

Only car that comes close in terms of competition is the hyundai to soft um when we were buying it the car was already in its sunset mode there was a new variant that had been launched in global markets it was not launched in india and the only other car that we did consider was the xuv however the only downside was it’s waiting period i cannot wait for a car

For one year that is way too much but i did kind of like the overall package of jeep in terms of drive in terms of reliability in terms of interior so so that’s pretty much it that was our experience with with the jeep for the last six months and if you’re looking for a 4×4 i think jeep compass is the best in indian market right now thanks everyone for watching

Have a very happy dashara and happy diwali and we’ll see you in the next one goodbye

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